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Friday May 13, 2011

On Sonny's private jet Carly and Sonny become scratchy with each other as they dig up the past RE: their unhealthy relationship, etc. Carly admits that although they were toxic together, she never regretted making Sonny Michael's father or having Morgan. Sonny nods; he may not have gotten everything right, but he wants to protect Brenda's son like he tried to protect his own children.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles Jax and Brenda both react to their ex's taking off together to find Brenda's son. Jax is on the phone with Alexis to arrange Josslyn's homecoming while Brenda suggests they should find out where Sonny went and go there. Jax warns Brenda that could tip Suzanne off. He reminds Brenda that Sonny and Carly will always have each other's backs; they have this tendency to fall into bed with each other, too.

At the hospital Shawn confirms Jason's fear that Jax will take advantage of Carly's absence and take Josslyn to the Metro Court. Upset Jason offers to watch Josslyn while Shawn takes a break. As Shawn leaves, Jason enters Josslyn's room and promises the little girl that he will help her stay with her mother. Later Elizabeth is startled to find Jason reading to Josslyn. The sight brings tears to her eyes and Elizabeth has to pause to compose herself. Jason sees her and asks if she is okay. Elizabeth nods, explaining that seeing Josslyn happy and healthy has been helping her deal with the loss of Jake. Later Elizabeth finds her brother and thanks him for implementing the transplant program at General Hospital.

Jax arrives to find Jason with Josslyn. Angry he orders Jason to leave, but Jason refuses—as long as Jax plans to take Josslyn home with him instead of letting the girl go home with Carly. Furious Jax glares at Jason, who has the audacity to physically block Jax from his own daughter. Jax demands to know what Jason plans to do if Jax doesn't listen to him. Ooh, that sounded like a dare to us.

Spinelli returns home where Sam tells him about her surgery and how conflicted she and Jason are about having kids. Spinelli thinks that Stone Cold and Fair Sam would make wonderful parents if and when they decide to have a family. He urges Sam not to let fear interfere with her ultimate decision.

In Texas Suzanne packs as she tells Alec that they are moving to Switzerland and how much fun he will have there. As she chats, she puts a knife in her suitcase, but then thinks better of it and puts it in her purse. Later we see Suzanne at the park with Alec. Her car broke down for some inexplicable reason, so they will stay here until their cab arrives.

Sonny's private jet lands as Dante, Sonny and Carly review their game plan. No cops. Sonny and Dante will apprehend Suzanne while Carly tends to Lucian. Later they break into Suzanne's house to find it empty except for a photo of a boy who is not Lucian. When Carly shows it to Sonny, Sonny guesses that Lucian was a decoy. This little boy is probably Brenda's real son. Dante calls Spinelli and has him track Suzanne's car. Through some technological trick Spinelli is able to disarm Suzanne's car and tells Dante where she is. Sonny, Dante and Carly ambush Suzanne at the playground, where Suzanne admits that Alec is Brenda's son. Carly gently leads Alec away to give Sonny and Dante a chance to confront Suzanne. Suzanne breaks down; she only wanted to protect Alec! Sonny moves closer to her, giving Suzanne the chance to whip out her knife and hold it to Sonny's throat. Dante pulls out his gun and orders Suzanne to drop her weapon. Sonny urges Dante not to shoot. Dante disagrees and they two actually bicker over it! Carly brings Alec to the car where she tells him about the horses Michael and Morgan used to ride. She tries to distract Alec the best she can, but not even she can explain away the gunshot that they hear. Who did Dante shoot?

Brenda arrives at Jason's penthouse to ask Spinelli where Sonny is. Spinelli lies, saying he is not privy to that information. Brenda fumes, still upset that Sonny not only kept this a secret from her, but took Carly with him to rescue her son! She will never forgive him for this!


CATV 8 20110513 1428(4)

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Uploaded: May 14, 2011