Thursday Febuary 19, 2009

[OLTL Starr Manning, John McBain]

By a stroke of luck, Claudia gets her hands on another one of Jerry's incriminating DVDs when she sees Max and Milo talking about this DVD they found. Claudia figures out that Jerry hid another DVD in Michael's room and, later, catches Kate snooping around at Sonny's.

Jax and Carly can't keep their hands off each other. Jax gets Olivia to take Edward Quartermaine off their hands for a while, and they end up fooling around in the Metro Court elevator.

Although not happy with his methods, Diane finds it sweet when Max encourages her to lead a heart healthy diet.

Winifred warns Spinelli that he could still be thrown in jail if Anthony isn't found, and Rayner warns Sam of the same.

Spinelli nearly collapses from coughing while paying Maxie a visit at Crimson. Lulu and Maxie panic when they discover that Crimson's trademark dress wasn't worn to a high profile event. Maxie decides to wear the dress to a gala in Manhattan to make sure it's photographed by the press.


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