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May 2011 *Screencaps*

Monday May 2, 2011
May 2, 2011

At Kelly's Brenda panics when she realizes Lucian is missing. Robin thinks that Lucian is playing hide and seek, but calls Sonny when she can't find Lucian. Patrick arrives to help search for the boy as Brenda fears that someone may have kidnapped her son.

Meanwhile Michael defiantly tells his father that he won't break up with Abby. Sonny insists that Michael doesn't have a choice; until Abby is exonerated, he doesn't want him near her! Dante agrees, but when Sonny and Dante hear that Lucian is missing, they fly out the door. Michael heads to Abby's where he declares that being with Abby is worth the risk. They make love, but later Abby convinces Michael to respect Dante and Sonny's wishes -- for at least a little while. Michael agrees, but as soon as he leaves, Abby grabs her coat and heads out. Hm, where is she going?

Sonny arrives at Kelly's where Brenda flies into his arms. She is convinced that one of Sonny's enemies grabbed Lucian! As Robin tries to calm Brenda, Sonny confides to Patrick that he has an idea who could have done this and Brenda isn't going to like it. Later Brenda urges Patrick and Robin to go home to relieve Kristina as Suzanne arrives. Naturally Suzanne is upset that Lucian is MIA and demands to know what Sonny is doing to find the boy.

At the Drake/Scorpio house Kristina continues to doze on the couch while Lisa creeps around the house. Hm, what is she doing? Finally Lisa rouses Kristina, who thanks her for the "herbal supplements." They really work! Happy Lisa heads to the hospital home where we learn that she planted bugs around the house so she can listen to everything Patrick and Robin do and say. Creepy!

Dante is outside of Kelly's when Lulu arrives. He sees her tear-streaked face and realizes Luke's intervention did not go well. Lulu confirms, weeping that her family is falling apart. Dante urges her to take care of herself; there is nothing else she can do for Luke right now. Later Dante questions Suzanne at the police station where Suzanne realizes that she is a suspect in Lucian's disappearance.

Sonny brings Brenda home where Brenda has a meltdown. She rages that her son is gone because of Sonny! Sonny makes a few phone calls and determines that Lucian's disappearance has nothing to do with his mob enemies. Brenda disagrees; she bets that if one of Carly's kids were missing, Sonny would move heaven and earth to find them. But since it's Lucian, Sonny probably hopes that he stays missing, right?!

At Johnny's penthouse Anthony listens as Jason orders Johnny to leave Michael alone. Soon Anthony joins them with crazy talk about nurturing kids and plants. Exasperated Jason leaves. Johnny turns to his dad to ask once again if he framed Abby to get to Michael, but Anthony merely says that Johnny has a lot to learn. Johnny agrees to take Anthony to buy some plant food, but is determined to get his dad to admit he is framing Abby and Michael.

Jason returns home where he tells Sam that he is positive that the Zacharra's hired a woman who looks like Abby to kill Brandon. He knows Sam's fertility procedure is tomorrow and confesses that his head is not in the right space for that now. Sam thinks she should go ahead with the procedure and see what happens. After that they can wait.

After Sam goes to bed, Jason returns to Johnny's penthouse where he looks for some evidence. He hears something and comes face to face with a woman with blonde hair…

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Tuesday May 3, 2011
May 3, 2011

In her office at the hospital Lisa continues to eavesdrop on Robin and Patrick thanks to the bugs she planted in their house. She grows upset when Patrick compliments Robin. As Lisa dries her eyes, Johnny pops his head into the room. Shouldn't Lisa be saving lives or something? Lisa covers by saying she was doing online research on Anthony; he is a fascinating man! Johnny reminds her that he is crazy like a fox and heads out. Later Lisa is finishing up her work and prepares to leave for the day, but she can't resist eavesdropping once again. She listens as Patrick comforts Robin, who wishes she had kept a closer eye on Lucian at Kelly's. Patrick pulls Robin onto his lap and they kiss which builds to lovemaking. Unable to tear herself away Lisa continues to listen ...

At Sonny's house Brenda continues her meltdown. Maybe they need to drive around to look for him. Will Sonny do that? Sonny looks at Brenda and urges her to keep it together. But Brenda can't stop ranting about Sonny's dangerous life and how she ignored it when her son came to live with them and now it's her fault that Lucian is gone.

At the police station Dante checks Suzanne's alibi and it is solid. Miffed Suzanne accuses Dante of trying to pin Lucian's abduction on her to score points with Sonny. Later Sonny arrives and Dante tells him that Suzanne has an alibi during the time that Lucian was taken. Dante also tells Sonny what Suzanne said about them, which makes Dante's cop senses tingle. He feels there is something Suzanne isn't saying ...

It turns out Dante is right. Later we see Suzanne at the airport with Lucian. She knows their little game was confusing, but thanks to him, Suzanne will be able to spend the rest of her life with her real grandson and they will never be apart.

At the hospital Jax coolly greets Shawn as he prepares for Josslyn's release. Carly is blindsided when Jax announces that he intends to bring Josslyn back to the Metro Court -- and Carly is welcome to visit and stay over as long as she doesn't bring Josslyn back home. When Carly protests, Jax admits that he doesn't think Josslyn would be safe at the house. Shawn gets in Jax's face; his job is to protect Josslyn and Carly not only from Franco, but from jerks like Jax! He will not allow Jax to insult Carly's parenting! Seething Jax warns Carly he will sue for full custody if she pushes him and leaves. Stunned Carly turns to Shawn to thank him for his kind words, but where did that come from? Shawn explains his mama raised him right, but he lost her a few years ago.

Jax arrives to Brenda, who is still hysterical over Lucian's absence. She asks him to post a reward for Lucian's safe return, but Jax thinks that will only bring the crazy folks to her door. Brenda lashes out, saying this is Jax's way of saying "I told you so." He warned her that Lucian wasn't safe living in Sonny's world and he was right! Sonny arrives just in time to hear this. He struggles to stay calm as he tells Brenda that there are no new leads right now on Lucian. Sonny actually agrees with Jax that offering a reward would be futile right now. Upset Brenda whimpers that she just wants her son back. Nothing else matters!

At Johnny's penthouse Jason sees a woman arriving and pulls out his gun, believing her to be the blond hit woman that Anthony hired to kill Brandon and frame Abby. To his surprise it is actually Abby at Johnny's door. What is she doing here? Abby explains that Johnny has been kind to them and she was hoping he could help her. What is Jason doing here? Jason ignores the question and demands to know if Abby is working with Johnny to frame Michael. Insulted Abby swears she is not; the only thing she owes Johnny is tuition money. Jason promises that he will take care of that and asks Abby again to stay away from Michael until she is exonerated. Abby reminds Jason that she is just as afraid as he is that Michael will do something rash and be sent back to prison. They return to Jason's place where Abby realizes things are not looking good for her. She turns to go as Michael arrives. Jason once again asks him to stay away from Abby for the time being, but Michael reminds Jason that he is a grown man who makes his own decisions. He knows Jason feels he can have a baby with Sam if Michael turns out okay, but Jason isn't his dad. And for the record, Jason would be a great dad.

Back at Johnny's penthouse Anthony pays a blond woman a large amount of cash. Apparently she is the woman who shot Brandon. As she removes her wig, Johnny returns home. Eager to hide this transaction, Anthony pretends that this woman is a prostitute and gives her more money to hide the blond hair in her bag. After she leaves, Johnny tells Anthony that he plans to clean up the mess Anthony made with Michael and company. Anthony eyes his son; don't be so quick to dismiss him ... Johnny may need him sooner than he thinks!

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Wednesday May 4, 2011 *Steven and Olivia Make Love for First Time* *Jakes Birthday*
May 4, 2011

Dante is surprised to find Lulu having breakfast at Kelly's. Lulu admits she is hoping to run into her dad to ask his forgiveness for taking part in the intervention. However when Luke arrives, Lulu turns her back on him as a reminder that he cannot be a part of her life until he seeks treatment for his drinking. Shaken Lulu leaves with Dante, who asks if she is okay. Lulu shakes her head. Not even close!

Elizabeth begins her first day back at work where Steve puts her on desk duty -- for now. Elizabeth is fine with that until she sees "Jake" around the corner. It's really a little boy who looks a lot like Jake. Steve asks again if Elizabeth is ready to start work, but Elizabeth asks him to give her some space.

Nikolas arrives at Lucky's apartment where Lucky realizes he needs to move on with his life, which means marrying Siobhan to keep her in the country. Nikolas offers to talk to his pals in Washington D.C. on her behalf. Lucky is grateful and so is Siobhan, who has a surprise for Lucky: a remote cabin in the woods where they can go hiking, etc. Siobhan explains she wanted to make the most of their time together in case she has to leave the country soon.

Nikolas arrives at the hospital to welcome Elizabeth back. He mentions how he wants to help Siobhan stay in the country without having her marry Lucky, which probably sounds bittersweet to Elizabeth. However Nikolas isn't quite so successful. He heads to Lucky's place where he tells Lucky and Siobhan that his friends weren't able to help. Siobhan is upset, but Lucky isn't. Let's get married; why is Siobhan acting like this is over? Tears spring to Siobhan's eyes; because it is!

Later Lulu arrives at the hospital looking for Nikolas, but finds Elizabeth instead. She asks how Elizabeth is and Elizabeth admits that she feels like all three of her sons are waiting for her in daycare. She sees "Jake" again and stops mid-sentence. Lulu eyes Elizabeth. Is she okay?

Luke is stunned when he arrives at the Haunted Star to find the locks have been changed. Tracy appears to remind him that he has no access to the casino until he checks into rehab. Luke tries to charm Tracy into giving him the new keys, but Tracy stands firm. Luke calls her a disappointment before storming into Alexis's office where he announces he wants to sue his family. Alexis isn't sure this case has merit, but she is interrupted by Tracy's arrival.

Steve startles Olivia who is painting her a stool in her living room while dancing and listening to loud music. Olivia screams when Steve touches her shoulder and she flings her paintbrushes at him, ruining his shirt. She orders him to remove his shirt so she can clean it and smiles when she sees his washboard abs. When Olivia offers one of Dante's old shirts, Steve says it probably doesn't fit. (Hee.) He asks if Olivia is uncomfortable with him being shirtless. Olivia insists she is not so Steve leans in to kiss her. Later as they lay naked on the couch Olivia wonders why Steve didn't put the moves on her earlier. Steve admits he didn't want to be rebound guy; he was just being a gentleman!

Diane arrives at the PI offices of McCall and Jackal hoping to swipe Spinelli's secret files for a sequel to their novel. Unfortunately for her Spinelli catches her. He reminds her that these are top secret, but Diane tells him their book is doing so well. They need to write another! Spinelli reminds Diane those files are sealed for a reason, which inspires Diane to have an elaborate black and white fantasy where she reads the files and gasps. Undaunted Diane heads to the police station to ask Dante to investigate Spinelli. What secret is he keeping?

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Thursday May 5, 2011 *Liason Talks / Sam Has Procedure*
May 5, 2011

Sam is touched when Jason gives her some tea. He explains that he knows it is one of the few things she can have before surgery. Grateful Sam sips and confirms with Jason that even though she is having the fertility reconstruction procedure, they aren't going to have kids immediately. Molly arrives to give Sam a teddy bear for good luck. She squeals, making both Sam and Jason uncomfortable when she gushes that they will be great parents! Jason gently explains they are taking it one step at a time. Molly understands and leaves. Later Jason helps Sam get settled into her hospital room where Sam holds Molly's teddy bear nervously.

At the nurse's station Elizabeth stops mid-sentence as she sees Jake playing by the elevators. Concerned Lulu asks what is wrong and Elizabeth confesses that she has been seeing Jake everywhere. She is afraid her grief is making her crazy. Lulu understands (especially after she kept seeing Logan after she accidentally murdered him); she knows it's hard to move on. Later Elizabeth bumps into Kelly, who asks Elizabeth for her schedule. Elizabeth checks the computer and sees that Sam is scheduled for a fertility procedure today. When Elizabeth sees Jason, she wishes him well and asks if things had been different had she told him sooner about Jake's paternity. Jason thinks it would have made a huge difference and returns to Sam's room to walk with her to the OR. Meanwhile Elizabeth looks at Aidan's paternity test and makes a huge decision. She calls the police station and learns that Lucky is getting married right now. Upset she runs out…

At Lucky's apartment Siobhan wants to go pack her stuff, but Lucky insists on getting married. Siobhan is afraid that Lucky will end up regretting their green card marriage, but Lucky convinces her that this is the right thing to do -- despite Nikolas's suggestion that Lucky return to Ireland with Siobhan. He will even fund the trip! Eventually Siobhan caves to Lucky's persistence and heads to the courthouse with Lucky. Despite Nikolas's reservations, he meets Lucky and Siobhan at the justice of the peace with wedding rings -- which they had forgotten.

Tracy enters Kelly's where she finds Luke asking Alexis to help him sue his family, specifically Tracy for the Haunted Star. Tracy informs Alexis of Luke's intervention and if Alexis is Luke's friend, she won't take this ridiculous case. Alexis decides to talk to Luke's family and learn more about the intervention, but tells Tracy that she can't force Luke to do anything he doesn't want to do. Tracy turns to go, but Luke follows her. He pleads with her once again to stop the madness; he is not an alcoholic! Tracy reiterates that if Luke wants his life back, he has to attend rehab. Angry Luke says that if Tracy believes him to be a lost cause, then she hasn't seen anything yet. If she wants self-destruction, then by god, he will give it to her!

Lulu meets with Ethan at the Haunted Star where she tells him about her encounter with Luke at Kelly's. Like Lulu, Ethan wants Luke's forgiveness for the intervention. He doesn't want to cut their father out of his life, but he wants him to get better too. Ethan isn't sure what Luke's alcoholism means for him since he wants to be just like Luke when he grows up. As Lulu and Ethan clean up the casino, Alexis arrives. When she tells them that Luke has enlisted her help to sue Tracy, Lulu snaps. If Alexis wants their blessing to help Luke, she has come to the wrong place! Later Ethan is alone when Luke arrives. He becomes speechless when Luke moves to the bar and offers to make them some drinks.

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Friday May 6, 2011
May 6, 2011

At the Haunted Star Ethan chuckles uncomfortably when Luke suggests they have a drink. Ethan finally agrees, but challenges Luke to stop after one drink -- to prove that he doesn't have a problem. Luke assures Ethan that he knows what a drunk is; his dad was a cruel and abusive man, who killed his mother. Luke is nothing like him. Lulu, however, has a serious problem with this when she finds them together. She can't believe that Ethan broke the rules of intervention and allowed Luke to sweet-talk him. She fears that something horrible will happen to Luke and Ethan will end up blaming himself.

Dante arrives at Sonny's house where Sonny asks if there are any more updates on Lucian's disappearance. Dante admits he has been removed from the case, but suspects Suzanne is behind it. Sonny agrees and they both realize that Lucian went missing the day after Brenda told Suzanne that she wanted to take a DNA test. Hmm, intentional or coincidence? Later Sonny becomes upset when Brenda announces she has decided to offer a reward for Lucian's safe return -- and Jax agrees to match whatever they decide to offer. When Sonny reminds Brenda that this is a bad idea, Brenda accuses him of not wanting Lucian around and storms out. Sonny goes to call Jax, but is interrupted by Dante who has some news: there was a woman who fit Suzanne's description boarding a plane to Arizona with a little boy around Lucian's age on the night of Lucian's disappearance.

Elizabeth arrives at the justice of the peace with Aidan's paternity test. She is ready to tell Lucky that Aidan is his when she sees Lucky with Siobhan and Nikolas. The wedding ceremony begins, bringing memories of a teenage Lucky and Elizabeth pledged their love to each other in an empty church. Elizabeth watches with a lump in her throat as Lucky kisses Siobhan, having been pronounced as man and wife. She turns away and heads to the hospital where she finds Jason asleep in Sam's room waiting for Sam, who is in the OR. Jason admits he had a dream where he was teaching Jake how to ride a motorcycle. Elizabeth smiles sadly; she dreams about Jake too. They must have him on the brain a lot more today since it's his birthday. Elizabeth then returns home where she finds a box for Jake. Puzzled Elizabeth opens it and sees that it is a birthday present for him: a toy motorcycle from Lucky. Elizabeth sees Jake enter and jump on the motorcycle, riding happily. Tears spring to Elizabeth's eyes as she realizes Lucky must've forgotten that he had ordered this.

Lucky and Siobhan return to Lucky's place where Nikolas surprises them with cake and decorations. After they celebrate, Lucky looks at their marriage certificate, realizing that today is Jake's birthday. He has a moment of sadness and seeks solace in Siobhan's arms. Later Elizabeth arrives with Jake's gift. She gives it to Lucky, saying she can't have this in the house. As she tearfully babbles that if she keeps it at the house, Cameron will want it and it wouldn't be fair ... Lucky hugs Elizabeth as Siobhan watches from the bedroom.

Sam wakes up in her room, groggy from her surgery. She sees Jason and asks if the procedure worked. Will she be able to conceive and carry a child?

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Monday May 9, 2011
May 9, 2011

At the hospital a groggy Sam asks if her fertility reconstruction surgery was successful. Jason urges her to sleep; it's too soon to tell. Sam smiles as she drifts off, mumbling how it's funny that after all this time, it's now a wait and see situation.

Siobhan watches from the bedroom doorway as Lucky comforts Elizabeth. He tells her that she was right to bring Jake's toy motorcycle over as Siobhan tries to discreetly close the bedroom door. Unfortunately they hear her and Siobhan is mortified when Lucky and Elizabeth turn to see her in her wedding night lingerie. Elizabeth, too, is embarrassed and apologizes as she leaves. Lucky turns to Siobhan, hoping to make things better for her, but Siobhan graciously asks Lucky to tell her about Jake -- after she dons a robe. Lucky does, sharing a story about the time Jake used a pile of junk to reach the lowest branch of a tree. Lucky remembers catching him and how much Jake trusted him. Afterwards Siobhan tells Lucky there is someone she needs to see and leaves.

Siobhan arrives at Elizabeth's house to make amends. Elizabeth apologizes again for interrupting their wedding night and confesses that she watched their wedding from the hallway. She says that she can tell from Lucky's voice that he cares very much for Siobhan and is glad that he is moving on with his life. When Elizabeth goes to the kitchen to get some cookies from the oven, Siobhan spies Aidan's paternity test. Unable to resist, she opens the envelope and sees that Lucky is Aidan's father!

At Sonny's house Dante tells Sonny that someone saw Suzanne and Lucian board a plane for Arizona. Sonny immediately calls his fremeny Carlos Escobar, much to Dante's upset. Sonny explains that Carlos can help them find Lucian much faster than the authorities, but he still wants Dante to help him lure Suzanne out of hiding. This is where Dante's badge will be useful! Dante reluctantly agrees. Both men realize that Suzanne could have taken Lucian because she didn't want Brenda to learn that Lucian wasn't her real son -- and that Suzanne has Brenda's son hidden away somewhere. Sonny is confident that Suzanne will return to tie up loose ends and play the role of grieving grandmother, so they can't reveal their plan to anyone, especially Brenda.

Meanwhile Brenda meets with Jax to discuss offering a five million dollar reward for Lucian's safe return. Carly arrives to talk to Jax about Josslyn's custody arrangement, but becomes angry when she sees Brenda there. However Carly wisely leaves, not wanting to pick a fight with Brenda in light of Lucian's disappearance. She heads to the hospital to vent to Jason about Jax and Brenda and to tell him for the hundredth time that he will make an excellent father. In reply Jason tells Carly to fight for Josslyn -- don't ever let her go! Later Lucky stops by the hospital to talk about Jake. Jason thanks Lucky for being the best dad Jake could ever have and Lucky reveals that he is trying to move in with his life with Siobhan.

Back at Sonny's house Sonny and Dante are surprised and angry when they see Brenda hold a press conference -- with Jax's help -- offering a reward for any information about Suzanne and Lucian. Irate Sonny turns off the TV, complaining that Suzanne would surely see that! Dante agrees; now they may never find Lucian!

Anthony reads a newspaper article about Abby's trial and tells Johnny he could use this to win Michael over. When Johnny refuses, Anthony snaps. Can't Johnny tell that Anthony is merely trying to help him win his war against Sonny?

Abby meets with Michael on the docks where she tells him about her meeting with Diane. Diane thinks Abby's best defense is to plead guilty, citing that Brandon had abused her, tried to rape her recently (and hurting her enough to land her in the hospital), and that she killed him in self-defense. Michael doesn't want Abby to plead guilty, especially if she didn't do it, but Abby admits things don't look good for her. Besides, she thinks this is the best way to keep Michael out of prison. As Abby leaves, Anthony joins Michael. Wary Michael listens as Anthony says he owes Michael a huge favor for killing Claudia. Michael gets an idea and asks Anthony to help him locate a hit woman (presumably the one whom was hired to dress as Abby and kill Brandon). Before Anthony can say anything, Carly arrives. She immediately flies into mother bear mode and orders Anthony to stay away from Michael! Anthony looks at her amused -- and clearly impressed. Where has Carly been all his life?

Meanwhile Abby visits Johnny and asks him to help her find the woman who killed Brandon. Johnny agrees to help her and he knows where to start looking…

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Tuesday May 10, 2011
May 10, 2011

Patrick and Robin return from therapy to build an art easel for Emma. As they chat, Lisa sits in her office listening to them via the bugs she planted in the house. Kristina arrives to ask Lisa for more herbal supplements; for some reason she can't find them online! (That is because they are drugs!) Lisa promises to give Kristina more and shoos her out so she can resume spying on Patrick and Robin. As Robin and Patrick admire their handiwork, Lisa researches "death by gas leak" on the Internet. Uh-oh!

At the hospital Jason and Lucky continue to discuss Jake. Lucky asks Jason to do him a favor: don't go after Luke no matter how much Luke provokes him. Jason can't make any promises, but will do his best. Besides he can't even think about Luke right now because he is too preoccupied with Michael.

At the docks Carly continues to warn Anthony -- stay away from her son! Instead of getting angry, Anthony is charmed. He also tells Carly that Michael just asked him to locate a hit woman. After Anthony leaves, Carly berates Michael for talking to Anthony. Michael reminds Carly that he is 19 and she can't tell him what to do anymore. Worried Carly calls Shawn to ask him to meet her at the docks. She has a new job for him: kill Anthony Zacchara! Shawn refuses, explaining that Sonny and Jason will handle Anthony. He urges her to stay out of this! Still upset Carly heads to the hospital where she tells Jason about Anthony and Michael. She finds Michael already there with Jason. Michael gets angry that Jason is on Carly's side and takes off. Jason reminds Carly that Michael will only do the opposite of what she asks and promises to take care of Anthony.

At Elizabeth's house Siobhan quickly puts Aidan's DNA test results away as Elizabeth returns. Siobhan asks why Elizabeth didn't tell Lucky. When Elizabeth gives her a confused look, Siobhan covers, saying Elizabeth should have told Lucky that she watched the wedding from afar. Siobhan leaves, shaken by what she just learned. Later Lucky visits Elizabeth and Elizabeth almost tells Lucky the truth about Aidan, but she chickens out once again. When Lucky returns home, Siobhan is waiting for him. She tells him that there is something he needs to know ... about Elizabeth.

Matt and Maxie are having a romantic evening at Maxie's place. Maxie can't help but fret about Elizabeth and the big secret that she can't tell Matt. Upset Maxie says that she may explode if Elizabeth doesn't come clean soon. Matt kisses Maxie to distract her and later brings the dishes to the kitchen to clean up. Charmed Maxie stands to move Matt's jacket and an engagement ring falls out!

At Johnny's penthouse Johnny offers to relocate Abby to Las Vegas. Abby refuses to leave Michael and accuses Johnny of wanting her gone so that he can convince Michael to work for him. She leaves for the docks, where she bumps into Anthony. Anthony pretends to not to know her and later "recognizes" her as the woman whose ex-boyfriend was killed behind the strip club. When Anthony asks if there is anything he can do to help, Abby warily asks why the Zacchara's are so eager to do her favors. Luckily Michael arrives and he angrily orders Anthony to stay away from his girlfriend!

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Wednesday May 11, 2011
May 11, 2011

.As Lisa listens from her office in General Hospital, Robin and Patrick clean up after putting Emma's new art easel together. Robin teases Patrick about missing a piece as Patrick admits that he loves this -- just being here with her. They kiss as Lisa continues to research "death by gas leak" online. Back at the Drake/Scorpio house, Patrick asks Robin where his recent credit card statements are. Why, they are with Lisa, who stole them when she planted the bugs in the house! As Patrick and Robin search for the "misplaced" documents, Lisa uses Patrick's credit card number to purchase some flowers, sexy lingerie, put a down payment on a love nest and construct a naughty email exchange between her and Patrick, saying that Robin will no longer be a problem for them. Uh-oh!

Michael interrupts Abby's conversation with Anthony on the docks. Is Anthony bothering her? Anthony claims he is just a harmless old man and offers his help to Michael; didn't Michael want to find a contractor (aka a hit woman)? Michael assures Anthony that he is fine, but after Anthony leaves, Abby stares at Michael, upset. Before she can ask Michael why he is looking for a contractor, Kristina arrives. She is bummed out about college stuff as yet another one of her friends got into her dream school (Princeton) while Kristina is on Yale's waitlist. Michael tries to comfort Kristina, but it's clear he doesn't understand. Later Michael joins Abby at Kelly's where Abby compares Kristina wanting to get into Yale to Michael wanting to join the mob. Abby reminds Michael that he and Kristina have their whole lives in front of them. They need to stay open to all sorts of possibilities! Michael realizes that Abby is worried about Anthony talking to him and Abby admits she went to see Johnny today. They both realize that maybe they should let Johnny help them ...

Anthony returns home where Johnny warns him to stay away from Carly and Michael. Doesn't he realize that Sonny will have them killed if they mess with Sonny's ex-wife and son? Johnny orders Anthony to stay out of his business; he almost has Michael's trust and soon both he and Sonny can live in peace. Furious Anthony berates Johnny; peace is for wimps! Johnny needs to obliterate all of his enemies, including Sonny!

Carly enters Kelly's to find Luke adding a bit of kick to his coffee. She busts him as Luke begs for his old room at the Metro Court back. It will kill Tracy to see him living in the lap of luxury without her! Carly agrees -- as long as Luke gets himself into rehab. Disgusted Luke insists that he is not an alcoholic. Carly tells him that Luke always used to be the sharpest person in the room, but he hasn't been lately. So when he is ready to get better, she will be there.

At Lucky's apartment Lucky wants to celebrate their wedding night, but Siobhan stops him. There is something he needs to know about Elizabeth. Before Siobhan can tell Lucky that Aidan is his son, Lucky tells Siobhan that he already knows Elizabeth was at the courthouse when they got married earlier tonight. Siobhan refuses to let the topic die and asks if Lucky would have stayed with Elizabeth had Aidan been his son. Lucky claims that he wouldn't have; he and Elizabeth are over. Relieved Siobhan drops the issue and joins Lucky in the bedroom to have a proper wedding night. Later, she is troubled when she sees Lucky sneak out.

At Maxie's apartment Matt happily finishes the dishes as Maxie holds up the engagement ring that she found in Matt's pocket. This is all her fault! They are moving too fast! Matt cringes; Maxie was not supposed to find that! So he makes the best of a bad moment and gets down on one knee to propose. However Maxie is shocked when Matt quips that the ring is very expensive and not for her! Furious Maxie slaps Matt, thinking that he plans to marry someone else, but Matt soon resolves the situation by explaining that the ring is Robin's. Patrick had asked him to hang onto it until he can give it back to Robin. Relieved Maxie kisses Matt, but we don't buy that fashionista Maxie wouldn't recognize Robin's ring.

Lucky finds Luke on the docks and confronts his dad, even though it's against the rules of the intervention. Lucky knows Luke is goading Jason into killing him and asks him to stop. He hopes Luke will realize that his life is worth living -- before it's too late.

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Thursday May 12, 2011
May 12, 2011

Jason and Sam return home where Jason helps her get settled onto the couch. Sam winces from the pain and admits she has mild discomfort, but it would be nothing compared to being pregnant -- if that is what they choose to do. Sam knows it's too soon to talk about having a baby in light of Jake's death, but wants to make sure having a kid is what Jason wants. Jason admits that he isn't ready for a kid right now (but it seems he would be open to one in the future), but he doesn't want to stand in Sam's way if having a kid is what she wants. Sam smiles, saying they don't have to decide this right now and urges Jason to take a bike ride to clear his head while she naps.

At the hospital Carly and Jax are elated to bring Josslyn home, but they soon argue over whose place is safest for her. Carly insists that Josslyn should be in her own bed at home, but Jax feels that isn't safe thanks to Carly's relationships with Sonny and Jason, not to mention her new body guard, Shawn. Furious Carly announces that she plans to fight Jax if he thinks he can take Josslyn from her. Shawn intervenes, worried about Carly, but Jax tells him to scram.

In some house far away Suzanne hugs a woman named Betty, who admits she was worried Suzanne might have been arrested. Suzanne grins; her plan has worked perfectly. Now she is free to raise her grandson all by herself! Suzanne thanks Betty for taking care of Alec, says that Lucian is somewhere safe where Brenda won't find him and reveals she plans to move to Texas with Alec to start their lives over. Later Suzanne sits on the couch with Alec and promises him a great life -- better than the one she gave his father.

At Sonny's house Brenda finds Sonny, Dante and Spinelli discussing Suzanne and Lucian. She wants to know the latest on the search, but soon realizes that Sonny is holding out on her. Frustrated she runs crying to Jax while Sonny tells Dante and Spinelli that Brenda is too emotional to be included in their plans. Spinelli opens his laptop and reveals that he traced Suzanne to a car rental in San Antonio, Texas. Sonny and Dante immediately make plans to fly to Texas, but not before warning Spinelli that if he breathes a word about this to Brenda, Sonny will break his legs. Dante wants to call a social worker to handle Lucian while they deal with Suzanne, but Sonny has a better idea.

Brenda is at Jax's office making herself sick over missing Lucian but Jax calms her down. However, her anger returns when she admits that Sonny is shutting her out. She thanks Jax for helping her and Jax assures her that he will always be there for her.

Sonny visits Carly at the hospital and asks her to come with him and Dante to confront Suzanne and get Lucian. Carly doesn't want to leave Josslyn right now, but Sonny convinces her that she is the best person to help him. After a little flattery (where Sonny calls Carly the best mother in the world), Carly reluctantly agrees to bring Lucian back to Port Charles.

Brenda returns home where she apologizes to Spinelli for losing her temper and begs him to tell her what he knows about Suzanne and Lucian's whereabouts. Spinelli lets it slip that Sonny, Dante and Carly are on their way to Texas, which naturally makes Brenda's blood boil. She immediately calls Jax, who is outraged to hear Carly has ditched Josslyn to help Sonny.

Tracy arrives at Dante's loft to talk to Lulu about Luke's lawsuit. Lulu can't talk about Luke; it's too painful. So she heads to Kelly's to meet with Dante, who tells her that he is helping Sonny track Suzanne and how it's nice to work together for something that isn't mob related.

Dante is stunned to see Carly on Sonny's private plane, but Sonny assures him that no matter how much he and Carly fight, they always have each other's backs. Meanwhile, Jason arrives at the hospital where Shawn tells him that Carly left to help Sonny -- and her leaving will probably give Jax all the more reason for him to file for full custody of Josslyn.

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Friday May 13, 2011
May 13, 2011

On Sonny's private jet Carly and Sonny become scratchy with each other as they dig up the past RE: their unhealthy relationship, etc. Carly admits that although they were toxic together, she never regretted making Sonny Michael's father or having Morgan. Sonny nods; he may not have gotten everything right, but he wants to protect Brenda's son like he tried to protect his own children.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles Jax and Brenda both react to their ex's taking off together to find Brenda's son. Jax is on the phone with Alexis to arrange Josslyn's homecoming while Brenda suggests they should find out where Sonny went and go there. Jax warns Brenda that could tip Suzanne off. He reminds Brenda that Sonny and Carly will always have each other's backs; they have this tendency to fall into bed with each other, too.

At the hospital Shawn confirms Jason's fear that Jax will take advantage of Carly's absence and take Josslyn to the Metro Court. Upset Jason offers to watch Josslyn while Shawn takes a break. As Shawn leaves, Jason enters Josslyn's room and promises the little girl that he will help her stay with her mother. Later Elizabeth is startled to find Jason reading to Josslyn. The sight brings tears to her eyes and Elizabeth has to pause to compose herself. Jason sees her and asks if she is okay. Elizabeth nods, explaining that seeing Josslyn happy and healthy has been helping her deal with the loss of Jake. Later Elizabeth finds her brother and thanks him for implementing the transplant program at General Hospital.

Jax arrives to find Jason with Josslyn. Angry he orders Jason to leave, but Jason refuses—as long as Jax plans to take Josslyn home with him instead of letting the girl go home with Carly. Furious Jax glares at Jason, who has the audacity to physically block Jax from his own daughter. Jax demands to know what Jason plans to do if Jax doesn't listen to him. Ooh, that sounded like a dare to us.

Spinelli returns home where Sam tells him about her surgery and how conflicted she and Jason are about having kids. Spinelli thinks that Stone Cold and Fair Sam would make wonderful parents if and when they decide to have a family. He urges Sam not to let fear interfere with her ultimate decision.

In Texas Suzanne packs as she tells Alec that they are moving to Switzerland and how much fun he will have there. As she chats, she puts a knife in her suitcase, but then thinks better of it and puts it in her purse. Later we see Suzanne at the park with Alec. Her car broke down for some inexplicable reason, so they will stay here until their cab arrives.

Sonny's private jet lands as Dante, Sonny and Carly review their game plan. No cops. Sonny and Dante will apprehend Suzanne while Carly tends to Lucian. Later they break into Suzanne's house to find it empty except for a photo of a boy who is not Lucian. When Carly shows it to Sonny, Sonny guesses that Lucian was a decoy. This little boy is probably Brenda's real son. Dante calls Spinelli and has him track Suzanne's car. Through some technological trick Spinelli is able to disarm Suzanne's car and tells Dante where she is. Sonny, Dante and Carly ambush Suzanne at the playground, where Suzanne admits that Alec is Brenda's son. Carly gently leads Alec away to give Sonny and Dante a chance to confront Suzanne. Suzanne breaks down; she only wanted to protect Alec! Sonny moves closer to her, giving Suzanne the chance to whip out her knife and hold it to Sonny's throat. Dante pulls out his gun and orders Suzanne to drop her weapon. Sonny urges Dante not to shoot. Dante disagrees and they two actually bicker over it! Carly brings Alec to the car where she tells him about the horses Michael and Morgan used to ride. She tries to distract Alec the best she can, but not even she can explain away the gunshot that they hear. Who did Dante shoot?

Brenda arrives at Jason's penthouse to ask Spinelli where Sonny is. Spinelli lies, saying he is not privy to that information. Brenda fumes, still upset that Sonny not only kept this a secret from her, but took Carly with him to rescue her son! She will never forgive him for this!

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Monday May 16, 2011
May 16, 2011

In Sonny's limo, Alec begins to open up to Carly about his love for horses when they both hear a gunshot. Carly reaches to hug Alec and assures him that it was a firecracker. She sure hopes that no one got hurt!

Obviously it was Dante who fired the shot, but whom did he hit? No one! Dante had fired a warning shot, allowing Sonny to disarm a distracted Suzanne. Sonny leaves to take Carly and Alec to Port Charles as a furious Suzanne turns to Dante. She hopes Dante is happy; he just turned her grandson's life upside down. Doesn't Dante realize that Alec would have been safer living with her than with Brenda and Sonny? Dante ignores Suzanne and proceeds to arrest her, but you can see he is troubled by her words.

Sonny, Carly and Alec board Sonny's private plane. As they fly back, Carly warns Sonny that Brenda will be livid that he asked Carly to come on this rescue mission instead of Brenda. Sonny foolishly hopes that the joy of meeting her son will overshadow any anger Brenda has. Silly Sonny, has he met Brenda?

Back in Port Charles Brenda continues to rip into Spinelli, irate that Sonny would take Carly instead of her to rescue Lucian. Brenda screams that Lucian is HER son; how could Sonny do this to her? Spinelli manages to calm Brenda by reminding her that the important thing is to make sure Lucian is all right.

Sonny brings Alec to his house where he introduces Brenda. Brenda is calm and loving as she meets Alec, having been informed earlier that Lucian is not her son -- Alec is. After Brenda gets Alec settled upstairs, she confronts into Sonny. Why the hell did he think it was a good idea for Carly to help him rescue her son instead of her?!

At Dante's loft Lulu asks Michael if he's okay with Dante helping Sonny instead of focusing on finding the person who framed Abby. Michael shrugs; he knows what Sonny and Dante are doing is important; besides, it's not up to Lulu to smooth things over. People will feel what they will feel. Lulu realizes Michael's words apply to her own family situation and opens up about Luke's intervention (considering that Luke is Michael's biological uncle, then it seems only natural that Lulu would tell him). Later Lulu meets up with Dante at the police station where Dante admits this rescue mission has made him feel closer to Sonny. In fact it is the closest Dante has ever felt since he learned Sonny was his father. (So does this mean Dante has forgiven Sonny for shooting him point blank in the chest?) Dante also admits that he thinks Suzanne may be right; Alec would have been safer living abroad with Suzanne, away from the mob and what did Dante do? Practically deliver Alec into a life with the mob.

At the hospital Jason continues to deny Jax access to Josslyn. The men get into a fight over whose life is safer: Jax's or Jason's. Jax smartly points out that even Jason thinks his life is dangerous; he gave up Jake, remember? Jason replies that Jax has more than once covered for his psychotic brother. Touché! Alexis arrives and pulls the men apart. She understands both men's perspectives, but explains that Jason doesn't have any legal authority to keep Jax from his daughter. Upset Jason moves aside and watches as Alexis helps Jax collect Josslyn and her things to take her home. As Alexis helps Jax get Josslyn settled at the Metro Court, she advises him to compromise with Carly. Fighting will only makes things worse.

Carly arrives at the hospital eager to see her baby girl, but flips out when Jason tells her that Jax took Josslyn home. Jason warns Carly to stay calm; don't give Jax any more ammunition to prove Carly is an unfit mother! Carly understands, so she marches over to the Metro Court where she keeps her temper in check as she asks Jax if she can hold their daughter.

Alexis arrives at Jason's penthouse to give Sam a care package from herself and the girls. New pajamas, fashion magazines and a Bronte book -- aw. Sam admits she is healing slowly from her surgery, but now doubts if she is the right person to be a mother. Alexis gives her eldest daughter a pep talk. Yes, motherhood can be stressful, but it turned out great for her! She has three intelligent and beautiful daughters. Grateful Sam hugs her mom, but later reveals to Spinelli that she needs more time to determine if she can be a good mom. As Spinelli gives Sam yet another pep talk as well as a box filled with romantic stuff such as candles, etc. (to set the baby-making mood), Jason calls Spinelli to ask him to start digging up dirt on Jax. Carly is going to need it! Later Jason returns home where he tells Sam about his day.

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Tuesday May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011

Elizabeth is folding laundry when Cameron sneaks out the front door to look for one of his toys. When Elizabeth realizes that Cameron is missing, she screams and runs outside.

Siobhan and Lucky sit outside of Kelly's preparing for their interview with an immigration official. They quiz each other on their likes and dislikes, but it becomes apparent that they don't know that much about each other. They are interrupted by a call from Cameron, who tells Lucky that Mommy is sick. Concerned Lucky heads to Elizabeth's house where he finds Elizabeth both upset and embarrassed. She tells Lucky how she found Cameron outside, marched him into his room and then went into her room to cry. She had no idea Cameron could hear her or that he called Lucky. Lucky assures Elizabeth that he is here for her and the boys and goes with Elizabeth to talk to Cameron. Afterwards Elizabeth thanks Lucky and they agree to try to help each other through Jake's death.

Robin and Patrick are also at Kelly's discussing their most recent therapy appointment. It's clear they are making progress and learning new things about each other as well as themselves. Back at their house Lisa arrives unannounced, much to Kristina's surprise. Kristina explains that Emma is sleeping upstairs as Lisa gets her to open up about college admission stuff. When Kristina moves upstairs to check on Emma, Lisa pretends she needs to use the bathroom. She stealthily moves to the basement where she snaps a few photos of the water heater. Hm, why would Lisa do that? Later Kristina is unnerved when she can't find Lisa, but Lisa smoothly covers and lets herself out before Robin and Patrick come home.

At Sonny's house Brenda demands to know why Sonny took Carly to rescue her son instead of her. Sonny explains that he needed an objective person, so Carly was the best choice. He knows Brenda gets emotional and he didn't want to risk losing track of Suzanne and Alec. Brenda fumes, not buying Sonny's explanation. She accuses Sonny of choosing Carly over her to get back at her for asking Jax to offer a reward for her son's safe return. When Sonny tells Brenda that Suzanne has been arrested, Brenda storms out.

Meanwhile Jax hands Josslyn to Carly, but refuses to let Carly leave the hotel with their daughter. Carly puts Josslyn to bed and gets into a nasty argument with Jax, who insists on filing for primary custody. Carly reminds Jax that he married her despite knowing how "unsafe" her life was and believes he is filing for custody to hurt her. She can't believe that he thinks he is better for Josslyn than she is. But if he wants a fight, she will give him one!

Carly heads to Sonny's where he finds him with a very upset Alec. She smoothly steps in and offers to take Alec to visit the neighbor's horses, which calms the boy down. Sonny thanks Carly and notices how upset she is. Carly tells him about Jax wanting primary custody, which makes Sonny's blood boil.

Brenda arrives at the police station where she is chilly with Dante and Lulu. Lulu gets snarky with Brenda, telling her that she should be thanking Dante instead of whining how she wasn't invited to rescue her son. (Harsh!) Dante lets Brenda see Suzanne, who urges her to take Alec and run as far away from Sonny as she can. Suzanne explains she kept Alec hidden from Theo to protect him. If Brenda stays with Sonny, her son will never be safe. Don't let what happened to Aleksander happen to Alec! Troubled Brenda heads to the Metro Court to seek advice from Jax. Jax tells her about his fight with Carly and gives Brenda encouragement when Brenda confesses that she doesn't feel anything when she looks at Alec.

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Wednesday May 18, 2011
May 18, 2011

At the hospital Patrick kisses Robin, thanking her for the romantic morning. Their kiss is interrupted by a message from the credit card company warning Patrick about excessive usage. Guilty Robin confesses she bought a hot tub and wanted to surprise Patrick with it. Steve walks in to announce that the staff meeting has been postponed and he is taking the day off. When Robin mentions how rare that is, Steve explains Jake's death has taught him to make the most of today. Carpe diem!

Meanwhile Lisa racks up the charges on Patrick's credit card bill: flowers with love notes, etc. Later she hands Patrick a chart, saying she doesn't want to consult with him on this patient. Patrick is relieved, but later he gets a message saying his credit cards have been frozen. What is going on?

Johnny returns home where Anthony berates him again for getting revenge on Sonny. Apparently Johnny's plan is moving too slowly for him. Lucky arrives to make sure Anthony is not violating his parole and Anthony goads him by mentioning Luke's drunk driving and Jake's death. Angry Lucky punches Anthony, who smiles. Later he happily reveals that now they have leverage on Lucky. A cop assaulting a civilian isn't very pretty!

Michael arrives at Jason's penthouse to chide him for not spending enough time trying to help Abby. Time is running out and if Jason won't help Abby, Michael will. Jason warns Michael to keep a low profile. If Michael gets into trouble, he could jeopardize Carly's chance to get custody of Josslyn.

Michael meets up with Abby, who agrees with Diane that the battered woman defense is her best chance at exoneration. Michael disagrees and they get into a fight over Michael putting himself in jeopardy to help her. Abby doesn't want to fight and moves closer to Michael. Michael agrees and pulls her into a kiss.

Olivia arrives at Dante's place with what looks like Dante's clean laundry. Dante tells her about Lucian, Alec and Brenda, which leads him to thanking his mom for raising him. Later Olivia returns to her apartment where she hears music inside. She enters to find Steve playing his guitar. Steve plays a song for Olivia and she thanks him with a sweet kiss.

Carly enters Kelly's to find Luke drinking. A little early, isn't it? Carly tells him that Jax wants custody of Josslyn and Luke takes the opportunity to compare his situation to hers. They are both doing things that people disapprove of! Carly clearly states that Luke's alcoholism is a different matter entirely; she is not addicted to gangsters like Luke is addicted to alcohol!

Lucky bumps into Luke at the docks where he tells him about his encounter with Anthony. He realizes that he has to truly break all ties with Luke for his own good. Later Luke listens as Jason meets with Carly to talk about Jax and Michael. He tells her that Michael could hamper her chances of winning custody of Josslyn. Luke approaches and criticizes Jason; who is he to give advice about keeping one's child when he gave his son to Lucky to raise?

Ethan finds Kristina at Kelly's where he admits he hasn't stopped hanging out with Luke. He doesn't want to be a hypocrite, but he is worried about his dad. Kristina offers Ethan one of her herbal supplements to calm down. Ethan eyes the pills; where did Kristina get these? They aren't herbal supplements; they are hydrocodone and they are seriously addictive! He takes them from Kristina and storms into Johnny's penthouse looking for Lisa. He tells Johnny that Lisa has been drugging Kristina and says if Johnny doesn't stop her, he will! Meanwhile Kristina confronts Lisa about the supplements; why would Lisa do this to her?

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Thursday May 19, 2011 *RIP Randy Savage Pro Westler*
May 19, 2011

At the hospital Patrick fumes over his frozen credit card. He always pays on time and suspects that Lisa is behind this. Robin urges him to call the credit card company but Patrick protests that he is too busy saving lives. He wants Robin to call the credit card company for him, but Robin has to go home and get her cell phone.

At Kelly's Kristina confronts Lisa. Why did she give her hydrocodone and call it herbal supplements? Lisa insists that she wouldn't have done it if she thought Kristina didn't want it. All that talk about herbal supplements was a cover, right? Kristina stares at Lisa in disbelief. What kind of doctor is she?! Lisa shrugs; if Kristina doesn't want any drugs, then she can deal with her stress on her own.

At Johnny's penthouse Ethan tells Johnny that Lisa has been drugging Kristina to get access to Patrick and Robin's house. He warns Johnny that he better do something about Lisa or he will. Johnny thinks Kristina is lying, but that doesn't stop him from calling Lisa over and cleverly getting her to reveal that she is still obsessed with Patrick. One mention of Patrick's name and Lisa flies into a venomous rage that scares Johnny just a bit. Later Johnny heads to the hospital where he warns Patrick that Lisa is still obsessed with him and her normalcy has been an act.

At the docks Luke continues to goad Jason with the hopes that Jason will kill him. Carly intervenes but Luke is determined to get a rise out of Jason. He even punches him! Jason refuses to take the bait, calling Luke a coward and leaves with Carly. They return to Jason's penthouse where Jason reveals he has bittersweet dreams about Jake. Later Shawn arrives to escort Carly to the Metro Court to pick Josslyn up. Carly is offended when Jason orders Shawn to tell him about Carly's every move. Shawn speaks up; Jason needs to trust him to tell him what he needs to know.

Ethan returns to Kelly's where he rejoins Kristina. He can't help but ask Kristina if Lisa really did give her those pills. Kristina swears that Lisa gave them to her -- and she had no idea what they were! Ethan believes Kristina and warns her to stay away from Kristina. He makes her promise to call him if she needs anything, especially if she feels the need to take a pill. Touched Kristina thanks Ethan and touches his hand as Luke arrives. Luke takes issue with this and warns Ethan about hanging out with Sonny's daughter (he calls her Kristina Corinthos, but we all know she is Kristina Davis), but Ethan swears they are friends. Besides Luke is not in the best position to give advice or lectures right now.

Olivia finds Johnny brooding at the docks, who says that Lisa reminds him of Claudia. He asks if there is ever a good time to give up on somebody. Olivia reminds Johnny how much Claudia loved him and understands why Johnny wants to save Lisa. Johnny sighs; some people don't want to be saved.

Alexis arrives at Jax's office to tell him that right now he and Carly have 50/50 custody of Josslyn. Naturally Jax is unhappy with this arrangement, but Alexis explains there is no concrete evidence that Josslyn is unsafe at Carly's house. He asks Alexis to file emergency custody for him, despite Alexis's best judgment. Alexis warns him that if Jax continues to act this way, it will blow up in his face. Alexis then heads to Jason's place to deliver a car package for Sam and give her condolences about Jake. She hopes that Jason realizes that he and Sam having a baby wouldn't be the best choice to make.

Carly arrives at the Metro Court to pick up Josslyn, but Jax isn't willing to let Josslyn go. He pulls out his trump card, which is a file of Shawn's illegal activities, proving that he is just as dangerous as Franco!

Lisa breaks into Patrick and Robin's house where she sneaks into the basement to tamper with their heater. Robin arrives to get her cell phone. As she leaves, she hears a noise from the basement. Robin opens the basement door and heads downstairs as Lisa hides under the staircase.

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Friday May 20, 2011
May 20, 2011

Jason listens with quiet anger as Alexis tells him that she thinks he and Sam having a child would be a mistake due to his mobster lifestyle. Jason points out that anything can happen to a child -- look what happened to Jake! Alexis respectfully tells Jason that she admires his decision to give up Jake, but bringing a child into the world requires some major changes. Alexis turns to see Sam at the top of the stairs. She tries to backpedal, saying she is only trying to protect Sam and leaves. Sam turns to Jason; does Jason think Alexis has a point? Jason admits he is still undecided in the kid area, which means they should probably take more time to think about it. Later Alexis returns to apologize to Sam; she acknowledges it is none of her business, but Alexis will support whatever decision Sam makes. Aw.

In Jax's office Carly reads the dossier Jax has compiled on Shawn. Carly hands it back to Jax, stating there is nothing in here that proves Shawn is dangerous. As Jax and Carly continue to bicker, Shawn announces that he can solve this problem -- he quits! Upset Carly begs Shawn to stay, but Shawn leaves. Furious she turns to Jax to accuse him of putting Josslyn in more danger. Who will protect them now? Jax arrogantly says he will hire his own protection. Carly stares at Jax; right now being a good mother -- according to Jax -- is letting Josslyn live at the Metro Court. Soon it will mean Carly's absence and Carly is determined to prevent that. Upset Carly catches up with Shawn at the docks where she convinces him to work for her/Jason again. Shawn reminds Carly that he really did all those things in that file. Carly doesn't care. The past is the past. Will Shawn be Josslyn's bodyguard again? Shawn finally relents; Carly can be very persuasive!

Brenda arrives at the mob restaurant where she accuses Sonny of spending more time there than at home. Is it because of Alec? Or her? Sonny explains again why he chose to bring Carly with him to Texas instead of Brenda; he was trying to protect Brenda. He insists that he loves her and only her. He honestly thought he was making the right choice.

Troubled Brenda goes to Jax's office to vent. She admits that marriage is harder than she thought it would be. Carly arrives. Upon seeing Brenda, she turns to go, but Brenda stops her and thanks her for helping to find Alec. (Whoa, did that really happened?)

Jason arrives to Sonny to update him on mob business. Sonny then vents about Brenda's friendship with Jax and admits that his lifestyle hasn't been that safe for kids. If Jason had to do it over again, would he still give Jake up? Jason doesn't know; Elizabeth really didn't want any part of his mob life and Jason didn't want to force it on her. Sonny sighs; a part of him thinks he should tell Brenda that it's best for her and her son that they go their separate ways since he can't guarantee that Alec will be safe. Jason asks if Sonny will do that. Sonny doesn't know if he can. He really thought he and Brenda could make things work this time.

Michael finds Kristina at Kelly's. Kristina is experiencing some drug withdrawal and is mean to Michael. She finally admits that Lisa gave her hydrocodone instead of herbal supplements. Michael wants Kristina to see a doctor, but Kristina begs him to keep this a secret. She bursts into tears as Alexis arrives. Michael quickly explains that Kristina is crying because he upset her when he said he didn't want to attend the graduation ceremony. Alexis successfully "convinces" Michael to attend and leaves. Grateful Kristina turns to her brother, who says they should warn Patrick and Robin about Lisa. Kristian assures Michael that they already know.

Robin peers into the dark basement and then slowly walks downstairs. She notices something is wrong with the furnace, but before she can examine it, Lisa sprints up the stairs and slams the door shut! Robin races to the top of the steps, but it is too late. Lisa has locked the door. As Robin pounds on the door, Lisa says that thanks to the gas leak, Robin will asphyxiate within the hour. Isn't it great that Lisa already laid the groundwork to frame Patrick for Robin's death? Ta-ta! Lisa then dons some gloves and proceeds to remove all the bugs she planted in the house. She can't resist checking on Robin one last time before she leaves. To Lisa's delight, Robin is lying on the floor unconscious. She leans over Robin to tell her that she hopes she and Patrick rot in hell. Suddenly Robin's hand shoots up and grabs Lisa. She will see Lisa there!

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Monday May 23, 2011 *Lisa's Caught*
May 23, 2011

WTH I lost the very first part of lisa getting caught. GH Skip that part right into sonny and jason it went HERE!!

In the basement of the Drake/Scorpio house Lisa leans over Robin, convinced that Robin is dead. Suddenly Robin grabs Lisa's wrist. Gotcha! Stunned Lisa hisses that Robin can't be alive; she pumped enough gas into this room to kill a horse! Suddenly the upstairs door opens and Patrick and Mac enter. Robin reveals that she taped Lisa's confession to attempted murder (on her cell phone) as Mac slaps handcuffs on her. Lisa can't believe she was set up as Patrick and Robin reveal -- in a series of flashbacks -- how they created this plan to catch Lisa. Mac thinks it was risky, but glad it all worked out. After Mac drags Lisa down to the police station, Robin and Patrick celebrate by having a nice family dinner with Emma (who adorably chirps that she is hungry -- give her a cookie!) and telling her that they will live happily ever after. Patrick commemorates the moment by giving Robin her engagement ring -- newly polished--back.

At the mob restaurant Sonny and Jason continue to discuss children and the mob world. Jason confesses he and Sam are still conflicted about having a child, but urges Sonny to reach out to Brenda. Life is short.

At the Metro Court Brenda thanks Carly for helping to find Alec and leaves. Carly tries to work out a compromise with Jax, who insists that Josslyn stay at the hotel. Carly can visit and stay as long as she likes. That plan doesn't sit well with Carly, so she and Jax find themselves at a stalemate.

Brenda returns to the mob restaurant (after she let her hair down, untied her cardigan and put on some make-up) where she tells Sonny that although she is still hurt and angry that he didn't bring her to Texas to rescue Alec, she realizes she forgot to thank him for bringing her son home. Touched Sonny kisses her and says he hopes that Brenda can come to him anytime to ask him anything. Brenda takes a deep breath and asks if he and Alec are truly safe with Sonny. Sonny vows to keep them as safe as possible. That is enough for Brenda and she melts, agreeing to have a family evening with Sonny and Alec followed by some romance.

Michael breaks into Johnny's penthouse to look for any evidence that proves that he or Anthony hired someone to frame Abby for Brandon's murder. Unfortunately Anthony catches Michael and threatens to put a bullet in his chest. Luckily Johnny returns home and kicks Michael out. Johnny turns to Anthony; is he insane? Why did he point a gun at Michael? Once again Anthony criticizes Johnny for being too soft to lead the Zacharra organization. If Johnny doesn't get his act together, Anthony may have to train someone else to lead! John argues with his dad, but leaves when he gets a call from Lisa. He heads to the police station where Lisa confesses she is in big trouble. Johnny's face hardens when he learns what Lisa has done. As Lisa pleads with him to help her, Johnny leaves. Lisa howls Johnny's name, begging him to help her. Don't give up on her like he did with Claudia!

Back at Johnny's penthouse Anthony takes matters into his own hands and makes a phone call. He asks someone to send Sonny a message; something needs to happen to Brenda. Back at the mob restaurant Sonny gets a call from Bernie and cancels his date with Brenda, much to her displeasure.

Jason returns home to find Michael waiting for him. Michael confesses that he broke into Johnny's penthouse and got caught. He knows it was stupid but he feels like Jason is too distracted to help Abby. Jason insists he has time to help Abby and doesn't want Michael to get into any more trouble. Later Carly arrives, interrupting Jason's daydream about Jake. Carly vents about Jax, but says that right now, she has split custody of Josslyn. She vows to help Jason heal any way she can.

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Tuesday May 24, 2011 *Luke Admits He's a Drunk & Rehab he Go's*
May 24, 2011

Brenda is upset when Sonny cancels their date tonight due to business. He promises to make it up to Brenda (he bought a huge case of her favorite champagne!) and she leaves. Alone Sonny calls Bernie, determined to do something about Anthony!

Lulu arrives at Lucky's apartment where they fight over how to best help Luke. Lulu thinks the 12-step program isn't working; ignoring him isn't the answer! Lucky insists they stay the course. He admits he can't be near Dad right now because it wants to make him take a pill. (Uh-oh.)

Dante arrives at the Haunted Star where he finds Luke swinging a baseball bat and smashing barware. When Luke sees him, he holds out his hands to get arrested. Dante declines, saying that only thing that will help Luke is rehab. He has some harsh words for Luke, accusing him of letting Lulu down, etc. After Dante leaves, Lulu arrives. She takes in the mess and calmly kneels to pick up the broken glass. Seeing her on the floor triggers something in Luke. His eyes go wild and he yells at Lulu. Screams at her, actually, which scares her -- and us. Shaken Lulu runs out and asks Tracy to come over. When Tracy arrives, Lulu tells her not to go to the Haunted Star. Luke is all riled up right now…Lulu admits that Luke yelled at her -- and he has never done that before.

Brenda is upset when Sonny cancels their date tonight due to business. He promises to make it up to Brenda (he bought a huge case of her favorite champagne!) and she leaves. Alone Sonny calls Bernie, determined to do something about Anthony!

Lulu arrives at Lucky's apartment where they fight over how to best help Luke. Lulu thinks the 12-step program isn't working; ignoring him isn't the answer! Lucky insists they stay the course. He admits he can't be near Dad right now because it wants to make him take a pill. (Uh-oh.)

Dante arrives at the Haunted Star where he finds Luke swinging a baseball bat and smashing barware. When Luke sees him, he holds out his hands to get arrested. Dante declines, saying that only thing that will help Luke is rehab. He has some harsh words for Luke, accusing him of letting Lulu down, etc. After Dante leaves, Lulu arrives. She takes in the mess and calmly kneels to pick up the broken glass. Seeing her on the floor triggers something in Luke. His eyes go wild and he yells at Lulu. Screams at her, actually, which scares her -- and us. Shaken Lulu runs out and asks Tracy to come over. When Tracy arrives, Lulu tells her not to go to the Haunted Star. Luke is all riled up right now…Lulu admits that Luke yelled at her -- and he has never done that before.

Meanwhile Dante goes to ask Sonny a favor. Can he talk to Luke? He's getting worse. Sonny agrees and goes to the Haunted Star where Luke admits he just yelled at Lulu. He says that the sight of Lulu cleaning up his drunken mess reminded him of his mother -- who died from a burst appendix after one too many beatings from his father. Luke realizes he could become like his father -- a raging, abusive alcoholic -- and knows he needs to change.

Nikolas arrives at the hospital where Elizabeth assumes he is here to pick up Jake. Realizing her gaffe, Elizabeth backpedals as Nikolas assures her that it's okay. He gently suggests she take some time off of work, but Elizabeth insists it's the only thing keeping her sane right now. Later Nikolas meets up with Lucky at Kelly's where they talk about the kids (Nikolas would like Lucky to teach Aidan how to play the guitar, but still no mention of Spencer) and how nice it is that they are brothers/friends again, etc.

Dante returns home to find Lulu trying to remove a silver of glass from her thumb. He gently takes the tweezers from her as Lulu admits Luke scared her today. Dante reveals he saw Luke today as well and embraces Lulu as she cries.

Ethan arrives at Kelly's to hold Kristina's hands as she is starting to feel withdrawal symptoms from the drugs Lisa gave her. She feels badly that Lisa gained access to Patrick and Robin's house through her, but Ethan reminds her that Lisa hurt her, too. Kristina fears she is becoming an addict, but Ethan assures her that she is nothing like one. In a few days she will be fine. He knows what an addict looks like and it ain't her! Later Ethan realizes something and heads to Lucky's apartment where he confesses that he has been enabling Luke's drinking. He now knows it was wrong and is sorry. Lucky is glad to hear that.

Kristina arrives at Sonny's house to ask Brenda for a makeover. Brenda realizes it's for a boy and Kristina confirms. As Sonny returns, Kristina admits she wants Ethan to think she is hot.

Lucky and Ethan get a call from Luke, asking them to come to the Haunted Star. They immediately head over where they find Lulu, Tracy and Nikolas. Luke enters, having cleaned himself up. He apologizes to Lulu and announces that he intends to enter rehab first thing in the morning. As everyone reacts, Lucky speaks. How about going tonight?

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Wednesday May 25, 2011
May 25, 2011

Sonny returns home just in time to overhear Kristina confess to Brenda that she likes Ethan -- and she wants a makeover so he will see her in a more mature light. Sonny immediately forbids Kristina to see Ethan, but Brenda stops him. Let's talk a little before making any snap judgments, okay? But Sonny doesn't want to listen to anyone but himself. After Kristina leaves, he summons Ethan and forbids him from seeing Kristina. Ethan refuses to be bullied; he sees nothing wrong with his friendship with Kristina. After Ethan leaves, Brenda gently tries to get Sonny to calm down, but Sonny orders her to butt out of the kids' lives. He doesn't want her input. Hurt Brenda replies that she'll focus on her kid while Sonny focuses on his.

Earlier at the Haunted Star Luke announces to his family that he intends to check himself in rehab first thing in the morning. Lucky stands; why not go tonight? Luke refuses; does Lucky think he's going to run? Luke assures everyone he will go as Lulu hugs him. However Lucky still doesn't believe his dad and asks everyone to leave so he can speak to Luke alone. Lucky turns to Luke and accuses him of being a coward. Luke has no intention of going to rehab, does he? When Luke remains silent, Lucky loses his cool. He shoves his father and dares him to admit that he is a drunk just like his father before him! Livid Luke punches Lucky. Is this what Lucky wants? As Lucky rubs his face, Luke realizes that Lucky is right and goes to call Tracy.

Lulu and Tracy head to Kelly's where Lulu thinks Lucky is being too harsh on Luke. In fact she hates that all of them have made Luke feel like crap. Tracy disagrees; tough love is exactly what Luke needs right now. She is startled when her phone rings and it's Luke, asking for a ride to rehab. Tracy goes to pack a bag and picks Luke up. She helps him get settled into his room, apologizes for making him feel unloved, gently kisses him good-bye and says she will see him in 30 days. Later an orderly enters Luke's room and Luke pulls out a wad of cash. Can he buy him a drink? (Something tells us it will be a long 30 days.) Meanwhile Nikolas joins Lulu at Kelly's where Lulu vows to visit Luke as soon as possible. He needs to know that she loves him!

Maxie arrives at Lucky's apartment where she lets it slip that she knows that Lucky is really Aidan's father. Siobhan reveals she knows, too, but feels it is Elizabeth's place to tell Lucky. Maxie returns home where she tries to call Lucky, but hangs up the phone. Kristina arrives seeking fashion advice, which Maxie is all too willing to give along with fashion samples from Crimson. Maxie also advises Kristina to take things slow with her older guy.

Ethan arrives at the Haunted Star where he pours himself a drink. Kristina, wearing her new dress, sees him and listens as Ethan fears he might become an alcoholic just like Luke and his grandfather. Kristina assures Ethan that he is his own person and not doomed to repeat the sins of his father and grandfather. He is so awesome, can't he see that?

Lucky returns home where he confides in Siobhan that he basically pushed Luke into rehab tonight. And if rehab doesn't work for Luke, he fears that Luke will take off and never come back.

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Thursday May 26, 2011 *Procedure works for Sam She can have a baby.*
May 26, 2011

sorry guys had RL stuff only 30 minutes of the show on there.. soo onlly half the caps are presented today..

Carly arrives at Jax's office to prep for a conference call. She assures Jax that Josslyn is fine. Jax snaps that is because Josslyn has no idea she is in danger living at Carly's. He insists again that their daughter is not safe at Carly's house due to her association with Sonny and Jason. Carly refuses to defend herself to Jax; she is only interested in proving to the court that she is a good mother and can provide a safe life for Josslyn. After their successful conference call, Jax asks Carly if he can pick Josslyn up tonight. He has a meeting in Manhattan tomorrow and would love to see Josslyn tonight. Carly is feeling generous towards Jax and agrees. Later Alexis arrives and Jax immediately asks her to file emergency custody of Josslyn. Alexis feels this is a bad decision, but Jax doesn't care. He intends to pick Josslyn up and never bring her back.

Michael tells Jason that Abby's preliminary hearing is on Friday. If things don't get well, he wants Jason to arrange for Michael and Abby to leave the country. Jason hates the idea, but agrees -- as long as that is what Michael wants. Michael confirms; he would rather be a fugitive than have Abby pleads guilty to a crime she did not commit.

Meanwhile Sam runs into Abby at Kelly's where Abby shares that she will probably plead guilty to Brandon's murder using the "battered woman" defense. Sam feels for Abby, but Abby thinks this is her best chance at avoiding prison -- or a heavier sentence. Later Michael arrives and tells Abby about his plan to flee the country. Pained Abby reminds Michael of all he would be giving up, but Michael doesn't care as long as he is with Abby. The lovebirds begin to fight when they are interrupted by a phone call from Johnny.

Sam returns home where she tells Jason her big news: She had a follow-up appointment with Kelly today and the procedure was a success! Sam will be able to carry a baby to full term! Jason is happy, but still undecided if they should have kids. The only thing he knows for sure is that he loves her.

Jason heads to Carly's where he tells her that Jax plans to file for emergency custody of Josslyn, according to Diane. Carly fumes, realizing that Jax is setting her up. When Jax and Alexis arrive to pick Josslyn up, they are startled to find Jason holding Josslyn. Carly turns to Jax. Did he really think he was going to fool her this easily?

Johnny arrives home as Anthony gets a phone call. Anthony moves to the terrace to take the call as Johnny boldly eavesdrops. It appears the hit woman that Anthony hired to impersonate Abby and kill Brandon wants more money. Johnny confronts Anthony, telling him that he plans to handle this woman. He then ties Anthony to a chair, calls Michael to tell him that he has a lead and hangs up. Of course Michael can't sit still and heads to the docks where he almost ruins Johnny's meeting with the hit woman. Johnny shows Michael the pocket recorder that he plans to use to record the woman's confession and orders Michael to hide.

Meanwhile Abby heads to Johnny's penthouse where she finds Anthony tied to a chair. She removes the tape from his mouth, allowing Anthony to plead with her. If she unties him, he will make it worth her while…

Lulu looks around the empty Haunted Star. When she hears footsteps, she assumes it's Luke, but it's Tracy. Tracy busts Lulu; was she hoping that Luke escaped from rehab? Lulu shakes her head. She only fears that Luke won't be the same guy when he leaves rehab. Tracy knows it's scary, but rehab will help Luke. But it won't cure all of his demons. Sober or not, Luke still has to deal with the fact that he killed Jake.

Dante runs into Maxie at Kelly's where Maxie asks him to tell Lulu to get her butt back to work -- Kate is especially unhappy with her today! Dante hopes that Lulu will start taking care of herself now that Luke is in rehab and goes to find her at the Haunted Star. Lulu confides in Dante that she fears her dad won't be the same after rehab. She asks if Dante thinks alcohol played a huge part in Jake's death. Dante takes his time answering; he feels that alcohol did impair Luke's reflexes. He tries to cheer Lulu up by suggesting he take care of her tonight. They kiss and are about to leave when Maxie arrives. Maxie warns Lulu that if she is not in the office in 15 minutes, Kate will fire her. Lulu presses her lips together. Can Maxie thank Kate for her and give her this message: she quits!

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Friday May 27, 2011
May 27, 2011

At Johnny's penthouse Anthony continues to plead with Abby; untie him and he will make it worth her while. Suspicious Abby listens as Anthony promises to pay her if she steers Michael toward working for the Zacharra's. Disgusted Abby leaves.

At the docks Michael listens from his hiding spot as Johnny meets with the hit woman. She demands her money, but Johnny wants to know what she did to deserve this extra payout? Suddenly the woman pulls a gun on Johnny. Michael leaps into action, distracting the woman and allowing Johnny to disarm her. They call the cops and the hit woman is taken to the station.

At the Haunted Star Lulu reels from what she has just done. She can't believe she just quit! No more Kate, no more long hours and crazy models. Maybe she can run the Haunted Star until Luke returns. Dante is supportive, but says it may not work out the way Lulu wants.

Dante arrives at the police station where he learns of the hit woman's arrest. He gets over his initial suspicion of Johnny and admits that this means Abby is in the clear. Michael is ecstatic and heads to Abby's apartment where he gives her the good news. Abby hugs Michael and kisses him exuberantly as Michael gushes that they owe Johnny for helping them. Michael even goes to Johnny's apartment where he thanks Johnny and offers to handle anything Johnny needs.

Earlier Johnny returns home to untie Anthony. He tells Anthony that it's over and he could return to Pentonville if this hit woman talks. Anthony seems unfazed by this; maybe because he is in cahoots with the hit woman! Later Jason sees Anthony talking to the hit woman in the police interrogation room. Anthony thanks the woman for making the bust so believable and will deposit the extra money in her account as well as arrange for her to leave the country. That Anthony sure is sneaky!

At Carly's house Jax asks Jason to give him Josslyn but Jason refuses. Jax then asks Alexis to produce the emergency custody document, but Alexis admits she never filed it. She urges Carly and Jax to reach a compromise, which Carly is willing to do, but Jax is not. When Carly says she wants joint custody and she doesn't want to keep Jax from his daughter, Alexis says that court will most likely side with her over Jax. Angry Jax says that Jason gave Jake up for his own good and wishes Carly would do the same for Josslyn.

Dante arrives at Carly's place to ask her to talk to Lulu. He is worried about her. Carly agrees and finds Lulu at the Haunted Star. Lulu is still entertaining ideas of running the Haunted Star with Luke; maybe she will finally have the relationship she has always craved with Luke. Oh poor delusional Lulu!

At the hospital Elizabeth is shaken when a boy, who was hit by a car, is brought in. Patrick and Robin leap into doctor mode as Elizabeth is monetarily frozen. Elizabeth finally moves to comfort the crying mother as she learns the boy's accident was entirely different from Jake's. Still that doesn't stop Elizabeth from seeing "Jake," even when it's determined that the little boy will be okay. Later Robin finds Elizabeth sobbing in the conference room and goes to comfort her friend.

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Tuesday May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011

At the hospital Patrick and Robin are discussing a patient. It seems life has returned to normal for them, but their happy moment is interrupted when Patrick gets a message from Lisa's doctor at Shadybrook. Lisa would like to see him. Robin and Patrick talk it over and decide that Patrick should do it. Later Patrick arrives to Lisa where she looks him in the eye and announces that she knows his marriage to Robin will never work. Once a cheater is always a cheater. Lisa wants Patrick to remember her when he realizes he won't be happy with Robin. Patrick angrily tells Lisa that she is crazy and leaves, but you can tell he's shaken. Later he returns to Robin bearing a huge bouquet of flowers. Hmm, guilty much?

At the police station Jason busts Anthony; he set Michael and Johnny up, didn't he? He arranged for this hit woman to get caught so that Johnny will look like a hero to Michael and Michael will feel indebted to him. Anthony feigns ignorance and offers both Jason and Michael a job. Naturally Jason declines and goes to talk to Sonny.

At Johnny's penthouse Michael offers to repay Johnny back. He'll take care of whatever Johnny wants. Johnny eyes Michael; is he asking for a job? Michael nods. He would like to work for Johnny as long as he doesn't have to go against Sonny or Jason. Johnny thinks Michael working for him would broker peace between the two families, but he will only agree to hire Michael if Michael is 100 percent sure he wants to do this. Later Michael heads to Abby's place where Abby tells him about Anthony's job offer and shares her fear that Michael will outgrow her. Michael assures her that will never happen and they make love.

Sonny and Brenda are walking along the docks, enjoying some alone time when they bump into Kristina wearing some of Maxie's clothes. This time it's sparkly hoop earrings and a tight blue dress. Sonny flips out when he sees Kristina's new look. Kristina immediately gets into a fight with Sonny, which prompts Brenda to intervene. Brenda convinces Sonny to go cool off as she tries to get Kristina to see that hitting Sonny's buttons is not the best way to have a relationship with her dad. Like Sonny, Kristina is stubborn and refuses to see any other perspective but her own.

Jason arrives at Sonny's house where Sonny vents to him about Brenda's interference with his kids. Apparently Sonny only likes Brenda to interact with his kids when she agrees with him. When Brenda returns home, Sonny makes it clear that he wants Brenda to have a loving relationship with his children, but she cannot tell him how to parent them. Furious and hurt Brenda accuses Sonny of shutting her out of the most important part of his life. Doesn't he understand that if he does this, they don't have a solid marriage?

Jason goes to Abby's place where he tells Michael that he was played by Anthony. Michael refuses to believe he has been duped and angrily refuses to stay away from the Zacharra's when Jason asks him.

The hit woman arrives at Johnny's penthouse where she thanks Anthony for getting her out of jail. Now where is her extra million? Anthony assures her that she will get it as he swiftly grabs his gun -- with a silencer -- and kills her as Johnny returns home. As Johnny demands to know what is going on, Anthony casually tells Johnny not to worry. All is going according to plan!

Dante arrives at the Haunted Star where he finds Lulu pouring over the books and excited at the prospect of working with her dad. She reveals that she has always been envious of the bond Lucky and Ethan share with her dad. Now it's her turn to get mixed up in the whacky hijinks of the casino world! Troubled Dante tries to get Lulu to consider the possibility that rehab might not work for Luke, but Lulu doesn't want to hear it. In fact she is going to visit Luke today! However when she arrives at Shadybrook, she is confused to find Luke's room empty. A counselor finds her and says that Luke checked out the same night he checked in.

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