Friday November 14, 2008

No one is safe when Sonny and Jason's adversaries seek their revenge. Maxie fills Jason and Spinelli in on what she saw and is unaware that the Russian thugs spotted her outside of Kelly's when they destroyed the place. After, Jason takes Maxie to task for the stunt she pulled with Elizabeth.

Olivia is in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Russian syndicate makes a move against Jason. She's waiting to meet Jason in his office, when the Russians set fire to the coffee shop, and she gets trapped inside as the building burns.

Maxie pays Sam a visit to apologize for causing trouble with Jason and Elizabeth, but they don't realize that the Russian thug who spotted Maxie is lurking right outside their door.

Anthony tells Johnny he believes Sonny and Jason's troubles will work to his advantage, since it will leave Sonny in need of protection. Johnny worries that the life he's been brought up in will taint him, but Lulu assures Johnny he's not like his father.

Robin is on the road to recovery and by episode's end, she's granted her release from the hospital.

Elizabeth has doubts about her relationship with Jason. He meets her at work and tries to iron out their conflicts over his work, but he spots the coffee shop on fire.


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Uploaded: November 14, 2008