Friday November 11, 2011*Jason Vists Liz/ Sam Has a Melt down*


At Kelly's Shawn is packing a box with an American flag, books and a football. It's for a little boy named TJ, whose father was the Marine that Shawn accidentally killed. As Shawn prepares to drop off the package, Carly enters. She needs to talk to him -- now! Shawn can't deal with Carly today, but Carly refuses to stop. She apologizes for the other night as Shawn calls her self-absorbed. He reminds her that today is Veterans' Day, which means a lot to him. Shawn gestures to TJ's box. No boy should have to grow up without his father. Carly coaxes Shawn to talk to her and Shawn reveals that he watched his own dad die in front of him. His dad, Big Ray (the neighborhood hero), died as he bought milk for six-year-old Shawn at the corner store. He tried to stop some thugs from harassing the store owner, but he got shot. Carly touches Shawn's hand; she is glad he told her. Shawn gets uncomfortable as he admits being vulnerable is not him. He then shows Carly a white flag with red trim with a blue star in the middle. He explains it's a service flag; families display them until their solider returns home. Shawn asks if they can put it in the window -- just for today. Carly smiles. That would be great. Later they toast to Big Ray with tall glasses of milk.

At the hospital Matt finds Elizabeth trying to rip out her IV. She is feverish and ill with pneumonia. Matt forces Elizabeth back into bed as she cries that her kids need her. She has made such a mess of everything! Elizabeth insists that her mystery savior exists, but Matt believes it's a symptom of her high fever. Elizabeth starts crying that she has lost Jake, Lucky and Jason -- and then she hears Jake calling her name. Monica enters to check on Elizabeth. She is disturbed when Elizabeth says that Jake needs her. He sounds so scared!

Down the hall Steve is surprised to see Maggie. She is playful, while he looks distressed. Steve drags Maggie into the conference room where Maggie hints at their romance in Memphis. Steve makes it clear that he hired Maggie to work, not to play. He also didn't appreciate Maggie lurking around the hospital wearing a clown outfit on Halloween. Maggie is glad she did because it is clear that General Hospital -- and Steve -- needs her. Steve warns Maggie that she will have to play by the rules, but Maggie insists that her priority is the sick kiddies. Sometimes that means breaking the rules. Besides, Steve is one to talk about taking risks. Maggie alludes to something that happened in Memphis when Olivia walks in. Maggie excuses herself and Olivia gets suspicious when she learns that Steve worked with Maggie in Memphis. How close were they?

Jason and Sam return to their penthouse, which is filled with wedding presents. Sam gets upset, so Jason suggests she see a therapist. Sam regrets not believing Carly when Carly said that Franco was a threat. She feels helpless and stupid! Jason assures Sam that is the last thing he sees when he looks at her. Franco can't ruin the thing that makes Jason love Sam. He hugs her as Sam wipes the tears from her eyes. She tells Jason she will be resting upstairs while he goes to the hospital for his follow-up check-up. Later Sam returns downstairs. She stares at the wedding presents and flies into a rage, tossing them aside and smashing them.

Jason arrives at the hospital where Epiphany makes him wait for Patrick to get out of surgery. Jason sees a pamphlet about rape counseling and is about to read it when Monica approaches. She notices how glum Jason looks, which tweaks Monica's mommy senses. Jason hears that Elizabeth is not doing well and goes to see her. Elizabeth stops crying when she sees him. She hugs him, relieved that he came for her. She begs Jason to help Jake as Matt walks in.

In Ireland Lucky sees the full message on the ground: "Go home Daddy." Lucky calls out for Jake. Is he here? Lucky races back to the bed and breakfast where he throws his clothes into his suitcase. Mrs. Macinery asks what happened and Lucky tells her. He says that she was right; he must've written the messages himself to make his guilt go away. Mrs. Macinery thinks Jake is trying to tell Lucky something and urges him to listen to the rest of Jake's message. Otherwise, there may be horrible consequences!

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