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Wednesday January 7, 2009

[2 Days Characters Nicole, Chloe]

[Elizabeth helps Lucky with geting his taxes together, End up playing a video on TV.. Sam stops by and see it..]
[Luke pays johnny a visit in jail he has a plan to get him out of jail..]
[Luke and lulu pay the guy a visiti that says that Johnny beet him up dead end for them but luke and lulu corners ric about it.]
[Dian resigns from working with sonny, as she agree's with about the jason whole thing]
[Winifred pays Maxie a visit at the apartment telling her a few things but telling maxie to no let spenilli know she was ther but maxie tells Spenilli don't believe maxie..]
[Olivia first day on the job and Carly just finds out about it,, Jacks is flurting with Olivia I think.]
[Carly pay sonny a visit after max pays Carly a visit at the MC.]