Wednesday January 21, 2009

[By Request OLTL's Starr Manning]

[Natalia Character Rebecca's last name is shaw :D]

Claudia warns Sonny that he's close to losing everything he's worked for unless he placates Anthony by making a move against Jason. Claudia sets out to seduce Ric in an effort to find out what he and Anthony are really up to. Sonny's just a step away from catching Claudia and Ric in bed together.

Sam impresses Anthony Zacchara despite Ric's protestations. Later, she challenges Jason to deny that she could get more damaging information to use against Anthony than he could. It doesn't look like Jason can.

Lucky offers to take Elizabeth and the boys to Disney on Ice, but she decides to keep her shift at the hospital.

Maxie wonders if Lulu is with Johnny because she's trying to emulate Luke and Laura's epic romance. She later tells Johnny of these same suspicions.

Worried that Carly is setting herself up for heartbreak where Michael is concerned, Jason makes an appointment to meet with Patrick. Carly wishes Sonny and Jason would mend the rift between them.

Johnny continues to defy Anthony, who warns him that people are going to get hurt.

At the hospital, Matt flirts with Rebecca, who's a dead ringer for Emily, but she's only there to apply for a job.

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