Friday May 25, 2012*Lindsey Morgan/New Kristina First day*

Reeling from the news that Franco is a Quartermaine, Edward, Tracy, and Monica discuss ELQ. When Tracy and Luke return to move Anthony later on, his body is gone.

A reporter interrupts a reconciling Jason and Sam with a disturbing cover about their honeymoon horror. Later, McBain lays into Jason after seeing Sam in tears, and they discuss McBain's vendetta for Sonny. By the end of the episode, Jason is arrested for murdering Franco.

Molly inadvertently spills the beans of Sam's rape and child to Alexis. Alexis is shocked to discover Kristina has been missing from college -- and later, she arrives home.

With Sonny's blessing, Michael refuses to testify against Starr, in effect setting her free at her preliminary arraignment. Later, Starr wonders why, and Michael explains that Todd knows the identity of the true killer of her loved ones.


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