Wednesday March 18, 2009

[AMC Kendall Hart, Zach Slater, Aiden Lavery]

[OLTL: John McBain, Gigi Morasco]

Sonny is surprised when Carly tells him she and Jax are renewing their vows in the park later. Carly tells Sonny that if he's happy with Claudia, then she's truly happy for him. Not able to contain their excitement, Jax and Carly voice their heartfelt vows to one another even before the minister arrives.

Patrick is hurt and furious when he learns Robin contacted Mac and not him. Meanwhile, Robin makes friends with a charming carpenter named Brad at the Rochester bar. Robin panics when Brad asks her out on a date. Patrick drowns his sorrows at Jake's and embarrasses himself in front of NASCAR driver Jeff Burton.

Alexis doesn't expose Winnifred when she sees her hiding in Rayner's office; in fact, she successfully gets Rayner out of the room for a little while. Spinelli sneaks in to help Winnifred, but they soon realize their task will be more difficult than they thought.

[TV's LOST James Sawyer]

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