Thursday March 29, 2012

Before Sonny can elaborate on his past with John McBain to Jason, Carly interrupts and she and Sonny get into an argument over who is being more reckless with Jason's health.

Despite Sonny's warning, Michael invites Starr into his apartment, and they bond over their family and grief. But John McBain arrives.

Maxie's confession that she killed the first officer as well as Lisa Niles is met with universal skepticism. But after the forger of the first officer's confession points the finger squarely at Maxie, a distraught Mac is reading Maxie her rights.

To Ewen's dismay, Kate pretends to be Connie in order to lure Johnny and uncover their plan. But Johnny bows out, leaving Kate with more questions.

Despite Olivia's efforts, Johnny still has leverage over Steve on a secret illegal deal.

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