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November 2010 *Screencaps*

*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday November 1,2010

Brenda breaks away from Dante and is grabbed by one of the Balkan's henchmen. Dante arrives in time ...more

to fight him, knocking his gun away. Brenda grabs the gun and shoots, killing the henchman just as Jason, Sam, and Lucky arrive. Brenda is in hysterics, breaking down from this violence, but also because it brings flashbacks from another time when Dante was struggling with a man to protect her and she ended up killing the Balkan's son. Jason is the only one able to calm her down, as Sam looks on.

Siobhan is grabbed by one of the Balkan's henchmen. When Lucky returns to Wyndemere and discovers her missing, Lucky fears the worst.

Wanting romantic alone time with Jax, Carly arranges for an empty house, only to be stood up by Jax: he has gone to check-on Brenda (who is not there).

Robin is convinced Lisa disguised herself in an identical witch's costume and purposefully misplaced Emma to make Robin terrified. Abby finds Emma unsupervised and returns her, but Robin is shaken. Patrick confronts Lisa, who denies wrongdoing when he spots a witch's hat near Lisa's locker.

Ethan continues to try to convince Johnny to protect Kristina; don't let her learn that Sonny almost killed her with a car bomb meant for Johnny.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday November 2, 2010

Lucky is uncharacteristically unhinged with concern for Siobhan. He receives an email addressed to h ...more

is real identity with a photo of Siobhan tied to a chair.

Sonny and Claire rekindle their romantic connection, but they are interrupted when Claire gets a call that Brenda is at the PCPD. Sonny arrives at the PCPD and immediately takes a weeping Brenda into his arms, as Claire watches, hurt, from afar. Jason and Brenda return home. When they get there, Sam watches as Brenda collapses into Jason's arms for protection and comfort

Ronnie provides Claire with evidence that Sonny was responsible for Johnny's car bombing, just as Brenda leaves PCPD. Claire informs her superiors. Later, Claire returns to Sonny's home for lovemaking, well aware of the mounting case against him.

After Jax annoys her by saying how he went to check up on Brenda, Carly convinces Spinelli to dig into the mystery behind Brenda's latest drama for her own personal benefit.

Patrick realizes the witch's hat is not Lisa's and is forced to backpedal his accusation into an apology. But when he leaves, we see Lisa has hidden a witch's costume inside her locker after all. Patrick confides in Matt about what happened and the confusion he feels. Matt advises Patrick to do whatever gives him the best chances at his marriage.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday November 3, 2010

Jason senses that there is more to Brenda's situation than she is telling, and he and Sam go over th ...more

e clues they have to the Balkan. Jason starts to suspect Brenda and Dante used to know each other. Jason also berates Spinelli for telling Brenda the warehouse location. Later, Carly arrives to order Spinelli to continue digging up dirt between Brenda and Dante.

Robin hosts Emma's birthday party at the Scorpio home. Patrick misses the event on purpose, so as not to cause Robin any stress. Robin seems both disappointed and relieved that Patrick isn't there. Lisa, having eavesdropped on Patrick earlier, slips away from the hospital with perhaps a dangerous purpose. Later, Robin and Emma are unaware of impending danger as a lit birthday candle accidentally rolls onto the floor.

When Diane arrives with bad news, Sonny is unfazed ... until Claire plays the cell phone recording of Sonny ordering the car bomb. Sonny demands Claire tell him the truth: did she damn him because of Brenda?

With shaky assistance from Ethan/Maya, Luke continues his heart attack patient charade, maneuvering Tracy into insisting he live with at the Quartermaine mansion.

Abby tells Michael they can't be friends if he's going to judge her for working at the strip club. Michael explains that he knows what it's like to hate doing something, but having to do it anyway. Abby realizes Michael is talking about prison. They both agree to stop feeling sorry for each other and stay friends.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
friday November 5, 2010

At the police station Brenda tries to comfort Sonny as he ponders losing Kristina over the car-bomb ...more

revelation. Brenda tries to reassure Sonny, but Sonny doesn't want her to get mixed up in his mess.

Meanwhile, Kristina confronts Michael when she hears the truth about Sonny's involvement with the car bombing. No longer able to cover for their father, Michael admits he knew. Kristina demands to see Sonny at PCPD, while at the same time Alexis freaks out to Nikolas, petrified as to what this revelation will do to Kristina. She arrives at the police station ready to face an emotional daughter, but is relieved that instead, Kristina has a heart-to-heart with her father. It looks like they're headed for reconciliation.

Jason and Dante try to work with Lucky, who has grown overwhelmingly concerned for Siobhan. Later, Lucky panics when he hears Siobhan struggling on the line. Meanwhile, Jason remains suspicious of Brenda's secret. He urges Brenda to tell him the truth for Siobahn's sake-- why is the Balkan after her? Brenda continues to stonewall Jason, but she does agree to be Balkan-bait as Dante receives another text from the Balkan setting a meeting time and place.

Lisa manages to rescue Robin from the fire, but Robin accuses Lisa of arson. Suffering burns, Robin is rushed to the hospital and Patrick races to her side as Lisa is questioned for the now demolished Scorpio home. Robin is in bad shape -- her burns have turned to infection, and with her HIV status, it could spell big trouble.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday November 8, 2010

Jason and Dante prepare to ambush the Balkan in the exchange of Brenda for Siobhan, but they fear Lu ...more

cky may blow the plan since he is overly emotional. When Balkan henchmen appear with tied up Siobhan for the trade, Dante shoots before Jason gives the order and before Brenda reveals anything about the past. In the aftermath, it's unclear who was shot.

Despite Jax's warnings to stay out of it, Carly continues to push Spinelli for more evidence of Brenda's past. When they get it, Carly can't resist dropping a bomb on Lulu: didn't Lulu know that Dante guarded Brenda back in 2007?

Patrick tries to comfort Robin in the aftermath of the fire. Patrick tells Robin she has contracted a dangerous infection that is serious given her HIV condition. Lisa makes a persuasive argument to Nikolas of her innocence. Meanwhile, Matt cheers up Maxie when she mourns the loss of the home she shared with Georgie, and Mac takes comfort in Alexis.

Sonny learns Claire had the evidence against him thrown out. She maintains she was just doing her job, though Sonny is convinced it proves Claire's love for him. Later, he learns Claire is now under investigation for helping him.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday November 9, 2010

At the police station Sonny continues to pressure Claire into admitting that she helped him evade ch ...more

arges because she loves him and as a result, her bosses are on her case. When Claire finally concedes a bit, Sonny asks if being with him is worth it. Claire insists that she can keep her work life separate from her personal life; whom she dates is none of her superiors' business. (Which would be true if her boyfriend wasn't a mobster.) Claire suggests that she and Sonny return to his private island after this is all over and leaves. Diane arrives and Sonny updates her. Diane looks at Sonny like he's nuts; if he really cares for Claire, he will stay away from her!

Claire meets with Alexis for a drink at the Metro Bar. She tells Alexis that she and Sonny have an island getaway planned. Alexis recognizes that starry-eyed look in Claire's eyes and urges her to run far and away from Sonny. Basically, don't trash your career for him! It's not worth it!

At Jason's penthouse Carly "innocently" reveals that Dante had guarded Brenda for a couple of weeks while Brenda was in New York City in 2007. Didn't Lulu know that? Lulu can't believe that Dante would lie about knowing Brenda, but Spinelli shows her a photo of Dante shielding Brenda from the paps on the Internet. Carly barely contains her glee as she tells Lulu that Dante must've had some reason for lying to her

Meanwhile Lucky and Brenda meet with the Balkan's men, who have a blindfolded Siobhan with them. One of the thugs taunts Brenda, telling her that she couldn't have run forever. Brenda loses her cool and lunges toward him, which causes Dante to disregard Jason's orders and shoot! Chaos breaks out as Brenda, Lucky and Siobhan hit the ground. Jason and Dante pick off the remaining Balkan's men with their snipers and then join the rest of the group. As Lucky removes Siobhan's blindfold and asks if she's okay, Jason barks at Dante; he told him to wait for his signal! Dante defends himself, saying Brenda could've gotten hurt if Dante hadn't made his move. Lucky interrupts, saying Jason should take Brenda and Siobhan back to the penthouse. He and Dante will handle the cops -- and they do. When Mac arrives, they don't say much only that the Balkan's men followed Lucky home. Mac sighs. He doesn't care what the reason is; just get the Balkan's men out of town!

Siobhan meets up with Lucky at his place where she offers Lucky a drink when he returns. Lucky explains he's a recovering addict; he only drank as part of his undercover work as Ronan. Siobhan realizes how little she knows about Lucky, but that doesn't stop her from returning his kisses or melting when Lucky vows to always protect her.

Jason returns home where he asks Brenda for the hundredth time: Why is the Balkan after her? If she tells no one, then no one will be able to help her. Brenda thinks for a long moment remembering when she shot a man that Dante was struggling with. Brenda finally comes clean and tells Jason what happened in 2007: she shot a man named Aleksander and Dante hid the body. Jason is confused; what does this have to do with the Balkan? After some hemming and hawing, Brenda admits that she was involved with Aleksander while she lived in Europe. She broke up with him when she realized how dangerous he was and fled to New York where he came after her. Dante tried to protect her, but she was the one who ended up pulling the trigger and killing Aleksander. Jason is still confused; what was this guy's relationship to the Balkan? Brenda sighs; Aleksander was the Balkan's son!

Dante returns home where Lulu confronts him; why didn't he tell her that he knew Brenda? Dante admits he was reluctant because of Brenda's relationship to Sonny. He apologizes and concedes he should've told her. Lulu quickly forgives him and hugs him.

At the Quartermaines' Maya refuses to give Luke a flask which results in a tug of war. Tracy and Ethan arrive to see what is going on. Ethan watches Luke try to play Tracy and gets fed up. He's been feeling so guilty about lying to Kristina about Johnny's car bomb that he explodes, taking his frustrations out on Luke. He exposes Luke's illness, saying it's a ruse! Tracy yells at Ethan; he just ruined her fun! Of course she knew it was a charade; she intends to remarry Luke provided he signs a pre-nup. Maya is upset because she put her career on the line to lie for Luke. Luke proposes that he and Tracy elope in Vegas and that the kids come with them. When Maya refuses, Tracy threatens to tell the hospital board what she did. Maya gasps; that's blackmail! Luke and Ethan grin. Welcome to the family!

At the hospital Robin absorbs the news that she has a pretty bad infection in her leg, compromised by her HIV status. Patrick offers to rearrange his schedule to be with Robin, but she insists he leave her alone. She doesn't want to lean on him; that's what married folks do and they can't stay married. Upset Patrick leaves and Robin is flooded with memories of Patrick (and we get a nice montage of their courtship). Later Patrick confides in Matt and Maxie, who reminds him that Robin always shuts people out when she goes into crisis mode. As Patrick tells Matt that he intends to honor Robin's wishes, Maxie urges her cousin to reconsider pushing Patrick away. If she does this, Patrick may never come back.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday November 10, 2010

Morning in Las Vegas reveals a trashed room littered with empty bottles and messy clothing. Ethan wa ...more

kes up with a wicked headache and turns to find someone in bed with him. Thinking it's Maya, he gets flirty, but is horrified when Tracy sits up with bed head. Augh! Ethan leaps out of bed to find Luke on the floor wearing a Vegas t-shirt and Maya wearing a ruffle sky blue cocktail dress that matches the blue ruffles on Ethan's shirt. Everyone looks around the room, clearly not able to remember what happened last night. Welcome to "The Hangover," Spencer/Quartermaine style! Luke finds a marriage certificate and beams. He expects to find his name and Tracy's on it, but to his horror—and Maya's—it's Ethan and Maya's name on the paper! Ethan of course thrilled. Maya is super hot and this means he can get a green card. Maya hopes this whole thing is a joke. Luke then turns his attention to the matter at hand: making sure he and his sugarplum are united in holy matrimony. He calls the good Reverend Grace, who arrives gushing over what a great time he had last night. Apparently Maya did the moonwalk and Tracy sang "Climb Every Mountain." Hee. After some financial coaxing, the reverend finally reveals who he married last night: Ethan and Maya!

Back in Port Charles Lucky wakes up to find Siobhan's stuff packed and waiting by the door. Siobhan tells Lucky she intends to return to Ireland today. Lucky is honest as he admits he cares for her and asks her to stick around. Siobhan is clearly smitten with him and agrees to stay in town, but insists on getting her own place and a job. She'll be damned if she ends up yet another one of Lucky's charity projects. Siobhan heads out to get a job at Jake's (charming Coleman in the process) as Nikolas arrives. Nikolas is happy that Siobhan plans to stick around, but advises Lucky not to use her as rebound from Elizabeth.

Meanwhile Maxie enters and chats with Jake's new bartender. When Siobhan reveals she is in town for a guy named Lucky Spencer, Maxie reacts in typical Maxie fashion. She marches over to Lucky's where she accuses him of flirting with her while he was in a relationship with Siobhan. How dare he not tell her! Lucky shakes his head over Maxie's self-involved accusation and heads to Jake's where he flirts with her over a club soda.

Carly visits Johnny to ask him a favor; thanks to Spinelli, she has learned that one of Johnny's men, Brad, used to be a cop in New York City. In fact he worked with Dante around the time Dante guarded Brenda in 2007. Carly explains she thinks Dante and Brenda are hiding something, so she wants to grill Brad to see what he knows. Intrigued Johnny agrees to set up a meeting with Brad; he's not concerned about any fall-out with Olivia, but yet he doesn't tell her about the meeting when Olivia arrives with food. Olivia agrees to stay at the apartment while Johnny leaves.

Meanwhile Carly meets up with Jax at the Metro Court and admits she has uncovered some stuff about Dante and Brenda. Jax urges Carly to drop it; if he can stay away from Brenda, so can she! However, he can't help but ask Olivia to ask Dante to get a Brenda update, saying he needs to stay away from Brenda for the sake of his marriage, yet he can't help but care about her. Later Olivia spies Johnny and Carly together before their meeting with Brad and points them out to Jax. What was that about Jax trying to preserve his marriage?

Dante arrives at Jason's penthouse to see Brenda. Jason informs him that Brenda told him about shooting Aleksander, who happens to be the Balkan's son. Why would Dante go to such lengths to cover that up for Brenda? Dante explains he wanted to protect Brenda, but we suspect there something else he isn't saying. Later Suzanne arrives and vents to Jason that she thought she knew Brenda, but apparently there is so much more she doesn't know. She realizes with horror that Brenda could've been running from the Balkan for years

Sam stops by Dante's worried about Jason. She wants Dante to tell her the truth: How much danger is Jason in? Sam doesn't want Jason to die protecting Brenda. Dante tells her about the Brenda/Siobhan swap. Sam returns to Jason's where she expresses her concern that he is risking his life for someone he doesn't like—and that he would never admit if and when it gets to be too much. When Jason says he can't tell Sam about Brenda's secret, Sam admits this situation is very hard on her. She honestly doesn't know how much more she can take.

Alone in his apartment Dante drinks a beer and flashbacks to hanging out with another cop, who teases Dante about sleeping with Brenda. Dante strangely doesn't deny or confirm the other cop's assumption.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday November 11, 2010

In Vegas the good Reverend Grace regales Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya with last night's events. Appar ...more

ently Luke and Tracy were so drunk they couldn't stand let alone recite their vows, so Ethan and Maya said it for them, albeit a tad sloppy since they were also inebriated. In his haste, Reverend Grace signed Ethan and Maya's names to the marriage certificate. Hm, we wonder if this was before or after Tracy attempted to sing "Climb Every Mountain"? (Ha.) Upset Ethan asks Reverend Grace if he can grant a quickie annulment. Reverend Grace can't, but he knows a buddy who hangs out in the lobby. (Ah, Vegas -- gotta love it.) Luke and Tracy head to the lobby with Reverend Grace as Ethan flirts with Maya, but Maya pushes him away. There is no way she is going to sleep with him and "consummate" this marriage! Until they get an annulment, keep those lips away from her!

Back in Port Charles Ronnie harasses Sonny, saying he intends to keep Sonny at the police station as long as possible, but Claire scolds him. Sonny asks Claire to wait with him, but Claire is distracted. She needs to be somewhere and rushes out. Sonny wants to know what is up with Claire and Ronnie tells him Claire was summoned to appear before Internal Affairs; they know about her relationship with Sonny. Concerned Sonny, as he signs his release papers, asks Dante to put in a good word for Claire, but Dante doesn't think it would help. Besides Claire is an adult; she knowingly went into a relationship with Sonny. Sonny is now free to go home, but guilt keeps him at the police station. Claire returns, surprised to find Sonny waiting for her. Concerned Sonny says he doesn't want to get her in trouble, so he proposes they break up -- for good this time.

At Jason's penthouse Sam drops the bombshell that she can't take much more of this Brenda situation. She feels for Brenda, but is sick of the havoc it's cause in her relationship with Jason. Why can't Jason tell Sam about Brenda's big secret? Brenda comes downstairs and Sam pleads with her. Please tell Sam so that Sam can help! The sooner the Balkan is captured, the sooner they can all go back to their regularly scheduled lives. Brenda apologizes, but she can't tell Sam. It's not just about her. Upset Sam leaves. Brenda again apologizes for causing problems between Jason and Sam. She thinks Jason can make it up to Sam with a few romantic gestures, but Jason doesn't want to hear any of her ideas. Spinelli returns and Brenda gets to tell him about her romantic ideas when Spinelli tells her about his non-marriage to Maxie and their break-up. Then Brenda gets Jason to give Spinelli some romantic advice which is pretty much don't let love pass you by. Brenda tells Jason she wants to see Dante and heads out

Meanwhile Dante is brooding at home when Michael comes home early from school. Michael explains they had a half day today. Dante confides that he lied to Lulu about knowing Brenda; he was assigned to guard Brenda three years ago in New York City and they got really close. Michael raises an eyebrow; how close? Dante admits he let Brenda lean on him emotionally. (Hm, does that mean they had an affair?) Michael gets why Dante kept it a secret; he says cryptically that some things are better kept to oneself. Dante leaves for work and Lulu returns home. Michael talks to her about Dante's revelation and Lulu admits she can't help but wonder what else Dante has lied about. Later Lulu isn't happy when Brenda arrives to see Dante. Lulu struggles to keep quiet, but she can't help but reveal that she knows Dante has guarded Brenda before.

Dante leaves the police station to brood at the docks. He is hit by the memory of saying good-bye to Brenda. Jason arrives and tells him that Brenda is looking for him.

Patrick visits Robin at the hospital to give her an update on Emma. Mac arrives with the report from the fire marshal. Robin is convinced that Lisa set fire to the Scorpio house, but Mac tells her that the results point to an errant candle. Maxie arrives and takes the blame; she had lit some candles for the kids to blow out and must've forgotten to blow one of them out. Robin assures Maxie it was an accident as Patrick quietly says that Lisa is innocent after all. Later Lisa is summoned to Robin's room where Robin apologizes for accusing her of arson, but makes it very clear that Lisa saving Robin and Emma's life does not make up for the hell Lisa has put Robin through. Lisa calls Robin paranoid and leaves. Later Robin has a nightmare where her family and friends believe she is crazy and send her to Shadybrook. Robin wakes up in a cold sweat to find Lisa standing over her with a syringe!

Jax visits Johnny to ask him if he's in cahoots with Carly -- and if so, please stop. Johnny doesn't like being told what to do and tells Jax to talk to his wife. Meanwhile Olivia asks Carly the same thing except it's in Bensonhurst terms: Stay away from my man! Later Johnny tells Carly that their meeting with Brad is set as Olivia joins them and warns that no good can come of whatever they are planning

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday November 12, 2010

Robin screams as she wakes up from her nightmare. She sees Lisa standing over her with a needle and ...more

quickly accuses Lisa of trying to drug her. Patrick and Steve rush in as Lisa explains that this needle is for her patient next door; she only came in here when she heard Robin's cries. Steve gets the syringe tested and guess what: Lisa told the truth! Lisa expects an apology from Robin, but she knows not to hold her breath. Later Lisa approaches Steve. She has had enough of Robin's baseless accusations and demands a meeting with the hospital board. It's either her or Robin ... Concerned Patrick tells Robin about the upcoming meeting. Robin looks forward to proving how crazy Lisa is, but unfortunately the only person acting unreasonable these days is Robin.

At the police station Claire is devastated when Sonny insists on breaking up with her. He reiterates that this is the best thing for her and doesn't want her superiors to come after her. They will never leave her alone as long as she is with Sonny! Claire doesn't care, but Sonny remains firm. This is good-bye. Later Jax joins a mournful Claire at the Metro Court restaurant where he gives her his condolences. Just so Claire knows, Sonny only broke up with her to make himself available for Brenda. (Ouch.)

Brenda awkwardly apologizes for bothering Lulu, but Lulu isn't done with the snark. She reveals that she knows Dante guarded Brenda in 2007. Caught off guard Brenda struggles to reassure Lulu that Dante loves her. Brenda goes off on this tangent about how she didn't know love could be simple and sweet when she was with Sonny. Embarrassed Brenda leaves having given Lulu food for thought. Later Dante returns home to find Lulu packing and convinces her to stay put with a few jokes to cover up the intense connection he has with Brenda.

At the Metro Court restaurant Olivia orders Carly to stay away from her man. Go find someone else to flirt with to make Jax jealous! As Carly laughs, Johnny explains that he is working on a secret project with Carly. Olivia has nothing to worry about! Disturbed Olivia meets up with Jax, who believes Carly is using Johnny to get some dirt on Dante and Brenda.

Jason finds Dante at the docks to tell him that Brenda is looking for him. It's probably best that they get their stories straight about Brenda shooting Aleksander. They really need to keep a lid on it before any more people find out. Later Dante goes to Jason's penthouse to talk to Brenda. His main concern is that the Balkan knows Brenda killed Aleksander and will continue to come after her. Brenda urges Dante to leave her alone; he's done enough for her already! She doesn't want to ruin his life more than she already has. Dante tells her she is stuck with him. Besides he could never abandon her ... Brenda sighs. She doesn't want to talk about the baby! (Say what now?!)

Jason heads to the mob restaurant where Sonny waxes poetic over how much he will miss Claire. Jason reveals that he knows why the Balkan is after Brenda, but he can't tell Sonny what it is.

Carly and Johnny arrive in New York to meet with Brad, who confirms he used to work with Dante when Dante guarded Brenda. Eager Carly asks what Brad can tell them about Dante and Brenda's relationship. Brad doesn't remember much, but he believes they were sleeping together. Carly's eyes light up. Bingo!

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday November 15, 2010

At the Metro Court restaurant Jax angers Claire when he tells her that Sonny dumped her to get back ...more

together with Brenda. Claire argues that Jax wants to make Sonny look like the bad guy so that he can swoop in and "save" Brenda. When Jax protests, Claire insists that Jax seems willing to give everything up for another chance with Brenda.

At the mob restaurant Sonny insists that Jason tell him about Brenda's secret. If he can help Brenda, he needs to know! Jason explains that this isn't his secret to spill. Sonny realizes he must respect Brenda's wishes and backs off. Later he summons Suzanne to the restaurant where he wants to talk about Brenda, but Suzanne cuts him off. She knows Brenda romanticizes her relationship with Sonny, but Suzanne hopes that Brenda will never get involved with a thug like Sonny again. Sonny swears he loves Brenda, but Suzanne tells him that if he truly loves her, he will leave her alone.

Brenda's eyes glisten with tears when she tells Dante she doesn't want to talk about "the baby." (Whoa -- what baby?!) She hates that she has dragged Dante into her problems, but Dante reminds her that he has this tendency to see things through until the bitter end. Besides, he owes her his life. Once the Balkan is caught, they can return to their respective lives and leave the past in the past. Spinelli returns home and Brenda immediately notices how rude he is to Dante. After Dante leaves Spinelli tells Brenda about the part Dante played in Michael's incarceration. When Jason returns home, Brenda jumps on him. Why didn't he tell her this? Jason explains that he wanted to kill Dante, but thanks to Brenda, he understands why Dante did what he did. Aw, it's like an after-school special

In New York Carly orders Brad to tell her exactly what happened between Dante and Brenda. Brad says that Dante began to work double shifts that included night shifts. Often Brad would find Dante inside Brenda's suite instead of outside the door. So yeah, he thought they slept together, especially when he asked Dante about it and Dante didn't deny it. Carly is downright gleeful on the drive back home as she brags to Johnny that this could destroy Dante, Brenda and Lulu's lives. Sonny's long lost son slept with the love of Sonny's life; that is fun to say! Johnny reminds Carly to leave him out of this as he doesn't want to get into any trouble with Olivia.

In Las Vegas Luke, Tracy, Maya and Ethan return to their suite. The divorce attorney never showed up, so Luke goes to contact him. Except he really contacts another minister because he refuses to leave the City of Sin unmarried. Maya is thrilled that she won so much at the Blackjack table; it seems she's finally having a good time! Ethan gets flirty with her and later when they are alone, Maya succumbs to his kisses. She whispers that they can't consummate their marriage or they won't be able to get it annulled. Ethan argues that no one will ever know -- and just like that, the clothes come off! Later Maya and Ethan are blissful in bed when Luke, Tracy and the annulment lawyer enter! Oopsy.

At Jake's Siobhan proves to be a sweet but tough cookie as she fends off Coleman's flirty advances. Lulu arrives and is surprised to see Siobhan there. As Dante joins them, Siobhan explains that it's safer for her to be in Port Charles than home in Ireland. Lulu is surprised to hear that Siobhan got a job and is looking for her own place, which encourages Lulu to grab some time for herself sans boyfriend. Meanwhile Olivia sits at the bar and vents to Coleman about Carly trying to steal Johnny. She vows to put an end to whatever Carly is planning and leaves. She finds Johnny at the Metro Court and asks him to prove to her that he loves her -- by telling her exactly what he and Carly are up to.

Jason stops by Jake's to talk to Siobhan. Is there anything else she remembers from the shooting that could help? Siobhan squints and remembers the Balkan's men talking about someone named Jack …

Jax visits Brenda to tell her that Carly doesn't want him to see her anymore. Brenda remembers that it was Carly who saw Brenda kissing Sonny good-bye on the day that Brenda was to marry Jax. Jax nods; Carly saw the look on his face when he realized he had lost Brenda, so that's why she's so insecure. Jax warns Brenda that Carly is currently trying to dig up dirt on her. Meanwhile Dante has a flashback of saying good-bye to Brenda in 2007. There's a knock on the door and Dante opens it to Carly -- who can't stop smiling as she says she needs to talk to Dante about his past. (Yikes!)

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
tuesday November 16, 2010

At Jake's Jason continues to grill Siobhan about what she overheard when the Balkan's men took her h ...more

ostage. Lucky arrives and isn't pleased to see Jason with his new girl. He warns Jason to back off. Jason reminds Lucky that both Brenda and Siobhan are in danger, so if Siobhan remembers anything, please tell him. He leaves and Siobhan warns Lucky that he's in danger, too. He made a fool out of the Balkan, so maybe it should be her protecting him. Hee. When Lucky doesn't seem bothered by being in the Balkan's crosshairs, Siobhan exclaims that she can't decide if Lucky is being noble or reckless.

Patrick enters and is soon joined by Lisa at the bar. Patrick takes a chance and asks Lisa to drop her case against Robin. Please don't get Robin fired -- for Emma's sake! Lisa agrees to consider it if Patrick sleeps with her. Say what now? Patrick's jaw drops as Lisa laughs. She's kidding -- or is she?

Maxie visits Robin bearing gifts: new pajamas and an advanced copy of Crimson! Robin begins to vent about Lisa approaching the hospital board to get Robin fired, so Maxie pulls Matt into the room. She asks Matt to give Robin a glowing recommendation and later she and Matt distract Robin from her problems by making her laugh. Patrick arrives and tells Robin that he talked to Lisa.

At Metro Court Johnny assures Olivia that she has nothing to worry about. Olivia isn't worried about Johnny flirting with Carly; she warns him that whatever scheme Carly has Johnny involved in is going to blow up in their faces. She's a loose cannon! Steve arrives and Olivia seizes the chance to make Johnny jealous by staying to catch up with Steve instead of leaving with Johnny. Page 1 of 3 First «Prev Next» Last

Carly confronts Dante; why didn't he and Brenda admit they knew each other when Brenda returned to town? Dante sighs; he's guarded many people over the years. Brenda probably didn't remember him. Carly clearly doesn't believe Dante, but luckily Michael returns home saving Dante from any more questions. Dante tells Michael what happened and ask him to keep mum about Dante's relationship with Brenda. Michael studies his brother; was Dante in love with Brenda? Dante admits that he thought he once was, but that's in the past. The woman he loves now is Lulu.

Brenda gets upset when Jax warns her that Carly is after her. Does Carly honestly believe that Brenda is a threat to Jax and Carly's marriage? Jax pauses before he carefully says that he has a soft spot for Brenda and always will. Brenda agrees; Jax taught her so much about self-respect and credits him for putting her back together -- after her disastrous relationship with Sonny.

Jason stops by Sam's place to apologize to her about not being able to tell her about Brenda's secret. Sam realizes she put Jason in a difficult position as he assures her that he loves her. They kiss and make up, heading to the bedroom when Brenda calls. It's urgent; Jason needs to come home right now!

What's the big deal? Carly paid Brenda a visit and of course it was a nasty one. They trade insults as Brenda gloats that she has Sonny, Jax and Jason wrapped around her finger. The winning point goes to Carly when she says Brenda is acting scared; these secrets that she is trying so hard to keep are going to take her down. Carly saunters out as Brenda tries to compose herself, but she is clearly shaken. Later Jason returns home where Brenda tells him that it's all falling apart! Did Jason hear her? Carly is nuts! He needs to stop her! Aleksander smuggled drugs; if Carly learns that Brenda killed him, she is going to end up taking destroying Dante and Brenda's lives!

Dante greets Lulu with a kiss. He assures her that he loves her and is sorry he didn't tell her sooner about Brenda. Lulu admits that she began to have some doubts about them, but she is okay now.

Olivia is still flirting with Steve when Jax and Carly enter. Carly quickly kicks everyone out, promising that their drinks are on the house. She turns to Jax and gets romantic, which is her reason for closing the place early.

In Vegas Ethan and Maya wrap themselves in the bed sheets as they admit that they did sleep with each other -- several times. Luke smirks as the lawyer struggles to determine if there will be an annulment today or not. The lawyer announces that even though Ethan and Maya consummated the marriage, being too drunk to know any better is ample grounds for annulment in the state of Nevada. Tracy shrieks; does this mean that she could've annulled her marriage to Luke years ago, thus saving her from multiple fraud and heartache?! Luke is furious as everyone gets ready for another night on the town. Luke and Tracy head out as Ethan convinces Maya they will have more fun staying in ... Maya smiles. They definitely have to get their annulment -- tomorrow.

A musical montage begins as we see Lucky slow dancing with Siobhan; Ethan and Maya lying naked in bed drinking champagne and playing cards; Patrick giving Robin a cup of water and leaving; Dante looking out the window as Lulu sleeps; Brenda sitting quietly at the table as Jason sits on the floor behind her; and Lucky leading Siobhan out of Jake's and pausing to kiss her in the alley.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday November 17, 2010

Jason asks Spinelli to trace all the cell phones they took from the Balkan's men to see if any calls ...more

link to someone named Jack or anyone whose name begins with J. Maxie arrives with the latest issue of Crimson, hoping to convince Brenda to grace the February cover. Spinelli thinks that is a great idea. As he gushes about Brenda's beauty, Maxie grows increasingly jealous to the point where she grabs Spinelli and plants a big wet one on him! She pulls back. Forget Brenda's perfect lips; hers are perfect and guess what. They are REAL! Maxie storms out as Jason realizes that Spinelli just played Maxie. Spinelli blushes. He intentionally got Maxie jealous with the hope that she will fight for him and they can get back together. Jason shakes his head; Spinelli has been spending way too much time with Carly!

Meanwhile Michael stops by Metro Court to have breakfast with his mom. He knows Carly hates Dante, so why the visit yesterday? Carly admits she still hasn't forgiven Dante for putting Michael in prison. Michael reminds his mom that he's cool with Dante and trusts him, meaning Carly needs to back off. Carly sort of agrees; she believes in karma and thinks Dante will get his due someday soon. She neglects to mention if she will help karma bite Dante sooner than later.

Concerned Michael visits his uncle to tell him that Carly is up to no good -- as usual. Mom hates Dante, yet she was visiting him yesterday! Jason thanks Michael for the tip and orders Michael to stay out of it. Go be a kid! So Michael does that. He bumps into Abby at the docks and they exchange digits. Michael confides in Abby about Dante's part in putting Michael in prison and getting him out. Abby listens and surprises Michael when she says she absolutely agrees with Carly. She is so right to blame Dante!

Dante arrives at the mob restaurant where Sonny announces he doesn't want any more secrets between them. Dante really could cares less about fostering a relationship with his dad, but he blanches when Sonny says he wants to talk about Brenda. He knows Dante guarded her in 2007. Dante confirms and downplays his connection to Brenda as Sonny says he's glad his son protected the love of his life. It's like life has come full circle, ya know? Dante squirms as Sonny continues to grill him. Does Dante know Brenda's big secret? If so, tell him! Before Dante can say anything Diane arrives with the news that Claire had put in a request for Michael to time with Sonny and it finally came through. Sonny is stoked while Dante is furious. Sonny is so happy that he ambushes Claire outside of court and asks how he can thank her ...

Earlier Alexis notices that Claire was off her game in court today. Claire admits she's taking her break-up with Sonny badly, but Alexis assures her that it's for the best. Look how Brenda turned out! (Amen!) Meanwhile the "We Hate Brenda Barrett" club convenes when Maxie bumps into Carly on her way to the Crimson offices. Maxie grouses about Spinelli's obsession with Brenda and wishes Brenda would leave town -- now. Carly flashes her Cheshire Cat smile; don't worry. Brenda will lose her halo soon enough!

Dante arrives at Jason's for his bodyguard shift. Suzanne greets him, saying Brenda is in the shower. Intrigued Suzanne asks how Dante became a cop when his dad is a mobster. Dante explains he only recently learned about Sonny and confirms that he did guard Brenda back in 2007. Suzanne is thoughtful as she tells Dante about the time Brenda caught a high fever in Africa. She became delirious and called out for someone named "Dante." That wouldn't him…would it?

Lucky wakes up to find Siobhan in bed with him. He kisses her and watches amused as Siobhan bolts out of bed. OMG, what time is it? She has to get to work! Lucky reminds her that Coleman doesn't open Jake's until noon; should he do surveillance at the airport to make sure Siobhan doesn't flee to Ireland? Siobhan doesn't crack a smile; it's clear that having Lucky sleep over threatens her independent streak. Later Siobhan is walking through the park when she spies Lucky hanging out with his sons. Lucky beckons to her and introduces her to Cameron and Jake. Elizabeth returns with Aidan and she greets Siobhan politely with just a hint of bitch face. Later Siobhan tells Lucky she doesn't want to be his "pit stop" girlfriend -- the woman he spends time with when he's away from his real family. Lucky is so amused he bursts into laughter which is pretty rude.

Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya return to the Quartermaine mansion where Edward doesn't seem bothered at all about Ethan and Maya's marriage. Lulu, however, is extremely annoyed. She can't believe Ethan would do such a stupid thing and yells at Luke and Tracy to get over themselves. They clearly love each other, so just get married! Luke and Tracy admit that they do care about each other, but reconciliation seems impossible once again when Luke refuses to sign a pre-nup. Maya asks her great-grandfather if he has procured a lawyer yet to take care of her annulment. Edward shakes his head. He has a proposition for them. Since Ethan and Maya remind him of all the fun he had with Mary Mae, how about Ethan and Maya stay married for a year? If they do, he'll give them one million dollars. (Talk about a generous wedding gift!)

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday November 18, 2010

At Jake's Siobhan is trying to be the cutest sassiest bartender she can be when Lucky assures her he ...more

is not using her for sex. He jokes that if he wanted a fling, he would've done it with someone who doesn't want to kick his teeth in. Siobhan is not amused as she throws Lucky a look that could cut ice. Lucky asks Siobhan to stop over analyzing; he likes her and she likes him. Simple, right? (Such a typical guy response ... ) Lucky moves off to take a phone call when Elizabeth arrives. She announces that she'd like to get to know Siobhan if she is going to spend time with Lucky and her children. Siobhan politely succumbs to Elizabeth's grilling, which displease Lucky. He pulls his ex-wife aside and tells her to cool it. Siobhan is a good person, so Liz has nothing to worry about. Elizabeth relaxes a bit, but admits she's also worried about Lucky. She fears his newfound reckless attitude will get him in serious trouble. Lucky brushes Elizabeth's concern aside and returns to Siobhan where he makes it very clear that he and Elizabeth are dunzo.

At the courthouse Sonny thanks Claire for getting him legal permission to spend time with Michael. He doesn't know how to repay her and hopes this won't get her into any more trouble with her bosses. Claire curtly reminds Sonny that her career is her business and actually encourages him to pursue Brenda! Later Sonny visits Michael to give him the good news: They can hang out in public now! Michael is naturally excited and listens as Sonny waxes poetic on how awesome Claire is. Can Michael believe that Claire gave Sonny permission to woo Brenda? She's like the best ex-girlfriend ever-ah! Sonny returns to the mob restaurant where Olivia finds him looking at Brenda in a fashion magazine. Sonny confides in Olivia, saying that Brenda is the love of his life and he can't stop thinking about her. (Hm, tact is not exactly Sonny's middle name, is it?)

Dante flinches slightly when Suzanne asks him if he is the Dante that Brenda was asking for when she was ill in Africa. Dante reminds Suzanne that he did guard Brenda for short time, so maybe he was on her mind ... Brenda comes downstairs and immediately rips into Suzanne for talking to Dante about their time in Africa. Dante leaves to give them some privacy as Brenda orders Suzanne to never talk about Africa again. When Suzanne protests, Brenda begs Suzanne to drop it.

Jason arrives at the Metro Court to ask Carly to drop whatever revenge scheme she has planned for Brenda and Dante. Carly avoids the topic by insisting she needs to discuss business stuff with Olivia. Angry Jason orders Carly to come to his place in one hour—or else! Dante arrives to tell Carly and Olivia that Sonny now has legal permission to see Michael. Carly thinks that's a great idea, but Dante fears Michael will get caught up in Sonny's bad business again.

Meanwhile Jason returns home where Brenda begs him to get her another bodyguard—anybody but Dante! Having him around stirs up too many bad memories. Jason refuses, saying it will give Carly more reason to go after her, but Brenda threatens to have Jax do it if Jason won't. Jason warns Brenda not to make him choose between her and Carly, which makes Brenda storm out. Later Carly arrives for her "lecture." Jason doesn't want to yell at Carly; he says that Brenda agreed to stay away from Jax if Carly drops whatever she's planning. Furious Carly blurts that Brenda and Dante were sleeping together. How's that for irony? Sonny's son was banging the love of Sonny's life!

Brenda heads to the hospital where she and Robin reminisce about so-called simpler times when Robin loved Stone and Brenda loved Sonny and they both wore a lot of dark red lipstick. It seems Robin is having a bad day as well. She is with Patrick discussing Emma when Lisa informs them that she still plans to ask the hospital board to choose between her and Robin. Later Steve and Nikolas join Robin and Patrick to strategize, but Robin remains confident she will keep her job. She asks that the hospital board come to her so that she can defend herself as Steve, Nikolas and Patrick look unsure.

At the Q mansion Tracy agrees to marry Luke, but on her terms: a holiday wedding at the mansion surrounded by family and friends, both sober and with an iron-clad pre-nup. Luke reluctantly agrees as Ethan convinces Maya to stay married for a year in order to win one million dollars from Edward. Lulu thinks everyone has lost their mind, but doesn't she realize this is just another day at the Quartermaine mansion? Later when Tracy announces she would like to get married on December 21, Lulu remembers that is Laura's birthday ... There's no way Luke is going to get married on his angel's birthday!

At the docks Abby tries to coax Michael into talking about his time in prison, but Michael just wants to put it behind him. He challenges Abby; does she want to talk about things that make her unhappy? Abby thinks for a moment and admits that she does—only with Michael. Michael realizes he's being a jerk and apologizes. He really would like to talk to Abby, but can't do it -- not just yet.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday November 19, 2010

At the hospital Nikolas -- with Patrick and Steve -- tell Lisa that after the board hears her testim ...more

ony, they will convene in Robin's room to hear Robin's side of the story. Lisa is very calm as she thanks him and leaves. Steve hopes that Robin is up for this as Patrick says Lisa is probably counting on Robin to have a meltdown.

Robin and Brenda continue to reminisce about the good ole days when Brenda first moved in with Sonny to live in an apartment above Luke's old club and they went on a double date with Robin and Stone. Brenda says that's when Sonny made her feel complete and alive. Robin says that the apartment might still be around even though Luke's club burned a few years ago, which gives Brenda an idea.

Meanwhile Lisa furtively grabs a syringe and begins to fill it. Johnny approaches her as she pockets the needle to thank her for what she did during Claudia's trial. Lisa says it was no problem and heads to Robin's room where she stealthily injects something into Robin's IV. Luckily Maxie sees her and screams. Caught red-handed Lisa runs out of the room, bumps into Johnny, hands him the syringe and keeps on running. Robin orders Maxie to find Lisa, so Maxie bolts. She yells to Nikolas and together they corner Lisa.

Patrick rushes into Robin's room where he has Elizabeth change Robin's IV bag. Robin hisses that Lisa has finally gone too far -- and now everyone will know it. Patrick joins Steve, Nikolas and Maxie as Steve says he's going to call the police. Ronnie arrives and Lisa refuses to talk without her lawyer, but Ronnie says they can't hold her unless they find the syringe.

At the mob office Sonny continues to wax poetic to Olivia about why he still loves Brenda. It seems he remembers their relationship just as fondly as Brenda does and chooses to ignore all the awful parts. You'd think Olivia would be annoyed listening to this drivel, but instead she seems fascinated to see this different side of Sonny. Later Jason arrives and Sonny briefly wonders if he and Brenda would still be together had things played out differently ...

Suzanne visits Dante to ask him just how close did he and Brenda get when he guarded her in 2007. Dante tries to avoid the question but finally admits that he developed feelings for Brenda, but doubts that she returned them. Unfortunately Michael returns home and hears the whole thing.

Brenda returns to Jason's penthouse where she finds Suzanne waiting for her. Brenda is still ticked that Suzanne talked to Dante about her, but Suzanne is unwilling to let the topic of Brenda and Dante rest. She knows that Brenda and Dante had more than a bodyguard relationship. Angry Brenda asks Suzanne again to let this go and storms out. She ends up at her old apartment with Sonny. Funny the bedroom light is on, so Brenda opens the door -- to see Sonny standing there!

Jason barely reacts to Carly's announcement that Dante and Brenda slept together. When Carly says she talked to one of Dante's former cop buddies, Jason argues that hardly qualifies as proof. He tells her to drop it before she gets into any more trouble. Later Dante stops by and Jason tells him that Brenda doesn't want him to guard her anymore. Dante understands but flinches when Jason says that Carly thinks Dante had an affair with Brenda.

Lulu arrives at Dante's loft bearing groceries. She wants to cook dinner for Dante. As Lulu does kitchen prep, she asks Michael if Dante ever talks about her. Michael gulps, unsure as what to say to his cousin.

At the Metro Court Luke asks Lucky to be his best man. Lucky agrees, but frowns when he learns the wedding will be on December 21, Laura's birthday. Is that a wise idea, Dad? Luke admits Tracy set the date, explaining that it's Tracy's way of getting reassurance from Luke that he loves her.

Carly orders Olivia to cut Luke off from food and booze; seems he's running up a huge tab at Carly's expense. Olivia agrees to handle Luke as Lulu arrives. Carly snaps that Lulu better be careful; weddings can be contagious. She attempts to tell Lulu how awesome marriage is, but to us -- and Luke -- it sounds more like sour grapes. After Lulu leaves, Luke moves to Carly intrigued. What was that all about? If he didn't know any better, it sounded like Carly was encouraging Lulu to be with Dante, which is odd since Carly hates Dante.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday November 22, 2010

Brenda is pleased to find Sonny at their old apartment. Sonny asks how Brenda knew he was here. Bren ...more

da didn't, but guesses they've both been thinking a lot about their past relationship, especially how amazing it was in the beginning. Sonny and Brenda take a trip down memory lane, glossing over the tough parts such as Brenda wearing a wire to trap Sonny. Sonny observes that Brenda seems to be carrying this great sadness and wonders if it was because of him. Brenda gets wistful as she tells Sonny that she wishes he hadn't jilted her at the altar all in the name of "protecting her." She admits she has been waiting for him and has always loved him. Sonny looks like he wants to kiss her, but hesitates; he doesn't want to push Brenda into something she may not want. However Brenda pulls Sonny towards her, making it very clear that she means to kiss him—and that he should definitely kiss her back!

Luke confronts Carly about her attitude towards Lulu and Dante; he overheard Carly encouraging Lulu to marry Dante. What gives? He knows she blames Dante for putting Michael in prison. Carly admits that yes, she does hate Dante and wouldn't mind seeing Dante get what he deserves as well as Lulu get a huge wake-up call. She totally deserves one after choosing Dante over her family. Luke openly tells Carly that if Lulu gets hurt as a result of Carly's shenanigans, there will be some retribution. He's not threatening her, per se. He's just saying. Later Luke tries to have a father/daughter talk with Lulu, but Lulu assumes he wants to talk about Lucky's lightening fast romance with Siobhan.

Lulu puts Michael on the spot by asking if Dante ever talks about her to him. Michael practically rolls his eyes. Lulu is all Dante ever talks about; he's crazy about her. Lulu is satisfied with that answer, but later when Dante returns home, Michael reveals that he overheard Dante and Suzanne's conversation about Brenda. Michael thinks that Dante still has feelings for Brenda, but Dante assures him that he loves Lulu and only her

Earlier Jason tells Dante that Carly believes Dante and Brenda had an affair and she is determined to prove it. So if they did, Jason needs to know so he can do damage control. He knows that if Carly continues to poke around, she may learn that Brenda killed the Balkan's son. Dante gets upset; is he supposed to pretend he and Carly had an affair? Is that what Jason wants? Jason sighs, clearly wanting this whole ideal to be over so that he can return to his life with Sam. Later Spinelli returns home with flowers for Robin, per Brenda's request. Exasperated Jason offers to take the flowers to Robin so that Spinelli can focus on tracking the Balkan.

At the hospital Lisa demands to speak with an attorney, but Ronnie says she hasn't been charged with anything yet. Nothing was found in Robin's IV nor has the needle been found. It's just Maxie and Robin's word against Lisa's. Maxie insists that Lisa hid the needle somewhere as Johnny hovers nearby... Luckily for Lisa, no one knows that she gave the needle to Johnny as she fled from Robin's room. When Matt arrives, Patrick suggests Maxie go with Matt to cool off. Patrick and Steve confront Lisa; why was she in Robin's room? Lisa refuses to answer their questions, so Steve has no choice but to put her on probation and move her to ER rotation so he can keep an eye on her. If she provokes Robin again, he'll fire her.

Meanwhile Maxie bumps into Johnny and tells him about Lisa. Johnny realizes he has the missing syringe. The question now is: what will he do about it?

Patrick goes to see Robin, who is still venting about Lisa. Elizabeth is unsuccessful is calming Robin down, so she leaves Patrick and Robin alone. Patrick updates Robin on Lisa's situation as Robin thanks him for believing her. Patrick assures her that he's always on her side as Robin reminds him that she wants to take things slow with them.

At the nurses' station Elizabeth invites Nikolas to Thanksgiving dinner and he happily accepts. Steve joins Nikolas to talk about Lisa; Nikolas admits he wants to stay neutral about this. Maxie rejoins Matt, who studies her. He knows Maxie is a master manipulator; did she frame Lisa? Offended Maxie denies it, but Patrick overhears and confronts her. Did she?

Jason arrives with Brenda's flowers for Robin. They end up talking about Sonny and Brenda. Jason doesn't want them to reunite, but Robin thinks they deserve a chance. So when Jason gets a call from Max to say that Brenda and Sonny are together at their old place, Robin urges him to give them some space.

Lisa finds Nikolas at the docks to thank him for remaining objective. Nikolas admires the way she refuses to let anyone push her around and leaves. Lisa smiles to herself—until she sees Johnny nearby. Will Johnny rat her out?

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday November 24, 2010[Happy Holidays Everyone]

Lulu and Dante are getting ready for Thanksgiving with the Quartermaine's. Well, Lulu is. Dante can' ...more

t stop complaining. Michael arrives to say that Carly and Jax abandoned him to take Morgan and Josslyn to New York City to watch the parade; he can't go because of his parole. Dante claps his hands together. Great, they can stay in, eat wings and watch football all day! Lulu urges the boys to come with her, but they refuse, so she leaves alone. Dante tries to get into the spirit of bachelor Thanksgiving, but Michael busts him. Dante can't take his eyes off of his phone long enough to watch TV. Michael knows Dante really wants to be with Lulu, so he convinces Dante that they should head to the Q mansion.

Meanwhile Ethan and Luke arrive at the Q mansion ready to raid Edward's cigars and scotch, much to Edward's annoyance. Ethan tries to convince Maya to have a pre-dinner romp in one of the house's many bedrooms, but Maya is having too much fun spurning Ethan, so she smoothly turns him down. Lulu arrives without Dante, which pleases Edward.

At Kelly's Lucky suggests that he and Siobhan have their own Thanksgiving Day picnic. He doesn't want to eat with Elizabeth, Nikolas and the boys nor does he want to go to the Quartermaine's. Siobhan thinks the Quartermaine's sound like fun, so Lucky brings her over where she charms Edward. (She told Edward she picked Lucky up in a bar! Hee.) Lulu can't resist grilling Siobhan about her intentions towards Lucky as Tracy and Maya warn Siobhan of the many pitfalls of dating a Spencer man. Dante arrives, much to Edward's dismay and Lulu's delight, but when Michael follows, Edward is all smiles. As if Michael's presence wasn't enough, Alice enters bearing three of the biggest pizza pie boxes we've ever seen. Ah, it wouldn't be a Quartermaine Thanksgiving without pizza! (But where is Monica? It is her house after all.)

Tracy finds Luke in another room ogling a diamond ring. She accuses him of trying to steal it when she realizes she has never seen it before. Luke explains it's hers; he bought it in Amsterdam and Tracy is blown away … [ break] Sam arrives at Robin's hospital room to tell her that she and Kristina want to set Alexis up with Mac again this year. Robin agrees to do her part, but Mac has other ideas. He tells Patrick that he, Emma and Maxie are going to celebrate in Robin's room and Patrick is not invited. Robin and Maxie try their best to convince Mac to attend dinner at Alexis's place, but Mac hates the idea of abandoning Robin.

Meanwhile Alexis arrives home to find her girls setting up for dinner. She becomes suspicious when Kristina asks if Sam got the super special side dish. Hm, does she mean Mac? The guests finally arrive: Diane with Max, Spinelli and Maxie. Maxie is bummed that she couldn't get Mac to come with her, but is happy that Spinelli is there.

Back at the hospital Robin gives Mac a speech about facing challenges and pursuing what he wants, so Mac heads to the Lake House. Matt enters to check on Robin and urges her to cut Patrick some slack; it is a holiday after all. Robin smiles; she was going to say the same of him and Maxie! So Matt joins the party at the Lake House, much to Spinelli's annoyance. Mac arrives which causes Alexis to hyperventilate a bit, but she soon relaxes and enjoys Mac's company.

Patrick picks Emma up and takes advantage of Mac's absence to spend Thanksgiving with Robin. Robin agrees to a truce for at least today—and the sake of their daughter.

The day ends with the Quartermaine's singing "We Gather Together" and Luke raising his glass to wish everyone—and us—a very happy Thanksgiving!

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday November 29, 2010 *Jerry Jacks Is Back*

Siobhan arrives to Lucky at Kelly's. She's happy to see him as Lucky explains he wanted to talk to h ...more

er about this "Jack" guy. What else did the Balkan's men say about him? Siobhan admits she doesn't remember; she was kinda preoccupied with her survival, ya know? Lucky starts to feel a little guilty, but Siobhan assures him that it was her choice to follow him -- and she's glad she did. (And we are, too!)

At Jason's penthouse Brenda announces that Sonny is taking her on a date tonight. She interprets Jason's silence to mean disapproval and launches into a passionate argument as to why she and Sonny will work this time around. Why can't Jason give them a chance? Brenda insists that Jason give them his blessing, but of course Jason refuses, which frustrates Brenda. Spinelli arrives and offers to stay with her while Jason meets up with Sam, Lucky and Dante to do some research on the Balkan.

Dante arrives at the mob restaurant to learn that Sonny and Brenda are starting over. He covers his emotions as Sonny reveals that Brenda told him about Dante covering Aleksander's murder. He is grateful to his long lost son for helping the love of his life. Dante hides his discomfort and bumps into Suzanne as he leaves. He warns Suzanne not to say anything to Sonny about him and Brenda. Suzanne keeps her word, but isn't happy to hear that Sonny and Brenda have rekindled their romance. Concerned Suzanne runs straight to Jax where she urges him to save Brenda once again from Sonny -- and herself!

Sonny arrives at Jason's to pick Brenda up. Nervous but well-meaning Spinelli tells Sonny that he better treat Brenda right; no more love her and leave her, got that? Sonny calmly thanks Spinelli for being such a good friend to Brenda and assures Spinelli that he intends to love Brenda the way she deserves. Brenda comes downstairs looking radiant. As she and Sonny make moony eyes at each other, Spinelli begs them to reconsider. Don't go out tonight if you value your lives! Sonny and Brenda brush Spinelli's concern aside and head out the door. Unfortunately they run smack dab into Carly, who smiles. Well, well, isn't this perfect!

Lucky arrives at Sam's PI office and thanks her for the use of her place to track the Balkan. Sam observes that Siobhan seems to be one cool chick and is happy for Lucky. Jason and Dante join them, but unfortunately Sam can't get into the computer system without Spinelli. Lucky however proves to be a computer ace and accesses the system. He concludes that maybe this Jack guy is a dead end. Sam gets called away for a PI assignment, leaving the boys to work. When Jason asks Lucky to do a search on Aleksander Jasasek, Dante finally reveals to Lucky that Brenda killed Aleksander in order to save him and he helped her hide his body. The Balkan doesn't know if Brenda killed his son or not, just that Brenda knows something, which is why he wants to find her. Then Jason gets an idea. What if Jack is a last name, not a last name ...

Meanwhile Sam gets hired as a stripper for an undercover assignment. She returns home to get changed as we see a mysterious someone lurking in the corner ..

At the hospital Steve and Patrick are discussing the OR rotation now that Lisa has been assigned to the ER. Patrick vows to do whatever it takes to keep Lisa away from Robin as Lisa arrives, excited about her ER work. She admits she likes the change of pace. Robin is wheeled through and naturally the women exchange some snarky remarks. Later Lisa tells Nikolas that she was summoned to Robin's room by Robin and wants a witness with her. He agrees to accompany her and listens as Robin tells Lisa that she is moving back home with Patrick. She changed the locks so the key that Lisa stole will no longer work. If Lisa comes near the Drake house, Robin will file charges against her. Lisa quips that is not a problem; if she sees the house burning, she will just ignore it and keep driving. Later Robin goes home with Patrick, who is very excited and happy to have his family back under one roof.

Lisa returns to the ER where she treats a girl named April. April frets that her injury will allow another girl to take her spot on the cheerleading pyramid and will lose her boyfriend as a result. She tells Lisa that she is going to post her side of the story on this website called "," which gives Lisa an idea. Later she heads into an empty conference room, logs onto this website and records her own "confession," in which she says she slept with a married man and now his wife is out to get her.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday November 30, 2010

At the PI offices of McCall and Jackal (or is it Jackal and McCall? We can't remember.) Jason, Lucky ...more

and Dante continue to brainstorm/investigate/research the Balkan. Their only connection right now is a guy named "Jack," but Jason posits that Jack could be a last name. What if Siobhan heard someone say, "Jacks," as in Jerry Jacks, Jax's ne'er-do-well brother? Lucky and Dante think it's a possibility; what is the Balkan hired Jerry to kidnap Brenda? Or…what if the Balkan IS Jerry Jacks? If that's true, then Jerry would've had to father Aleksander at a very, very young age. (Hey, anything is possible in the soap world, right?) Dante looks a little troubled when Lucky jokes that if Jerry is the Balkan, then Brenda slept with two guys from the same family.

As the mysterious someone in Sam's apartment watches, Sam gets ready for an undercover gig. Alexis arrives and they get into a fight. Alexis wants Sam to stop setting her up with Mac and Sam complains that Alexis is into bad boys, like Jerry Jacks. Sam especially hates the man and vents that she hopes that she never sees him again. Alexis backs down and she makes up with Sam. After she leaves, Sam hears something. She moves to where the mystery man was hiding, but sees nothing. Later Jason arrives to warn her that Jerry Jacks could be back in town. He warns Sam to be on her guard.

Carly smiles when she sees Sonny and Brenda ready to leave for their date, but it's not a happy smile. Sonny warns Carly to leave them alone as Carly swears she doesn't care what her ex-husband does, but Sonny knows that's not true. After Sonny and Brenda leave, Carly looks angry enough to spit venom. Spinelli wisely looks fearful, but Carly quickly manipulates him. She conveniently lets it spill that Dante may have slept with Brenda. They need to find out the exact nature of Dante and Brenda's relationship in order to protect Lulu! At the mention of Lulu's name Spinelli springs into action and hacks into cyberspace to do Carly's bidding. Later Carly heads to Jax's office where she runs into Dante. Dante explains he would like to talk to Jax; he has reason to believe that there is a connection between the Balkan and Jerry. Carly bristles at the mention of Jerry's name. She admits that Jax has a complicated relationship with his brother; she hates Jerry and wishes he were dead. Dante warns that Jerry could try to use Jax to get to Brenda.

Jax listens to Suzanne as she basically asks him to throw his marriage away to lure Brenda away from Sonny all in the name of "saving" her. Jax firmly and politely tells Suzanne that she is out of line, but we see that he's rattled. Evidently Suzanne's words have wormed themselves into Jax's brain as he asks Olivia to send flowers to Brenda and later interrupts Brenda and Sonny's date to pour them some champagne.

Brenda is surprised when Sonny brings her to the Metro Court. She reminds him that this is Carly and Jax's hotel; is he trying to antagonize them? Sonny explains he wants to prove that he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Besides the Metro Court is the fanciest place in town! However seeing Brenda with Sonny bothers Jax enough to crash their date -- just like old times.

Outside of Sam's penthouse we see the mystery man who was lurking in her living room. He's on the phone with someone, explaining that he couldn't grab her. By her, we assume he means Sam. Then he says, "Yes, Mr. Jacks, I know what is at stake. When do you plan to arrive in Port Charles?" Yikes!

At the hospital Lisa finishes up her web confession. Steve catches her; what is she doing? Lisa covers, saying she's on a break and wanted to check her email. Steve commends her on her work in the ER and leaves. Alone Lisa hits send. Confession uploaded for the world to see!

Patrick brings Robin home and moves to order take-out when Maxie bounces in with welcome home goodies. When she sees Patrick, she immediately leaves to give them some privacy. Patrick clearly wants to hover and tend to Robin, but she urges him to return to work. Maxie returns and takes the opportunity to encourage her cousin to forgive Patrick. Robin sighs; one day at a time. It was a big step to move back home. Meanwhile Patrick returns to work where he overhears Lisa's confession from the conference room. He bursts in, ready to yell at Lisa for trash-talking Robin, but finds Elizabeth instead in front of the computer. Elizabeth shows the monitor to him, revealing Lisa's latest stunt.

Michael bumps into Abby outside of Kelly's and they catch up RE: Thanksgiving. Michael doesn't know why Abby even gives him the time of day, but Abby admits she is glad to see him. She pretty much admits she thinks of him all of the time -- but in a friend way. Michael is happy to see her, too. She encourages him to call her before she jets off.

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