Thursday December 18, 2008

[3 Days Characters Nicole, Sammie, Philip]
[Sam Still stuck in a whole in the ground after falling in.]
[Lucky pays jason a visit telling him he hasn't hurd or seen Sam figuring she was at the PH with jason]
[Johnny still saling Christmas tree's Claudia offer's to give him money but he refuses..]
[Jerry Jacks sends Claudia a Video teling her that he has a video teling sonny all about her involvement in michaels being shot.]
[Luke tells monica he's been faking the heartattack the whole time... Tracy feels no matter what if laura comes back he'.ll go right back to her..]
[Jason has Spenelli put a location on sam, Sasha pays Jason a phone call while sam trys getting out of the whole..]


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Uploaded: December 18, 2008