Tuesday May 1, 2012 *Carly / sam bond moment*

After some initial sniping, Sam and Carly confide in one another – Carly about her hurt at finding Johnny with Kate, and Sam about her problems with Jason. Carly tells Sam she's sure things with Jason will work out. Jason admits to Sonny that Sam's baby is not his and that's hard for him to accept.

Sonny tells Jason about Kat and Johnny sleeping together. Jason thinks there's more to the story, and encourages Sonny to reach out to Ewen to get answers. Sonny leaves Ewen a message. Meanwhile, Olivia questions Kate's (who is dominated by her Connie personality) behavior. Johnny arrives, and Olivia, disgusted with both of them, leaves. Johnny tells Connie that she cost him Carly, but Connie doesn't care.

Desperate to protect Steve, Heather realizes Maggie could take the fall for the death in Memphis. She lures Maggie back to her apartment and drugs her.

In court, Spinelli honors Maxie's wishes to not reveal that Matt is the killer. Felicia speaks on her daughter's behalf, but Maxie ends up being sentenced to 20 years.

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