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Tuesday May 31, 2011

At the hospital Patrick and Robin are discussing a patient. It seems life has returned to normal for them, but their happy moment is interrupted when Patrick gets a message from Lisa's doctor at Shadybrook. Lisa would like to see him. Robin and Patrick talk it over and decide that Patrick should do it. Later Patrick arrives to Lisa where she looks him in the eye and announces that she knows his marriage to Robin will never work. Once a cheater is always a cheater. Lisa wants Patrick to remember her when he realizes he won't be happy with Robin. Patrick angrily tells Lisa that she is crazy and leaves, but you can tell he's shaken. Later he returns to Robin bearing a huge bouquet of flowers. Hmm, guilty much?

At the police station Jason busts Anthony; he set Michael and Johnny up, didn't he? He arranged for this hit woman to get caught so that Johnny will look like a hero to Michael and Michael will feel indebted to him. Anthony feigns ignorance and offers both Jason and Michael a job. Naturally Jason declines and goes to talk to Sonny.

At Johnny's penthouse Michael offers to repay Johnny back. He'll take care of whatever Johnny wants. Johnny eyes Michael; is he asking for a job? Michael nods. He would like to work for Johnny as long as he doesn't have to go against Sonny or Jason. Johnny thinks Michael working for him would broker peace between the two families, but he will only agree to hire Michael if Michael is 100 percent sure he wants to do this. Later Michael heads to Abby's place where Abby tells him about Anthony's job offer and shares her fear that Michael will outgrow her. Michael assures her that will never happen and they make love.

Sonny and Brenda are walking along the docks, enjoying some alone time when they bump into Kristina wearing some of Maxie's clothes. This time it's sparkly hoop earrings and a tight blue dress. Sonny flips out when he sees Kristina's new look. Kristina immediately gets into a fight with Sonny, which prompts Brenda to intervene. Brenda convinces Sonny to go cool off as she tries to get Kristina to see that hitting Sonny's buttons is not the best way to have a relationship with her dad. Like Sonny, Kristina is stubborn and refuses to see any other perspective but her own.

Jason arrives at Sonny's house where Sonny vents to him about Brenda's interference with his kids. Apparently Sonny only likes Brenda to interact with his kids when she agrees with him. When Brenda returns home, Sonny makes it clear that he wants Brenda to have a loving relationship with his children, but she cannot tell him how to parent them. Furious and hurt Brenda accuses Sonny of shutting her out of the most important part of his life. Doesn't he understand that if he does this, they don't have a solid marriage?

Jason goes to Abby's place where he tells Michael that he was played by Anthony. Michael refuses to believe he has been duped and angrily refuses to stay away from the Zacharra's when Jason asks him.

The hit woman arrives at Johnny's penthouse where she thanks Anthony for getting her out of jail. Now where is her extra million? Anthony assures her that she will get it as he swiftly grabs his gun -- with a silencer -- and kills her as Johnny returns home. As Johnny demands to know what is going on, Anthony casually tells Johnny not to worry. All is going according to plan!

Dante arrives at the Haunted Star where he finds Lulu pouring over the books and excited at the prospect of working with her dad. She reveals that she has always been envious of the bond Lucky and Ethan share with her dad. Now it's her turn to get mixed up in the whacky hijinks of the casino world! Troubled Dante tries to get Lulu to consider the possibility that rehab might not work for Luke, but Lulu doesn't want to hear it. In fact she is going to visit Luke today! However when she arrives at Shadybrook, she is confused to find Luke's room empty. A counselor finds her and says that Luke checked out the same night he checked in.


CATV 8 20110531 1415

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Uploaded: May 31, 2011