Monday June 1, 2009

[AMC: Kendall Hart, Zach Slater, Liza Chandler]

[OLTL: Schuyler Joplin, Starr Manning, Cole, John McBain]

Sonny gives in to Michael's request to move in with him and Claudia, who's privately thrilled that Michael has taken a liking to her. Carly is crushed by the turn of events but reluctantly accepts the situation. Morgan and Michael share a warm reunion, and Morgan asks Michael to change his mind about moving in with Sonny and come back home like before.

After analyzing the tape Jason gave him, Spinelli tells Jason that there's no doubt Claudia ordered the hit on Jerry. Armed with the new evidence, Jason is poised to blow Claudia out of the water.

Holly admits everything to Luke and Ethan as she reveals that Luke is Ethan's father. Meanwhile, Elizabeth convinces Lucky that he should forgive Luke for his past mistakes. Ethan is happy to be Luke's son but turns his back on Holly. Lucky goes to make amends with Luke but changes his tune when he sees him and Holly sharing a goodbye kiss.

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