Thursday May 19, 2011 *RIP Randy Savage Pro Westler*

At the hospital Patrick fumes over his frozen credit card. He always pays on time and suspects that Lisa is behind this. Robin urges him to call the credit card company but Patrick protests that he is too busy saving lives. He wants Robin to call the credit card company for him, but Robin has to go home and get her cell phone.

At Kelly's Kristina confronts Lisa. Why did she give her hydrocodone and call it herbal supplements? Lisa insists that she wouldn't have done it if she thought Kristina didn't want it. All that talk about herbal supplements was a cover, right? Kristina stares at Lisa in disbelief. What kind of doctor is she?! Lisa shrugs; if Kristina doesn't want any drugs, then she can deal with her stress on her own.

At Johnny's penthouse Ethan tells Johnny that Lisa has been drugging Kristina to get access to Patrick and Robin's house. He warns Johnny that he better do something about Lisa or he will. Johnny thinks Kristina is lying, but that doesn't stop him from calling Lisa over and cleverly getting her to reveal that she is still obsessed with Patrick. One mention of Patrick's name and Lisa flies into a venomous rage that scares Johnny just a bit. Later Johnny heads to the hospital where he warns Patrick that Lisa is still obsessed with him and her normalcy has been an act.

At the docks Luke continues to goad Jason with the hopes that Jason will kill him. Carly intervenes but Luke is determined to get a rise out of Jason. He even punches him! Jason refuses to take the bait, calling Luke a coward and leaves with Carly. They return to Jason's penthouse where Jason reveals he has bittersweet dreams about Jake. Later Shawn arrives to escort Carly to the Metro Court to pick Josslyn up. Carly is offended when Jason orders Shawn to tell him about Carly's every move. Shawn speaks up; Jason needs to trust him to tell him what he needs to know.

Ethan returns to Kelly's where he rejoins Kristina. He can't help but ask Kristina if Lisa really did give her those pills. Kristina swears that Lisa gave them to her -- and she had no idea what they were! Ethan believes Kristina and warns her to stay away from Kristina. He makes her promise to call him if she needs anything, especially if she feels the need to take a pill. Touched Kristina thanks Ethan and touches his hand as Luke arrives. Luke takes issue with this and warns Ethan about hanging out with Sonny's daughter (he calls her Kristina Corinthos, but we all know she is Kristina Davis), but Ethan swears they are friends. Besides Luke is not in the best position to give advice or lectures right now.

Olivia finds Johnny brooding at the docks, who says that Lisa reminds him of Claudia. He asks if there is ever a good time to give up on somebody. Olivia reminds Johnny how much Claudia loved him and understands why Johnny wants to save Lisa. Johnny sighs; some people don't want to be saved.

Alexis arrives at Jax's office to tell him that right now he and Carly have 50/50 custody of Josslyn. Naturally Jax is unhappy with this arrangement, but Alexis explains there is no concrete evidence that Josslyn is unsafe at Carly's house. He asks Alexis to file emergency custody for him, despite Alexis's best judgment. Alexis warns him that if Jax continues to act this way, it will blow up in his face. Alexis then heads to Jason's place to deliver a car package for Sam and give her condolences about Jake. She hopes that Jason realizes that he and Sam having a baby wouldn't be the best choice to make.

Carly arrives at the Metro Court to pick up Josslyn, but Jax isn't willing to let Josslyn go. He pulls out his trump card, which is a file of Shawn's illegal activities, proving that he is just as dangerous as Franco!

Lisa breaks into Patrick and Robin's house where she sneaks into the basement to tamper with their heater. Robin arrives to get her cell phone. As she leaves, she hears a noise from the basement. Robin opens the basement door and heads downstairs as Lisa hides under the staircase.


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