Friday April 24, 2009

AMC Zach Slater, Kendall.JR. Chandler]

[OLTL: Starr Manning, John McBain, Gigi Morasco, Rex Balsom, Schuyler Joplin]

Ric has Claudia under his thumb and torments her with the idea that he might be the father of her child.

Carly refuses to entertain the idea of terminating the pregnancy even after Kelly gives her the very distressing news that her condition could endanger the life of her AND her baby.

Jerry and Jason are both injured in the explosion, but Jason is in worse shape. Carly faints when she learns of Jason's injuries. Meanwhile, Jerry feigns being unconscious as Jax points out all the pain he's caused. Later, Alexis tells Jax the cops are at the hospital.

After speaking with Dr. Hensen about the dangers of Michael's proposed medical procedure, Sonny debates what to do for Michael at his son's bedside.

Rebecca won't accept Nikolas' apology, but she does end up keeping her date with Lucky, despite the disapproval of Nikolas and Elizabeth.

Robin's still in denial about her condition, and she and Kelly argue after Robin admits that she hasn't been taking her medication. During the argument, Robin accidentally knocks into Emma's carriage, and it goes tumbling down the stairs.


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