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Monday May 10, 2010

As Michael is led out of the courtroom, Morgan attacks Dante as he blames him for Michael being sent to prison after he promised it wouldn't happen. Dante stresses that he didn't want this to happen, but to no avail. Later, Lucky processed Michael down at the station, and Carly, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly rally around Michael before he's led off to Pentonville to begin serving his sentence.

Lulu appeals to Sonny to make sure Jason doesn't kill Dante. Sonny warns Lulu that he has no control over what Jason might or might not do where Dante is concerned.

Across Port Charles, everyone's devastated by Michael's sentence, including Jax, Diane, and surprisingly, Claire. Dante is probably the most miserable of all over the turn of events. Carly arrives to face Dante.

Jason heads to the prison and makes a deal with Anthony Zacchara. Jason promises to protect Johnny, in exchange for Anthony making sure nothing happens to Michael while in prison.


CATV 8 20100510 0201(4)

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