Thursday March 19, 2009

[AMC: Zach Slater, Kendall Hart, Aiden Avery, Annie Lavery]

[OLTL: Starr Manning]

Claudia asks Johnny to come to her and Sonny's mob summit, but he refuses. Johnny later gives Sonny an ultimatum, saying he'll attend the meeting and show his support if Sonny divorces Claudia.

After Jax and Carly re-finalize their vows, Olivia gives Jax the DVD that arrived for him in the mail.
Rayner puts the screws to Jason, ordering him to wear a wire to the Sonny and Claudia's event.

Spinelli and Winnifred discover where the flash drive containing the evidence against Spinelli is being kept and make plans to retrieve it.

Robin appears as though she might be ready to go home but then impulsively returns to the bar and asks Brad if his offer to go out still stands. Mac blames Patrick for Robin's running away. Patrick and Maxie try to convince Mac that Robin is suffering from post-partum depression.

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