Monday January 9, 2012

At Wyndemere Ewan reveals that he does indeed know the woman in white. She is his patient -- and she suffers from amnesia. Ewan has taken to calling her Cassandra, who realizes she is crazy since Ewan is treating her. Ewan also reveals that Cassandra has a photographic memory (she loves books) and can mimic anything (outside of surgery, that is). Ethan and Spinelli seem smitten as Cassandra declares that Ewan loves that she is an enigma. Cassandra is touched by the men's concern for her, but declares nothing at Wildwind can hurt her. However, she must be a little nutso since she insists on staying at Wyndemere, wearing all white, all the time and disappears into the tunnels, where it must be hard to keep her clothes clean. As Ewan argues with her, Cassandra sees something in the tunnels. She screams as the men turn their heads. When they turn back, she is gone.

Kate arrives at Sonny's ready for their dinner party. She overhears Sonny tell Max that he intends to deal with Jax and she hopes that Sonny doesn't intend to go after Jax. When Sonny says that he merely wants to talk to Jax, Kate assumes Sonny wants to see if Jax is with Brenda. Sonny hands Kate a drink; how about they talk about them instead? Kate is on board with that and kisses him. Sonny breaks the kiss to check on dinner. Alone Kate grabs her phone and calls someone to talk her out of something ... Sonny returns to say he thought about her while cooking and how he wants them to last. Touched Kate leans in to kiss Sonny and leads him upstairs while letting her hair down. Sonny heads to his room to find Kate waiting for him in front of a roaring fire in her underwear. He kisses her and they begin to make love.
Johnny invites Carly to his place to discuss Michael's involvement with his organization. She asks what it will take for Johnny to say no to Michael. Johnny says he will if Carly can find a way to change his mind. Johnny flirtatiously serves Carly a drink. He admits he would be a fool to turn Michael down, but if Carly were to give him one night of romance, he would definitely reconsider ... Then there is Anthony. Johnny reveals he has been a handful lately, and there is no guarantee he won't go after Michael. So Johnny and Carly strike a deal (off camera) and seal it with a kiss!

At the hospital Elizabeth is mighty upset when Robin asks her to take her place in Patrick's life if she dies. Robin calmly says she needs to make sure her family is taken care of and pleads with Elizabeth. Say yes! Elizabeth argues that Robin needs to tell Patrick what is going on. She wants to be there for Patrick and Robin; they have been amazing friends to her, but to take Robin's place is crazy talk! Robin firmly refuses to let Patrick watch her die. She urges Elizabeth to be Patrick's friend and should anything romantic develop between them, they have Robin's blessing. When Robin says she can't focus on the right treatment unless she knows her family is okay, Elizabeth agrees to this messy situation. As long as Robin tells Patrick about her unstable viral load before she leaves.

At the nurses' station Patrick helps Jason to stand up and urges him to get more tests done -- if not for his sake, then for Sam's! Later Sam arrives and admits to Monica that Jason hasn't been vocal about his health. Monica thinks that should change. Perhaps having a child would prompt Jason to change his attitude! Sam looks hit and later we see the reason why. She is pregnant!

Meanwhile Patrick orders a full-work up for Jason, but Jason becomes concerned when Patrick mentions that Robin is leaving for a trip. Patrick sees the look on Jason's face and demands to know if there is something Jason needs to tell him about Robin. Jason hints Robin has been thinking a lot about Stone lately and advises Patrick to talk Robin ASAP. Patrick turns the tables; Jason needs to tell Sam what is going on with him! Later Patrick grills Sam on Jason's recent behavior, causing Sam to realize that Jason's rages started after Franco raped her, not after his brain surgery.

Monica pops into Jason's room to ask him if he and Sam have considered having a baby. Jason reels from his mother's inappropriateness as she says this isn't about Jake, but about regrets and life. A child is the greatest gift they can give each other!

Robin catches up with Patrick to ask why Jason is at the hospital. Patrick says he running some tests and adds that Jason really wants him to talk to Robin. Why would Jason say that? Meanwhile Jason finds Sam holding her positive pregnancy test in the waiting area. He sees the look on her face. Is she okay?


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