Tuesday April 14,2009

[AMC Zach Slater, Kendall Hart, Aiden devane, annie lavery.]

[OLTL: Starr Manning, John McBain, Gigi Morasco, Rex Balsom, Schuyler Joplin]

Claudia remains on pins and needles as she prays that Sonny will believe her over Ric. Sonny stops Claudia from moving out, but only because he wants to keep her close in case she's guilty.

Carly confides her pregnancy dilemma to Olivia, who then acquires a pregnancy test for Carly to take.

Robin's scratchy with Patrick and tells Kelly about seeing him playing in the park with Elizabeth and the kids.

Tracy becomes even more convinced that Ethan could be Luke's long lost son.

The guests at the grand re-opening of General Hospital get quite a shock when Helena Cassadine shows up on the video monitors in the main hub with an ominous warning for Nikolas.