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NEW Years 2012 *Screencaps*

Wednesday January 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012

At the Drake household Robin, who is on the couch, wakes up when Patrick enters. He notes her suitcase. Where is she heading? Robin thinks quickly; she is heading to an HIV conference! She was going to tell him, honest! Patrick mentions Jason and Michael's accident and how Jason seemed more concerned about Robin. Is there something Robin wants to tell him? Robin hedges; Jason is just being protective! Right now all she cares about is spending time with her family! Patrick eyes her suitcase; oh really? Robin explains how important the conference is, leading Patrick to assume that their recent tussle with Lisa has made Robin think about her HIV status. She feels guilty for having such a full life while others are suffering and wants to help them, right? Robin nods; sure! Later she calls to double check her reservations to Seattle and her appointment with a doctor there.

Kate meets up with Olivia at the Metro Court, who says last night's New Year's Eve party was pretty ugly. Kate defends Sonny's actions, but Olivia says that both Sonny and Carly are at fault. Olivia is worried about Michael, saying he should be able to lean on his parents, but he can't. The cousins then talk about the holidays and Olivia teases Kate about spending it with Sonny in Bensonhurst. She warns Kate about getting involved with Sonny again, to which Kate takes great offense. Kate turns the tables on Olivia and asks her about Steve. When Olivia admits that Maggie is working with Steve again, Kate urges her to fight for her man.

Sonny arrives at Abby's apartment to see Michael. Michael reluctantly invites Sonny inside as Jax watches from the hallway. Sonny advises Michael to pack Abby's stuff slowly, but Michael says there is no point in holding on. Abby is dead. He says he wants something to keep him busy, like a new job in Sonny's organization! When Sonny insists it's too dangerous, Michael says that he stayed away to keep himself and Abby safe, but Abby died anyway! In fact Michael wants to find the guy who has been attacking Abby's stripper friends and if Sonny doesn't like it, then tough! Like Sonny, Michael intends to find a way to do what he wants at whatever cost!

Sam finds Jason ready to leave to see Michael, but Sam wants to talk about last night. Jason explains he hit Michael because he was too preoccupied thinking about Franco when he should have been home with Sam! Sam offers to come with Jason to see Michael and goes to grab her coat -- and hide her pregnancy test under the bed. While he waits, Jason is hit with memories of Jake: playing with him and then his death intermixed with his recent accident with Michael.

Jason and Sam arrive at Abby's apartment where Michael coldly says that Sam is welcome; Jason is not. When Sonny protests, Michael reveals that Jason knew Jax was alive -- and let Sonny believe that he killed him! So much for honesty and trust! Angry Michael kicks everyone out which Jax sees from his hiding place in the hallway. When Sonny leaves, Jax decides to follow him.

At the hospital Steve finds Maggie ceiling gazing while lying on a gurney. We guess Ewan's method of seeking new perspectives is catching. Maggie is depressed about what some of her little patients have to deal with and asks Steve to join her. Steve declines, but that doesn't stop Maggie from trying to entice him. It's what the whole hospital is doing! Steve insists he is fine with his tried and true methods. Maggie pouts; when did he get old? Steve coldly replies that Maggie knows when as Johnny approaches. Johnny asks Steve for a referral and delivers a thinly veiled threat that if he doesn't get it, then Steve could get in a lot of trouble. Steve gets angry, but he is in no position to decline. Later Maggie returns to find Steve lying on the gurney staring at the ceiling. Maggie recalls one of their adventures in Memphis, leading Steve to remind her that they are definitely over. Maggie asks Steve to relax; she knows Steve brought her to Port Charles to keep her quiet about what happened in Memphis. If only things had turned out differently! Steve pulls Maggie into a hug as Olivia walks in.

Sonny meets with Kate at the Metro Court where he frets over Michael. She suggests they make a date for tomorrow night. How about Sonny cooks? It helps him relax, right? Sonny agrees as long as Kate promises not to bail on him.

Sam and Jason return home where Sam comforts Jason. Michael will forgive him, sooner or later. She knows he will!

Johnny arrives at Abby's apartment. He got Michael's message. Michael grimly says they need to talk as he closes the door.

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Thursday January 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012

Jax lurks in the shadows of the Metro Court Hotel, watching Sonny when Alexis enters. She wants Sonny to promise to leave Jax alone. Now that Sonny knows Jax is alive, swear he won't hunt him down to kill him! If Sonny can't, Alexis threatens to tell Kristina that Sonny pulled strings to get her into Yale. Mac arrives to tell them that the case into Jax's death has been closed since he is alive! Alexis fakes some tears to distract the men as Pres approaches. He hopes to get an exclusive about Jax, but Alexis snaps at him and continues to cry, much to everyone's puzzlement.

Jason is still worried about Michael, who is furious with him. Sam gets a call from Molly, who asks her to come to Kelly's ASAP. Spinelli returns home to announce that he wants to move out. It isn't right for him to live here now that Sam and Jason are married. Sam leaves to meet Molly as Spinelli tells Jason that he repaid Sonny, but not necessarily with the hidden money in the offshore account. Spinelli reluctantly tells Jason how he earned the money back (online gambling). He assures Jason that he can continue to work his Jackal magic—despite his memory loss—thanks to Friends of Spinelli. Spinelli pays them and they get him the top secret information he requests. Jason gets an idea; could these Friends of Spinelli help them find Franco? Spinelli nods, but Jason backs off. He can't do this right now.

Ewan enters Kelly's where he sees Shawn with Wilson the dog. Shawn looks happy with Wilson, but isn't sure about having the dog bunk with him. Carly enters with Josslyn on her hip; she needs to talk to Shawn about Michael! They move outside where Carly tells Shawn that Michael now knows Jax is alive and is furious that Carly kept that from him. Shawn advises Carly to give him some space before calmly explaining to him why she kept Jax a secret from him. Little does Carly know that Jax has heard everything

Inside Ewan approaches Molly. He sees the album that Molly took from Wyndemere and tells her about an old superstition about child spirits hiding in the grass until they can find a woman to be their mother. Sam enters and is affected by what she hears. Sam interrupts their conversation to join Molly for lunch. Molly shows Sam the photo album and hopes that Sam would know who these people were. Molly then shows Sam the button she found; someone has been hanging out at Spoon Island! Maybe it belongs to the mysterious man who saved Elizabeth! Sam pops Molly's bubble; maybe the button belongs to Nikolas! Molly admits her imagination sometimes gets the better of her, but Sam urges her to stay the same, even in the face of teen sex. When Sam says she is envious of Molly's innocence, Molly worries that Sam's life is less than ideal. Sam assures her that everything is fine. She pays for lunch and heads home where she finds Spinelli moving out.

Johnny gives his condolences to Michael about Abby. Is there anything he can do to help? Michael nods; Johnny can give him a job! Some freak is beating up Abby's stripper friends and he wants to stop them! Johnny urges Michael to let the police handle it; besides, he knows Michael only wants to work for him to irritate Sonny. Michael says that neither Sonny nor Jason will give him what he needs to stop the stripper stalker, so what does Johnny say? Johnny says Michael would be a liability as Carly enters. Carly tries to explain herself to Michael, but he rudely kicks her out. Johnny warns Michael that working for him will alienate him from his family, but Michael doesn't care. As Johnny leaves, Carly ambushes him. What does she have to do to keep him away from her son?

At the hospital Patrick wants to talk to Robin about her upcoming trip to the HIV conference. Robin explains again she wouldn't go unless it was important, so Patrick asks her to be honest with him. He pulls her into the doctor's lounge where he says that he knows Robin killed Lisa. Robin gasps; she didn't! She thought Patrick killed Lisa! If neither one of them did, then who? Robin and Patrick piece together what they know of the night, including Patrick throwing the wrench overboard because he thought it was the murder weapon and Robin waking up in a different spot, suggesting that she was moved. But by whom? Robin kisses Patrick; as soon as she returns from her trip, she wants to focus on their relationship!

Dante helps Lulu pack up her stuff, including china that Tracy gave her and a pink poodle named Fifi. Maxie returns home to announce she is furious with them for not telling her that they are married. And now she is moving out! Maxie fumes over Lulu's no-frills-non-traditional wedding. Lulu insists it was romantic—and so not about Maxie. Maxie begs to differ. If it weren't for her, they wouldn't be together! Maxie then tearfully kicks Lulu out (she is losing her best friend!) as Dante takes Lulu's stuff to the car. Lulu assures Maxie that she will be fine and that she was the best roommate ever. If Lulu and Dante get into a fight, then Lulu can come back and crash here! After Lulu leaves, Maxie sits on the couch, fighting back her tears. She leaves a message for Matt, saying she has a surprise for him.

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Friday January 6, 2012 *Jason Passes Out*
Jan 6, 2012

Spinelli greets Ethan at Kelly's, where neither one realizes they are both waiting for the woman in white. Unfortunately they both miss her when they literally bump into each other.

Robin is at the counter reviewing her will when Patrick surprises her. What is she doing? Robin explains she likes to be uber-prepared as she prepares to stop by the hospital on her way to the airport.

At the hospital Monica approaches Elizabeth in the locker room to follow up on a patient. When Elizabeth's answer is unsatisfactory, Monica immediately takes her to task, adding that whenever Elizabeth has a crisis, she seems to latch onto Jason. For the last time, stay away from her son! They are interrupted by Ewan, freshly showered, and needing to reach his locker and his clothes. Flustered Monica asks if Ewan would be interested in an open psychiatric position at General Hospital. Ewan promises to consider it, even asking Elizabeth her opinion. After Monica leaves, Ewan asks about the tension between Monica and Elizabeth. Elizabeth admits that although Monica can be snarky, she only wants what is best for the hospital. Matt arrives, clearly unhappy to see a half-dressed Ewan with Elizabeth. Matt gets even grumpier when he learns that Ewan was offered a full-time position at GH. When Elizabeth says Ewan would be a great addition to the staff, Matt posits the theory that Elizabeth is replacing her mystery man with Ewan.

Robin arrives at the hospital where Monica expresses her concern about Elizabeth going after Jason. Robin defends her friend and moves off as Tracy arrives. What did Monica want to talk to her about? Monica holds up the newspaper; what the hell was she thinking when she agreed to marry Anthony! Livid Tracy heads to Kelly's to order a retraction from Pres. Pres says that every word in the article came straight from Anthony's mouth. Tracy calls the legal department of ELQ and leaves, only to bump into Spinelli. Spinelli sees the woman in white and runs after her.

Meanwhile Ethan heads to Wyndemere to look for the woman in white. He disappears into the tunnels just as Ewan arrives. Ewan immediately heads to the tunnels as well. Their searches may be for naught as the woman in white returns to find a bag left for her by Ethan with the message, "No one gets lonely". She hides when she hears Spinelli arrive. He, too, heads to the tunnels. Later the woman in white returns to the living room where all three gentlemen also appear. Ethan is stunned that Spinelli and Ewan know her. Ewan nods; she is his patient!

Back at the hospital Robin looks for Elizabeth. When she finally finds her, Robin reveals that her vial load is unstable. If she can't get it under control, she will leave. Elizabeth is stunned as she realizes Patrick doesn't know yet. She tries to get Robin to come clean with Patrick and how this will ultimately hurt him in the end. Robin begins to cry. Patrick will be a single dad and Elizabeth is a single mom. Robin takes Elizabeth's hand; can she take care of Patrick and Emma (as in be their new wife and mom) after she dies?

Jason is leaving a message for Sonny RE: Jax is alive! Jason asks Sam if it's okay to go into the office and Sam nods. Michael calls her to apologize for rudely kicking her out that morning and to say that he knows what he needs to do now. Sam urges Michael to talk to Jason, but Michael hangs up. Worried Sam turns to find Jason's hand clenched. She takes his hand as Jason again blames himself for almost killing Michael. He grabs his gun, saying Spinelli offered to find Franco. If Spinelli can provide solid proof of Franco's whereabouts, then Jason intends to go after him.

Jason heads to the scene of his motorcycle accident where he bumps into Michael. Jason immediately blames himself for what happened, but Michael tells him not to bother. He wasn't looking where he was going. Didn't Jason always teach him to accept responsibility for his actions? Well, because he sent Abby away for her safety, she died. So now Michael needs to find someone who won't treat him like a kid while he figures out his next move. Michael glares at Jason as he announces that he intends to work for Johnny. Naturally Jason tries to convince him otherwise, but it's to no avail. Later Jason heads to the hospital to talk to Robin, but ends up collapsing in front of Patrick!

Sam leaves the penthouse to gaze upon Franco's newest graffiti tag, especially the white O that Spinelli believes represents beginnings. She pulls out the pregnancy test and realizes that -- if she is pregnant--Franco could be the father of her baby. Or it could be Jason's! Sam returns home where she takes a pregnancy test.

Spinelli arrives at Maxie's apartment to inquire about the roommate listing. He would like to apply! Maxie believes that would be a horrible idea since they used to be involved. Spinelli urges Maxie to think about it as he leaves. Later there is a knock on the door. Maxie thinks it's Matt, but it's Anthony! He has a proposal for her. Anthony wants Maxie to plan his wedding to Tracy and she has six days. Freaked out Maxie grabs her purse and leaves. She heads to the hospital where she impulsively asks Matt to move in with her.

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Monday January 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012

At Wyndemere Ewan reveals that he does indeed know the woman in white. She is his patient -- and she suffers from amnesia. Ewan has taken to calling her Cassandra, who realizes she is crazy since Ewan is treating her. Ewan also reveals that Cassandra has a photographic memory (she loves books) and can mimic anything (outside of surgery, that is). Ethan and Spinelli seem smitten as Cassandra declares that Ewan loves that she is an enigma. Cassandra is touched by the men's concern for her, but declares nothing at Wildwind can hurt her. However, she must be a little nutso since she insists on staying at Wyndemere, wearing all white, all the time and disappears into the tunnels, where it must be hard to keep her clothes clean. As Ewan argues with her, Cassandra sees something in the tunnels. She screams as the men turn their heads. When they turn back, she is gone.

Kate arrives at Sonny's ready for their dinner party. She overhears Sonny tell Max that he intends to deal with Jax and she hopes that Sonny doesn't intend to go after Jax. When Sonny says that he merely wants to talk to Jax, Kate assumes Sonny wants to see if Jax is with Brenda. Sonny hands Kate a drink; how about they talk about them instead? Kate is on board with that and kisses him. Sonny breaks the kiss to check on dinner. Alone Kate grabs her phone and calls someone to talk her out of something ... Sonny returns to say he thought about her while cooking and how he wants them to last. Touched Kate leans in to kiss Sonny and leads him upstairs while letting her hair down. Sonny heads to his room to find Kate waiting for him in front of a roaring fire in her underwear. He kisses her and they begin to make love.
Johnny invites Carly to his place to discuss Michael's involvement with his organization. She asks what it will take for Johnny to say no to Michael. Johnny says he will if Carly can find a way to change his mind. Johnny flirtatiously serves Carly a drink. He admits he would be a fool to turn Michael down, but if Carly were to give him one night of romance, he would definitely reconsider ... Then there is Anthony. Johnny reveals he has been a handful lately, and there is no guarantee he won't go after Michael. So Johnny and Carly strike a deal (off camera) and seal it with a kiss!

At the hospital Elizabeth is mighty upset when Robin asks her to take her place in Patrick's life if she dies. Robin calmly says she needs to make sure her family is taken care of and pleads with Elizabeth. Say yes! Elizabeth argues that Robin needs to tell Patrick what is going on. She wants to be there for Patrick and Robin; they have been amazing friends to her, but to take Robin's place is crazy talk! Robin firmly refuses to let Patrick watch her die. She urges Elizabeth to be Patrick's friend and should anything romantic develop between them, they have Robin's blessing. When Robin says she can't focus on the right treatment unless she knows her family is okay, Elizabeth agrees to this messy situation. As long as Robin tells Patrick about her unstable viral load before she leaves.

At the nurses' station Patrick helps Jason to stand up and urges him to get more tests done -- if not for his sake, then for Sam's! Later Sam arrives and admits to Monica that Jason hasn't been vocal about his health. Monica thinks that should change. Perhaps having a child would prompt Jason to change his attitude! Sam looks hit and later we see the reason why. She is pregnant!

Meanwhile Patrick orders a full-work up for Jason, but Jason becomes concerned when Patrick mentions that Robin is leaving for a trip. Patrick sees the look on Jason's face and demands to know if there is something Jason needs to tell him about Robin. Jason hints Robin has been thinking a lot about Stone lately and advises Patrick to talk Robin ASAP. Patrick turns the tables; Jason needs to tell Sam what is going on with him! Later Patrick grills Sam on Jason's recent behavior, causing Sam to realize that Jason's rages started after Franco raped her, not after his brain surgery.

Monica pops into Jason's room to ask him if he and Sam have considered having a baby. Jason reels from his mother's inappropriateness as she says this isn't about Jake, but about regrets and life. A child is the greatest gift they can give each other!

Robin catches up with Patrick to ask why Jason is at the hospital. Patrick says he running some tests and adds that Jason really wants him to talk to Robin. Why would Jason say that? Meanwhile Jason finds Sam holding her positive pregnancy test in the waiting area. He sees the look on her face. Is she okay?

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Tuesday January 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012

Carly barges into Sonny's house as Jax watches outside. Sonny insists this is a bad time as Carly babbles that they need to talk about Michael. Kate appears, unable to resist telling Carly again how she betrayed Michael and what a bad mother she is. She flounces around wearing nothing but Sonny's shirt as Carly basically tells her that Michael is none of her business. (Amen!) As Kate heads upstairs to dress, Carly announces that Michael wants to join the Zacharra organization unless she and Sonny do something about it! Sonny reminds Carly that Michael wants nothing to do with her since she lied "forever" about Jax's death. Therefore he will handle Michael -- alone -- and however he sees fit. Furious Carly leaves to call Johnny.

At Johnny's penthouse Anthony gloats about his engagement to Tracy. Johnny asks if Skye is coming to the wedding. After all, blackmailing Tracy wouldn't have been possible without Skye's intel. Johnny reminds his dad that Tracy doesn't like to get involved with organized criminals, but that doesn't stop Anthony from throwing his own parade. Johnny doesn't like the idea of Tracy with Anthony and advises his dad to watch his back.

Back at Sonny's house Kate advises Sonny to leave Michael be, but Sonny says Michael is highly volatile. He can't leave him alone because Michael has resources that other kids don't have, such as connections to a competing mob family! Upset Kate wants to go, but Sonny accuses her of using Michael as an excuse not to get close to him. Kate argues that she doesn't want any complications. They just had a nice night between two consenting adults and now they have to be discreet. However, now that Carly saw them, the whole town will know they are back together. Sonny says that is fine with him. Is that okay with Kate? Kate kisses him. Oh yeah. Later Sonny finds Kate's glove as he leaves a message for Michael, not realizing that someone is watching him from outside.

Jax follows Carly to Kelly's where Shawn wants to know why Carly is there in the middle of the night. Carly says it's none of his business. Shawn sighs and heads to the kitchen to check the thermostat; his place is like a sauna! As soon as he leaves, Carly checks the window for somebody. Later Johnny arrives, having been summoned by Carly. He thinks they are going to have their one-night stand here, but Carly wants assurance that Johnny will decline Michael's request for a job. Johnny says he will; as soon as he does, Carly will name the place and time for them to do the deed. Carly smiles flirtatiously and lets Johnny kiss her as Shawn returns. Shawn asks if this show is for his benefit, but Carly admits he wasn't on her mind at all. When Shawn warns her against Johnny, Carly pretty much tells him to butt out. He doesn't like her like that, remember?

At the police station Ronnie announces he wants to throw a bachelor party for Dante, much to Michael's disgust. So they haven't caught the stalker stripper, yet they are planning parties? Chastised Dante shows Michael the evidence they have on the guy. Michael reminds them that Abby is dead. He sent her out of town to keep her safe from the stalker, but she died anyway. Ronnie, Delores and Dante defend their investigation as Michael vows to find the stalker, especially if the cops won't do anything about it.

At the hospital Sam pulls Jason into a hug. She is worried about him; in addition to his collapse, he is distant, has mood swings and spaces out. By the nurses' station Patrick updates Robin on Jason, including the fact that Robin may have confided in Jason something she didn't tell Patrick. Robin teases Patrick to distract him. Is he jealous of her friendship with Jason? Patrick smiles. On the contrary, Robin brought Patrick to Port Charles to operate on Jason, so you could say that he ended up marrying Robin because of Jason! Later Robin and Patrick join Jason and Sam to discuss Jason's symptoms. Jason reluctantly admits he hasn't been sleeping, but he doesn't need it! Sam says that Jason zones out a lot, like he can't hear people, but Jason insists he is merely preoccupied (probably thinking of Franco). Before they leave, Patrick returns with Jason's tests; they are inconclusive. Puzzled Robin doesn't seem to know what is wrong with Jason, but he interrupts. Whatever is wrong with him isn't medical! Patrick disagrees and wants to run more tests. Robin's car arrives and she gets ready to leave, but not without advising Jason to get the tests done. Alone Jason tells Sam they both know why he is angry and it isn't something anyone can test for. Sam bites her lip. There is something she needs to tell him, but it has to wait until they get home. Sam heads to the nursery to look at babies (and torture herself) while Jason leaves a message for Spinelli; he wants to find Franco now!

Maxie is trying to unlock her apartment when she hears someone in the hall. Unnerved she threatens the person, but it ends up to be Lulu, who wants to come over to do yoga. Maxie, who is still jittery from her latest encounter with Anthony, shows Lulu the taser that she carries around. Later the girls do yoga in non-yoga clothes, thereby not allowing them to do the poses properly as Maxie gets mad at Lulu for marrying Dante and complains about Spinelli's new girlfriend, Spinelli applying to be her new roommate and asking Matt to move in with her. Anthony calls to check on Maxie's planning process. How's the wedding coming along? Maxie breaks into a cold sweat as she tries to stay calm. Anthony reminds Maxie that the wedding has to be flawless -- or else. As Maxie hangs up, Lulu gets stuck in a ridiculous yoga pose.

Michael arrives at Johnny's place where Anthony welcomes him. Michael angrily tells Anthony that the police aren't looking hard enough for the stripper stalker when Anthony gives him his condolences on Abby. Michael turns to go, but Anthony invites him to stay for a drink.

Back at the police station Delores and Dante work on the stripper stalker case. Ronnie arrives with a folder. He found their guy, who fits the profile! Now they can have their bachelor party! Lulu limps in to tell Dante that she isn't going to be a yoga instructor anytime soon.

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Wednesday January 11, 2012 *Maggie Kisses Steve*
Jan 11, 2012

Ewan enters Wyndemere with coffee to find Ethan asleep on the couch. Both are worried about Cassandra, who has been gone for 12 hours. Ewan explains this isn't new behavior; she usually returns to the place that she calls home at the time. As Ewan tells Ethan more about Cassandra, Cassandra listens from the tunnels. Ewan reveals that Cassandra has led him on a wild goose chase all over the world and speculates that she suffered from a great tragedy, hence the memory loss and the constant running. He still has no idea who she is other than the letters "I" and "C" that she keeps writing. Ethan shows Ewan their coffee cups exchanges and then Ewan asks to rent Wyndemere to stay close to Cassandra. After Ewan leaves, Ethan calls out to her. She takes a coffee and turns to go, but Ethan asks her to stay. Cassandra agrees, but on one condition. She kisses him and says she knows Ethan has questions, but she doesn't have any answers. Ethan wants to know why Cassandra is scared. Is she hiding from Helena? Hm, quite possibly, as we see Helena hiding nearby, listening to everything.

Lulu visits Tracy at ELQ. Is it true that Tracy is engaged to Anthony? Tracy admits that Anthony proposed with the ring she thought was from Luke. Lulu argues that Tracy can't marry Anthony, but Tracy says she can take care of herself. Tracy changes the subject to Lulu; has she found her passion yet? Lulu puts her feet up. How does one do that? Tracy offers her a job at ELQ, but Lulu says she wants to wait for the right thing, much like the right man. She questions Tracy's choice to marry Anthony again and Tracy sets her straight. Even if Tracy wanted to reunite with Luke, she couldn't. Luke is gone!

Meanwhile Maxie begrudgingly sits down with Anthony to plan the reception. Chocolate or red velvet? Goat cheese or brie? Anthony is delighted to plan his wedding, but Maxie hates being indebted to him. She grits her teeth as she continues to ask Anthony for his preferences: roses or orchids? Tracy arrives, allowing a relieved Maxie to escape. Tracy tries to back out of the wedding, but Anthony reminds her that if she doesn't marry him, he will reveal that she stole the Salito's money. Tracy then attempts to stall the wedding with excuses: she has a cold and getting married on Friday the 13th is bad luck! Anthony agrees and will tell Maxie to book the next available chapel date. Relieved Tracy returns to ELQ where someone slips a sack over her head and drags her away!

Johnny arrives at the hospital where he interrupts a meeting between Steve and Maggie to ask Steve for his "referral." Steve angrily balks, so Johnny threatens to reveal that Steve killed someone in Memphis -- and that Maggie helped him. Rattled Steve joins Maggie in the doctors' lounge where he announces that Maggie should leave Port Charles. Bringing her here was a mistake. Hurt and angry Maggie accuses Steve of bringing her to town to keep her quiet and reminds him how good they were together with a hot kiss.

Luke sits down with Carly at Kelly's where Carly asks him for a favor. She explains her latest trouble: offering to sleep with Johnny in order to keep Michael away from the Zacharra organization. Carly asks Luke to dig up something on Johnny so she can avoid sleeping with him. Just then Johnny enters and greets them. After he moves off, Luke says he will do what he can with his usual efficiency. However, there is a price to pay: his usual deluxe suite at the Metro Court with comped visits to the spa, bar and restaurant. When Carly agrees too readily, Luke realizes that Carly might be attracted to Johnny. Seems she doth protest too much! Luke stands to leave and bumps into Maxie, who is holding Tracy and Anthony's wedding announcement. Later Lulu joins her and Maxie tells her that Luke is back.

Olivia arrives at the police station with food for Dante and a not-so-subtle warning for Delores to stay away from her married son. Dante senses that something else is bothering Olivia. What is going on with her and Steve? Olivia admits she is jealous of Maggie, who used to date Steve in Memphis. Steve says they are over, but she saw him with his arm around her the other day. Dante advises his mother to be honest with Steve and tell him how she feels. So Olivia heads to the hospital to find Steve in a lip lock with Maggie!

Back at the police station Delores finishes interrogating their primary suspect in the stripper stalker case. She tells Dante that this guy isn't their perp, but Dante hopes she is wrong.

Diane arrives at Spinelli's P.I. office where she gushes about her newspaper column, yet there are certain aspects of law that she misses. However, when Michael was sent to jail, she started to realize that maybe she needed a different job. Diane is happy now and urges Spinelli to be the master of his own destiny. Spinelli reveals that he is doing just that: he plans to get Maxie back! Diane hears his wacky plan and declares it foolish. She says love isn't enough; look at her and Max! Despite the warnings, Spinelli insists on proving to Maxie that he is the one for her -- and her for him

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Thursday January 12, 2012 *Jason confronts Franco*
Jan 12, 2012

At the hospital Olivia sees Steve and Maggie kissing. She walks away not seeing Steve breaks the kiss and tells Maggie that this can't happen again. Maggie reminds Steve that this wasn't a problem when they lived in Memphis. She thinks that Steve must not be as serious about Olivia as he was about her. They almost got married! Steve reminds Maggie that whatever happened in Memphis drove them apart. He threatens to have Maggie transferred, but Maggie pleads with him. Don't do it. She feels that she shared something with Steve that he can never share with anyone else. And Olivia can't give him redemption -- she can.

Olivia counts to calm herself. She walks over to Sonny's restaurant where he shows her a new menu for the restaurant's reopening. She laughs when she sees the new name; that was the place that he used to hang out with Kate when they were kids! What's with the nostalgia? Sonny and Olivia take a trip down memory lane that is interrupted by Johnny. After Olivia leaves, Sonny orders Johnny to stay away from Michael, but Johnny smirks. Oh, yeah like how Sonny stayed away from Claudia? Johnny advises Sonny to put himself in Michael's shoes.

At the police station Dante regrets releasing their primary suspect in the stripper stalker case based upon Delores' recommendation. There wasn't enough evidence! Both Ronnie and Michael are upset. Delores says that the perp had an alibi, but Ronnie doesn't think that's strong enough. Michael begs Dante to do something; he thinks this means the police aren't serious about catching this guy! He storms out as Ronnie says Delores is making this whole situation worse. Later Delores tells Dante about her next idea to catch the stripper stalker. Dante notes how emotional she is getting and wonders if this has something to do with her murdered sister. Delores changes the subject to accusing Dante of ignoring cases to protect Sonny. Nothing changes unless you change, remember?

Jason is outside his front door on the phone with Sonny, who orders him to get over Franco and focus on business. Sam hears him and gives him a huge hug when he enters. She assures Jason that whatever happened with Franco wasn't his fault. They love each other and will get through this -- and whatever comes next! Alexis calls to ask her to meet with her and Molly at Kelly's. Jason urges Sam to go; they can talk later.

Michael arrives at the mob restaurant where he interrupts Johnny and Sonny. Johnny turns to go, but tells Michael that unlike Sonny, he respects Michael's choices. Sonny tries to reason with Michael. He urges Michael to accept her death and move forward. However, Michael can't rest until the stalker is captured.

Olivia returns to the hospital where she throws herself at Steve in front of Maggie. Steve gets called away and Olivia quickly lets Maggie know that she saw them kissing. She tells Maggie to back off and struts out.

At Wyndemere Cassandra tells Ethan that she doesn't know who Helena is, as Helena listens from the tunnels holding a very long dagger. Cassandra insists she isn't hiding from anyone, but Ethan begs to differ. Not based on her behavior! Cassandra entertains Ethan with tales of the abandoned mansions that she hid in. She turns to Laura's portrait and asks Ethan about her. Cassandra reveals she overheard Ethan talk about her and says there is something about Ethan that makes her want to be close to him. He feels…safe. Ewan, on the other hand, seems like he is so focused on helping Cassandra that maybe he is the one in need of saving. Helena listens as Ethan says that Ewan isn't Cassandra's only friend. He is, too. Cassandra wonders where her family is. She looks at Laura's portrait; they could be related for all they know. Cassandra drones on and on about how she hears the whispers of the Cassadine family late at night, like ghosts walking the halls. She asks Ethan what it is like knowing one's family. Ethan shares his tale: how he found Luke and his siblings just a few years ago. It's nice, but he has no secrets. Cassandra is the one with all the secrets. Ethan flirts with her in an effort to let her know how awesome he thinks she is, but Cassandra asks him to keep his distance. What if finding out who you are ends up being the worst thing ever? Disturbed Ethan comforts her as Helena looks intrigued.

At Kelly's Molly and Alexis argue over where Molly wants to attend school. Molly wants to fit in, but Alexis encourages her to be an individual. Molly is upset that Alexis befriended her on Facebook, which discourages all of Molly's other friends from friending her. Sam arrives and Alexis plays the mom card. Molly should be happy to have a mom who cares because guess what Alexis' mom was doing when Alexis was Molly's age? Nothing -- because she was dead! Alexis returns to the table, flushed. Is it hot in here or is it just her? Sam mediates, apologizing on Alexis' behalf and tells Molly that she is lucky to have her mother. Later Alexis goes through the old Cassadine album with Molly and Sam. Molly theorizes that something wicked this way comes could be in the form of a baby. Alexis notices Sam getting pale and urges her to go home and talk to her husband! Later Molly notices all the photos in the album disappear after a certain point.

Spinelli arrives at Jason's place, per Jason's request. He tells Jason that Franco is at the art gallery in town -- hiding in plain sight. So Jason grabs his gun and heads to the gallery where Franco is not surprised to see him. Jason demands to know why Franco made himself so easily available. Franco plays mind games with Jason. How badly does he want an answer? Meanwhile Sam returns home where she finds a note from Jason: It couldn't wait.

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Friday January 13, 2012 *Jason Kills Franco, Sam tell Jason She pregnant*
Jan 13, 2012

At Wyndemere Helena continues to eavesdrop (while holding a ridiculously long dagger) as Cassandra admits she sometimes feels like she is being hunted. She also confesses that she is scared to learn who she really is; what if the truth is more dangerous than running around the country and finding abandoned mansions to squat in? In a strange way Cassandra quite likes not knowing her past; ignorance is bliss. Ethan is utterly charmed by her and kisses her. Cassandra is equally drawn to Ethan and returns his kiss, which builds to making love.

Meanwhile Luke is at the Haunted Star making phone calls. He inquiries on Helena's whereabouts and tries to dig up dirt on Johnny for Carly. Later Luke texts Ethan, asking him to meet him. Ethan reluctantly leaves Cassandra's side and heads to the Haunted Star where he tells his dad that he doesn't want to help him nail Johnny. He is more interested in his new lady at Wyndemere. Upset Luke reminds Ethan that nothing good ever comes from Spoon Island -- stay away while he can!

Back at Wyndemere Ewan pops by for a visit, surprising Cassandra. She mentions Ethan and Ewan warns her that she can't get involved with him. Not now and not ever

Jax continue to lurk around Port Charles. He calls his mom to tell her that he must stay a little while longer as we see a gun on the desk in his room.

At the mob restaurant Michael angrily demands that Sonny find the stripper stalker/attacker and kills him. When Sonny tries to reason with Michael, Michael threatens to do it himself. Kate arrives and is mighty disturbed to hear this conversation. After Michael storms off, Kate asks Sonny if he intends to fulfill Michael's wishes. She knows what lengths Sonny will go for his kids. Sonny assures her that he won't, but Kate is sure. She changes the subject to the restaurant renovations and Sonny says he doesn't know if it will work. Hurt Kate asks if Sonny means the restaurant -- or them. As Jax watches from outside, Sonny decides he no longer wants to make the place into Fortuno's -- the restaurant of his and Kate's youth -- and throws away his wooden key chain. Pleased with this symbolic action that supposedly means a new Sonny, Kate promises to return with new plans for the restaurant and leaves. Alone Sonny answers the phone when he is shot!

At Jason's penthouse Sam leaves an urgent voice message for Jason, asking him to leave Franco alone and come home. Michael arrives to find her loading a gun. He wants to hire her to find the stripper stalker/attacker so he can kill the creep. Sam passionately refuses, afraid that if Michael goes to jail, Jason will, too. Michael scoffs; he knows they are supposed to keep Jason from getting upset, but what he wants to do isn't any less upsetting than whatever Sam plans to do with that gun! Furious Michael storms out and decides to buy a gun from a guy in a back alley.

Jason arrives at the art gallery to confront Franco. Franco taunts him, which only frustrates Jason. Jason shoots Franco and as Franco bleeds, he says that if he dies, Jason will never know what really happened between him and Sam during the honeymoon or why Franco even came into his life. Later we see Jason driving away, his left hand clenched as the gallery burns behind him. Jason finally arrives home to tell Sam that Franco is out of their lives for good. Troubled Sam says he isn't -- because she is pregnant!

At the hospital Patrick is annoyed that Robin hasn't called him yet. Her plane should have landed by now. Elizabeth fidgets as Patrick says how much he misses Robin, etc. Later he is relieved when Robin finally calls and we see she is standing outside of Seattle Mercy West. (Hello, Grey's Anatomy!) Later Elizabeth cracks from guilt and blurts to Patrick that Robin isn't at an AIDS conference in Africa doing research for a patient. It's Robin who is sick -- she might be dying and didn't want Patrick to know

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Monday January 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012

After Jason learns the news that Sam is pregnant, they reel together and have more questions than answers - -what if Franco is the father?

After being shot, Sonny braces himself in a fight to survive. Shawn discovers him, and later, we see Jax walking away with a gun.

Shocked, Patrick refuses to believe Elizabeth that Robin may be dying. He fears the worst -- that Robin may choose not to come home. At the end of the day, Patrick calls Robin but doesn't let on that he knows.

Ewen and Cassandra discuss her possible past as Lulu confronts Ethan on his crush. Meanwhile, Helena lurks in the walls of Wyndemere.

Maxie and Matt prepare for the "Woman Behind The Man" photo shoot, and she asks him to move in with her. She's also freaked out that someone is following her -- but who?

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Tuesday January 17, 2012 *Meet TJ, Shawn Friends Son*
Jan 17, 2012

Carly and Johnny discuss their "night" plans -- do those plans involve the both of them in bed? Later, we see Michael trying to get rid of a gun as Carly looks for Zacchara dirt with Luke's help.

Meanwhile, Shawn discovers TJ, the teenage son of the man he accidentally killed in battle. It looks like Shawn has another person to look out for in Port Charles.

Kate gets an ugly eyeful of Sonny's gun-shot wound. The question seems to be can Kate stick with Sonny through all the violence?

Ewen gives Dante and Delores a psychological profile on the killer they're looking for. Elswwhere, Matt gets uncomfortable with all the attention Ewen is paying Elizabeth.

Lulu tries a new job: dog walking, with Shawn's new dog. She thinks she found her new calling, but the job has disastrous results as she breaks out from a serious allergy. Tracy burns over her forced marriage to Anthony.

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Wednesday January 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012

Spinelli gets news that Franco's gallery has been burned down. Meanwhile, Sam dreams of Franco's haunting words: "Congratulations, we're gonna be a daddy." Should Jason and Sam have the baby?

Matt finds himself physically stuck between Maxie and Elizabeth as they spar over who understands Matt better. Later, Maxie asks Spinelli to move in with her. Meanwhile, Ethan seeks Spinelli for help with Cassandra.

Elsewhere, TJ and Molly get acquainted as study partners. And Steve and Olivia share some tender love time in bed when they are interrupted by an emergency hospital call ... from Maggie.

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Thursday January 19, 2012
Jan 19, 2012

DUE To The HUGE Fire Here in Reno Parts Of GH Will Be CUT OFF.. Sorry GUYS 15 minutes of gh is all you get sorry guys FIRE is BAD HERE... happening as of right now ONLY HALF GH CAPS TODAY 15minutes is it, WILL BE ON TOMMAROW>

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Friday January 20, 2012
Jan 20, 2012

Sonny gets SHOCKING news from Luke that will rock Johnny Zacchara. Meanwhile, Carly and Johnny build to lovemaking ... but before they can go through with it, they both come clean about their motives. They have an honest conversation about Michael and Sonny and their entwined lives, and Carly leaves before anything happens. Later, however, Sonny goes to see Johnny, prepared to reveal what he knows.

At the docks, Jax sets Michael straight with good fatherly advice, in the hopes that Michael will turn away from a life of violence modeled on Sonny.

Elsewhere, Robin comes home to Port Charles, with Patrick ready for the truth. Ethan and Cassandra share romantic fun at Wyndemere, to Ewen's chagrin. And Tracy and Anthony proceed down the aisle (with Maxie's help), but Luke interrupts.

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Monday January 23, 2012 *Sonny Tells Johnny Claudia Was His Mother*
Jan 23, 2012

Sonny reveals a major truth: Claudia was Johnny's mother. Johnny flips out. To Tracy's horror, Luke does not stand in the way of her marriage to Anthony, and before she knows it, Tracy and Anthony are husband and wife.

Jason and Sam visit Dr. Lee, hoping for clarity on who is the child's father. Elizabeth wonders what is going on with Jason and Sam at the hospital. Meanwhile, Michael confides in Sam about the purchased gun.

Patrick confronts Robin with the truth about her HIV status. Thankfully, she has promising news, giving the couple newfound hope.

Jax makes Kate a business proposition, making Kate furious. Maggie tries to draw Steve back in her web when they throw paper airplanes on the hospital roof to let off steam – and Olivia interrupts them.

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Tuesday January 24, 2012
Jan 24, 2012

Carly realizes -- all too late -- that she was behind Luke (and thus Sonny) unearthing the terrible secrets of Johnny's past. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to check out his birth certificate at the hospital. At the end of the day, Anthony arrives home to Johnny, full of venom.

Back in Port Charles, Robin gets some comfort from Jason as she tells him about her health options, and he finds comfort in his old friend too. Robin convinces Jason he MUST go to the hospital today. Meanwhile, Sam actively fights haunting thoughts of Franco.

Matt arrives to discover Spinelli comfortable ensconced as Maxie's roommate. We also find out the truth about Maxie's fedora follower.

Olivia questions Lulu on her habit of drinking wine at lunch. Sonny is surprised by Kate's sudden work travel plans. Luke delivers breakfast to newlyweds Tracie and Anthony.

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Wednesday January 25, 2012
Jan 25, 2012

Johnny and Anthony rage out over the truth about Claudia. Johnny starts to choke his father -- or his grandfather, as he now knows -- while Anthony tries to make him understand.

Jason and Sam get close as they both wait out for paternity test results. Later, Sam tries to take her mind off matters, but Alexis unconsciously adds fuel to her worries.

Michael challenges Dante and Delores to find the pig assaulting strippers. But later, Dante discovers Michael over the dead body of the #1 suspect.

Molly gets upset when TJ makes fun of her Faceboard page. Ethan and Cassandra conspire for privacy, as Ewen looks on concerned. Later, they meet an unsettled Alexis. Ethan realizes he is dealing with a sharp shooter -- literally.

As Dante and Olivia give each other romantic advice/counsel, Lulu and Tracy have a heart to heart at the Metro Court Bar.

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Thursday January 26, 2012 *My Mother's Birthday*
Jan 26, 2012

Sonny gets a visit from Anthony Zacchara, who is livid that Sonny told Johnny his family secret. Meanwhile, Johnny seems murderous as he tears up the Zacchara penthouse. Later, Anthony vows revenge on Sonny's family, though step one might be to keep Johnny from taking revenge on him.

Alexis gets hormonal over the news that she's going to be "grandmother," but Sam finds little comfort in the talk with her mom. Later, Jason pulls Sam into his arms, and it starts to look like they might just weather this storm, no matter what the baby situation is.

Jason and Michael take off from the scene of the murdered suspect just as Ronnie and Delores arrive. Is the victim actually guilty of assaulting strippers? Delores is doubtful.

Meanwhile, Luke pays Tracy a visit at the Quartermaine Mansion, and Edward gets a word in.

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Friday January 27, 2012 *Jason Results/Sam's Cramps*
Jan 27, 2012

Sonny brings Jason up to speed on Johnny's family history, just as Johnny makes a threatening pass at Kate on the docks. Kate goes to Sonny to find out what Johnny's on about, but they end up discuss rebuilding their favorite restaurant, Fortunato's. But later, Sonny nails Kate on her secretive travels.

Meanwhile, Carly can't stay away from Johnny despite the explosions – both literal and figurative. She's on the docks with him when a shipment of Sonny's explodes out in the harbor -- Johnny's first bit of retaliation. She's horrified, but by the end of the day, Carly and Johnny kiss heatedly.

Sam and Spinelli try to get excited with baby planning, but later on, Sam is in pain as Jason is about to receive bad news from Robin at the hospital.

Matt gets uncomfortable with the idea of Elizabeth replacing Robin for Patrick. Maxie calls Lulu out on her career search and alcoholic behavior. Later, Lulu confronts Luke at the Haunted Star.

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Monday January 30, 2012
Jan 30, 2012

Is Sam having a miscarriage? She rushes to the hospital to find Jason already there – for his own medical concern. Liz's curiosity is piqued.

Luke and Lulu discuss alcoholism. Ethan and Cassandra's relationship continues to deepen. Lulu considers the job opening at PCPD.

Sonny and Kate discuss their trust issues and how they can move forward together. Spinelli agrees to help Maxie make Matt jealous. Matt asks Liz to dinner after Ewen perhaps made plans with her

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Tuesday January 31, 2012
Jan 31, 2012

Luke drops in on Ethan and Cassandra at Wyndemere and warns Ethan against getting involved with her. Luke is knocked out.

Carly levels Sonny for what he did to Johnny, which has just made their kids bigger targets than they normally are. Sonny taunts Carly about her relationship with Johnny. Dante visits Sonny and asks that he not retaliate against the Zaccharas. Sonny has an offer for Dante that he feels Dante won't be able to refuse. Shawn overhears Carly calling Johnny – and is conflicted.

Delores is motivated to find the attacker by the unsolved murder of her sister, Rosa. Meanwhile, Ewen tries to help Dante with a profile of the man assaulting strippers.

Tracy is not enjoying wedded bliss to Anthony, especially after learning he's broke. Johnny tells Tracy that Claudia was his mother - and that her ex, Gino Soleito, was his father. He wants what's rightfully his. Anthony tells Johnny he can break Johnny anytime he wants.

Alexis and Shawn put an apple and orange together: Molly & TJ. As TJ chides Molly while online, Molly discovers TJ is not able to read.

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