Friday Febuary 27, 2009

[AMC: Zach Slater, Kendell Hart]

[OLTL: Gigi Morasco, John McBain, Starr Manning]

Anthony continues to taunt Claudia about her feelings for Sonny. Sonny warns Jason that he'll kill Anthony if it turns out that's the only way to spare Claudia. A devious Anthony tells Sonny he can either grab him or rescue Claudia, but not both.

Lulu and Spinelli aren't pleased when Johnny agrees to continue escorting Maxie to public events in exchange for payment from Kate.

Aside from his frustration at Maxie and Johnny's Crimson arrangement, Spinelli's other troubles are far from over. Particularly not when the FBI comes calling.

Ethan charms Tracy, despite Luke telling her that she's being conned. If only to annoy her husband, Tracy suggests Luke give him a job at the Haunted Star.

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