Thursday May 5, 2011 *Liason Talks / Sam Has Procedure*

Sam is touched when Jason gives her some tea. He explains that he knows it is one of the few things she can have before surgery. Grateful Sam sips and confirms with Jason that even though she is having the fertility reconstruction procedure, they aren't going to have kids immediately. Molly arrives to give Sam a teddy bear for good luck. She squeals, making both Sam and Jason uncomfortable when she gushes that they will be great parents! Jason gently explains they are taking it one step at a time. Molly understands and leaves. Later Jason helps Sam get settled into her hospital room where Sam holds Molly's teddy bear nervously.

At the nurse's station Elizabeth stops mid-sentence as she sees Jake playing by the elevators. Concerned Lulu asks what is wrong and Elizabeth confesses that she has been seeing Jake everywhere. She is afraid her grief is making her crazy. Lulu understands (especially after she kept seeing Logan after she accidentally murdered him); she knows it's hard to move on. Later Elizabeth bumps into Kelly, who asks Elizabeth for her schedule. Elizabeth checks the computer and sees that Sam is scheduled for a fertility procedure today. When Elizabeth sees Jason, she wishes him well and asks if things had been different had she told him sooner about Jake's paternity. Jason thinks it would have made a huge difference and returns to Sam's room to walk with her to the OR. Meanwhile Elizabeth looks at Aidan's paternity test and makes a huge decision. She calls the police station and learns that Lucky is getting married right now. Upset she runs out…

At Lucky's apartment Siobhan wants to go pack her stuff, but Lucky insists on getting married. Siobhan is afraid that Lucky will end up regretting their green card marriage, but Lucky convinces her that this is the right thing to do -- despite Nikolas's suggestion that Lucky return to Ireland with Siobhan. He will even fund the trip! Eventually Siobhan caves to Lucky's persistence and heads to the courthouse with Lucky. Despite Nikolas's reservations, he meets Lucky and Siobhan at the justice of the peace with wedding rings -- which they had forgotten.

Tracy enters Kelly's where she finds Luke asking Alexis to help him sue his family, specifically Tracy for the Haunted Star. Tracy informs Alexis of Luke's intervention and if Alexis is Luke's friend, she won't take this ridiculous case. Alexis decides to talk to Luke's family and learn more about the intervention, but tells Tracy that she can't force Luke to do anything he doesn't want to do. Tracy turns to go, but Luke follows her. He pleads with her once again to stop the madness; he is not an alcoholic! Tracy reiterates that if Luke wants his life back, he has to attend rehab. Angry Luke says that if Tracy believes him to be a lost cause, then she hasn't seen anything yet. If she wants self-destruction, then by god, he will give it to her!

Lulu meets with Ethan at the Haunted Star where she tells him about her encounter with Luke at Kelly's. Like Lulu, Ethan wants Luke's forgiveness for the intervention. He doesn't want to cut their father out of his life, but he wants him to get better too. Ethan isn't sure what Luke's alcoholism means for him since he wants to be just like Luke when he grows up. As Lulu and Ethan clean up the casino, Alexis arrives. When she tells them that Luke has enlisted her help to sue Tracy, Lulu snaps. If Alexis wants their blessing to help Luke, she has come to the wrong place! Later Ethan is alone when Luke arrives. He becomes speechless when Luke moves to the bar and offers to make them some drinks.


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Uploaded: May 05, 2011