Tuesday January 24, 2012

Carly realizes -- all too late -- that she was behind Luke (and thus Sonny) unearthing the terrible secrets of Johnny's past. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to check out his birth certificate at the hospital. At the end of the day, Anthony arrives home to Johnny, full of venom.

Back in Port Charles, Robin gets some comfort from Jason as she tells him about her health options, and he finds comfort in his old friend too. Robin convinces Jason he MUST go to the hospital today. Meanwhile, Sam actively fights haunting thoughts of Franco.

Matt arrives to discover Spinelli comfortable ensconced as Maxie's roommate. We also find out the truth about Maxie's fedora follower.

Olivia questions Lulu on her habit of drinking wine at lunch. Sonny is surprised by Kate's sudden work travel plans. Luke delivers breakfast to newlyweds Tracie and Anthony.


1-24-12 197

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Uploaded: January 25, 2012