Monday March 19. 2012 *jasam BIG fight

Jason is horrified when Carly tells him that Robin is dead, and that Sam kept it from him. Sam tries to explain to an angry Jason why she hid Robin's death from him – she was worried about his health because she knew he'd have a bad reaction to the news. Jason doesn't care and is furious with her.

In front of Robin's entire funeral, Maxie loses it and confesses to killing Robin, as it was her fault the gas leak that caused the explosion happened. Maxie also confesses to Lisa Niles' murder, in hopes that Mac will put her in jail.

Something Maxie says tweaks Anna's curiosity, and she confronts Patrick about Lisa Niles. She learns that Lisa and Patrick slept together, and the subsequent events that resulted from it. Anna is horrified and reams out Patrick.

Kate's alternate personality, Connie, emerges, and faces off with Sonny. Johnny questions whether Carly is with him because it angers Sonny.


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