Thursday May 10, 2012

Tea arrives to help defend Starr, and she and Todd immediately lock horns. Tea eviscerates Todd for killing the mother of her unborn child, but after all the arguing, Starr agrees to Tea's help.

Carly is happy to receive a flower arrangement ... until she learns it is from Johnny. Later, Johnny and Kate cross as Carly receives another bouquet of flowers -- only this time, from Todd.

Kate checks on Ewen, and later, Liz learns that Ewen's condition is dire.

Olivia discovers Steve has suddenly been released. Why has Maggie confessed? Later, Steve hears Maggie has been rushed to the ER.

Matt finds Patrick further deteriorated at home. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia find themselves in an unguarded embrace upon viewing Spinelli's discovery – and they are all hopeful this will reopen Maxie's case.


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Uploaded: May 10, 2012