Thursday May 28, 2009

[AMC JR Chandler, Scott Chandler, Kendall Hart]

[OLTL: John McBain, Starr Manning, Cristian Vega ]

Claudia subtly tries to probe Michael to find out if he remembers any of her visits to him. In the process, she reveals that she and Sonny are married.

Jax and Carly argue when he thinks it would be best for everyone if she stayed away from Michael for the time being, but later they kiss and make up.

Michael questions Jason about the shooting, and Jason tells him that Dr. Ian Devlin was the one who shot him. Later, Jason teams up with Sam to determine the truth about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting once and for all.

Tracy has Luke and Holly dragged into the PCPD for theft. Holly's arrested. Holly begs Tracy to get her out of jail and promises she'll leave for good. Tracy agrees.

Ethan comes to Robin to announce that he's her suddenly-revealed brother, but Robin cautions Ethan not to believe Holly so readily. Later, Holly shows up at Robin's and tells her she has to help her stop what she's set in motion.

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