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Tuesday May 3, 2011

In her office at the hospital Lisa continues to eavesdrop on Robin and Patrick thanks to the bugs she planted in their house. She grows upset when Patrick compliments Robin. As Lisa dries her eyes, Johnny pops his head into the room. Shouldn't Lisa be saving lives or something? Lisa covers by saying she was doing online research on Anthony; he is a fascinating man! Johnny reminds her that he is crazy like a fox and heads out. Later Lisa is finishing up her work and prepares to leave for the day, but she can't resist eavesdropping once again. She listens as Patrick comforts Robin, who wishes she had kept a closer eye on Lucian at Kelly's. Patrick pulls Robin onto his lap and they kiss which builds to lovemaking. Unable to tear herself away Lisa continues to listen ...

At Sonny's house Brenda continues her meltdown. Maybe they need to drive around to look for him. Will Sonny do that? Sonny looks at Brenda and urges her to keep it together. But Brenda can't stop ranting about Sonny's dangerous life and how she ignored it when her son came to live with them and now it's her fault that Lucian is gone.

At the police station Dante checks Suzanne's alibi and it is solid. Miffed Suzanne accuses Dante of trying to pin Lucian's abduction on her to score points with Sonny. Later Sonny arrives and Dante tells him that Suzanne has an alibi during the time that Lucian was taken. Dante also tells Sonny what Suzanne said about them, which makes Dante's cop senses tingle. He feels there is something Suzanne isn't saying ...

It turns out Dante is right. Later we see Suzanne at the airport with Lucian. She knows their little game was confusing, but thanks to him, Suzanne will be able to spend the rest of her life with her real grandson and they will never be apart.

At the hospital Jax coolly greets Shawn as he prepares for Josslyn's release. Carly is blindsided when Jax announces that he intends to bring Josslyn back to the Metro Court -- and Carly is welcome to visit and stay over as long as she doesn't bring Josslyn back home. When Carly protests, Jax admits that he doesn't think Josslyn would be safe at the house. Shawn gets in Jax's face; his job is to protect Josslyn and Carly not only from Franco, but from jerks like Jax! He will not allow Jax to insult Carly's parenting! Seething Jax warns Carly he will sue for full custody if she pushes him and leaves. Stunned Carly turns to Shawn to thank him for his kind words, but where did that come from? Shawn explains his mama raised him right, but he lost her a few years ago.

Jax arrives to Brenda, who is still hysterical over Lucian's absence. She asks him to post a reward for Lucian's safe return, but Jax thinks that will only bring the crazy folks to her door. Brenda lashes out, saying this is Jax's way of saying "I told you so." He warned her that Lucian wasn't safe living in Sonny's world and he was right! Sonny arrives just in time to hear this. He struggles to stay calm as he tells Brenda that there are no new leads right now on Lucian. Sonny actually agrees with Jax that offering a reward would be futile right now. Upset Brenda whimpers that she just wants her son back. Nothing else matters!

At Johnny's penthouse Jason sees a woman arriving and pulls out his gun, believing her to be the blond hit woman that Anthony hired to kill Brandon and frame Abby. To his surprise it is actually Abby at Johnny's door. What is she doing here? Abby explains that Johnny has been kind to them and she was hoping he could help her. What is Jason doing here? Jason ignores the question and demands to know if Abby is working with Johnny to frame Michael. Insulted Abby swears she is not; the only thing she owes Johnny is tuition money. Jason promises that he will take care of that and asks Abby again to stay away from Michael until she is exonerated. Abby reminds Jason that she is just as afraid as he is that Michael will do something rash and be sent back to prison. They return to Jason's place where Abby realizes things are not looking good for her. She turns to go as Michael arrives. Jason once again asks him to stay away from Abby for the time being, but Michael reminds Jason that he is a grown man who makes his own decisions. He knows Jason feels he can have a baby with Sam if Michael turns out okay, but Jason isn't his dad. And for the record, Jason would be a great dad.

Back at Johnny's penthouse Anthony pays a blond woman a large amount of cash. Apparently she is the woman who shot Brandon. As she removes her wig, Johnny returns home. Eager to hide this transaction, Anthony pretends that this woman is a prostitute and gives her more money to hide the blond hair in her bag. After she leaves, Johnny tells Anthony that he plans to clean up the mess Anthony made with Michael and company. Anthony eyes his son; don't be so quick to dismiss him ... Johnny may need him sooner than he thinks!


CATV 8 20110503 1402(1)

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Uploaded: May 03, 2011