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Friday May 20, 2011

Jason listens with quiet anger as Alexis tells him that she thinks he and Sam having a child would be a mistake due to his mobster lifestyle. Jason points out that anything can happen to a child -- look what happened to Jake! Alexis respectfully tells Jason that she admires his decision to give up Jake, but bringing a child into the world requires some major changes. Alexis turns to see Sam at the top of the stairs. She tries to backpedal, saying she is only trying to protect Sam and leaves. Sam turns to Jason; does Jason think Alexis has a point? Jason admits he is still undecided in the kid area, which means they should probably take more time to think about it. Later Alexis returns to apologize to Sam; she acknowledges it is none of her business, but Alexis will support whatever decision Sam makes. Aw.

In Jax's office Carly reads the dossier Jax has compiled on Shawn. Carly hands it back to Jax, stating there is nothing in here that proves Shawn is dangerous. As Jax and Carly continue to bicker, Shawn announces that he can solve this problem -- he quits! Upset Carly begs Shawn to stay, but Shawn leaves. Furious she turns to Jax to accuse him of putting Josslyn in more danger. Who will protect them now? Jax arrogantly says he will hire his own protection. Carly stares at Jax; right now being a good mother -- according to Jax -- is letting Josslyn live at the Metro Court. Soon it will mean Carly's absence and Carly is determined to prevent that. Upset Carly catches up with Shawn at the docks where she convinces him to work for her/Jason again. Shawn reminds Carly that he really did all those things in that file. Carly doesn't care. The past is the past. Will Shawn be Josslyn's bodyguard again? Shawn finally relents; Carly can be very persuasive!

Brenda arrives at the mob restaurant where she accuses Sonny of spending more time there than at home. Is it because of Alec? Or her? Sonny explains again why he chose to bring Carly with him to Texas instead of Brenda; he was trying to protect Brenda. He insists that he loves her and only her. He honestly thought he was making the right choice.

Troubled Brenda goes to Jax's office to vent. She admits that marriage is harder than she thought it would be. Carly arrives. Upon seeing Brenda, she turns to go, but Brenda stops her and thanks her for helping to find Alec. (Whoa, did that really happened?)

Jason arrives to Sonny to update him on mob business. Sonny then vents about Brenda's friendship with Jax and admits that his lifestyle hasn't been that safe for kids. If Jason had to do it over again, would he still give Jake up? Jason doesn't know; Elizabeth really didn't want any part of his mob life and Jason didn't want to force it on her. Sonny sighs; a part of him thinks he should tell Brenda that it's best for her and her son that they go their separate ways since he can't guarantee that Alec will be safe. Jason asks if Sonny will do that. Sonny doesn't know if he can. He really thought he and Brenda could make things work this time.

Michael finds Kristina at Kelly's. Kristina is experiencing some drug withdrawal and is mean to Michael. She finally admits that Lisa gave her hydrocodone instead of herbal supplements. Michael wants Kristina to see a doctor, but Kristina begs him to keep this a secret. She bursts into tears as Alexis arrives. Michael quickly explains that Kristina is crying because he upset her when he said he didn't want to attend the graduation ceremony. Alexis successfully "convinces" Michael to attend and leaves. Grateful Kristina turns to her brother, who says they should warn Patrick and Robin about Lisa. Kristian assures Michael that they already know.

Robin peers into the dark basement and then slowly walks downstairs. She notices something is wrong with the furnace, but before she can examine it, Lisa sprints up the stairs and slams the door shut! Robin races to the top of the steps, but it is too late. Lisa has locked the door. As Robin pounds on the door, Lisa says that thanks to the gas leak, Robin will asphyxiate within the hour. Isn't it great that Lisa already laid the groundwork to frame Patrick for Robin's death? Ta-ta! Lisa then dons some gloves and proceeds to remove all the bugs she planted in the house. She can't resist checking on Robin one last time before she leaves. To Lisa's delight, Robin is lying on the floor unconscious. She leans over Robin to tell her that she hopes she and Patrick rot in hell. Suddenly Robin's hand shoots up and grabs Lisa. She will see Lisa there!

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