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Tuesday May 18, 2010

Sonny visits Michael in prison, telling him of Jason's arrival to be his new cellmate and protector. Sonny then meets with Anthony and tells him that, with Jason coming to prison, the deal to protect Johnny in exchange for Michael is off.

Olivia overhears Sonny vowing to crush Johnny, who is intent on taking Sonny down in return. Later, Ethan agrees to work with Johnny to bring down Sonny.

Dante and Lucky continue to search for blackmail material on Judge Carroll. Later, Claire shows up in the park to find Lucky, Cam, and Jake. Claire talks about her biological clock ticking.

Nikolas confronts Alexis about the Bauers' new threat. Why didn't she tell him? Later, Nikolas confronts Warren at the Metro Court. Elsewhere, Patrick is jealous of Lisa spending more time with Steve.

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