Friday June 12, 2009

Claudia's vastly relieved when Kelly tells her the baby is still alive but cautions she needs to avoid stress. Claudia rips into Olivia when she finds her telling Sonny that it wouldn't be that surprising if Ric were the baby's father. Sonny tells Claudia to feel free to pack her bags and leave if she wants. Sonny, however, witnesses Claudia's vulnerability when he overhears her privately voicing her love for her unborn baby.

Michael's homecoming doesn't go smoothly, especially when he feels like the family moved on without him there. Kristina picks up Michael after he storms out on Carly, but their impromptu joyride could end in disaster as they skidded off the road.

A defensive Matt spurns Patrick and Robin when they try to reach out to him after his patient dies during surgery. Diane lets Matt, Robin, and Patrick know that the family of Brianna Hughes is planning on suing Matt for malpractice.

Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli discover what's really going on with Kate: She's being blackmailed by Giselle!

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