Thursday November 10, 2011

In Hawaii Jason joins Sam outside, where he puts Sam's beloved shell necklace around her neck. Jason offers to pack Sam's stuff, but Sam pulls him in close. She doesn't want that stuff; she just wants him! Sam can't stop thinking about Franco touching her and wants to help Jason hunt for Franco. Together they head to the cell where Jason was locked up. Jason notices Franco's new tag on the wall: N02CCAH5. He tells Sam what happened to him and tears the monitor out of the wall as he remembers watching Franco carry Sam to the bed. He starts screaming as Sam grabs Jason. Calm down! Don't let Franco get to you! Sam finds a motel key and they drive over where they find a dead girl dressed in a hula skirt on the floor. Jason makes a decision; he needs to find Franco and finish this sick game. Sam hugs Jason from behind. And she will be with him.

In Ireland Lucky asks Mrs. Macinery if she left the new message waiting for him at St. Margaret's: "Go home." Mrs. Macinery shakes her head; she didn't leave it, but perhaps Lucky did. Subconsciously, of course. The mind plays tricks! Mrs. Macinery reveals her husband died young. When he died, she went to the well at St. Margaret's to wait for a message from him. She is still waiting to hear him say he loves her one more time after 23 years. Mrs. Macinary urges Lucky to listen; there may be more to the message! So Lucky returns to St. Margaret's were he puts the rosary back in the well and waits for a message. Lucky falls asleep and dreams of holding Aidan and Jake calling out for him. Lucky wakes up and sees another word has been added to his message, which now reads, "Go home Daddy." Did Jake leave that?

Tracy arrives at the Haunted Star to ask Luke why he is still in town. Luke wonders why Tracy isn't with Anthony and Tracy reminds him that Anthony repulses her. Luke smiles; why does it seem that Tracy cares whether he stays or goes? Tracy insists she doesn't and plays devil's advocate. If Luke is going to be in town, he should talk to his kids, most of all, Lulu, and tell her that he is sober. And what about his grandson, Aidan? Luke nearly drops his coffee cup when he learns that Aidan is Lucky's child, not Nikolas'. Upset Luke says he has no use for a grandchild. He insists it's not his job to love or support his family. Tracy realizes she can't get anywhere with Luke and leaves. Alone Luke opens a bottle of scotch and contemplates taking a drink.

Lulu brings Dante to the hospital to get his breathing checked. She didn't like how it sounded last night. Naturally Dante is resistant, but perks up when he sees Dolores, whom he assumes is there on police business (Lisa's autopsy results). Later Dolores tells Mac that Lisa was dead before she hit the water as Dante and Matt listen. Lisa died from a fatal blow to the head. This is officially a murder investigation! As Steve joins them, Mac tells Dolores that everyone on the ship is a suspect, except for Elizabeth, the captain and the First Mate, which leaves Patrick, Robin, Matt, Maxie, Steve and Olivia. Dante tells Mac he just got a clean bill of health and asks to be assigned to this case.

Elizabeth wakes up to find Matt standing over her. He urges her to rest until her infection passes. Matt announces that Lisa is dead; they found her body last night. Puzzled Elizabeth says that Matt already told her that; how did he know before her body washed ashore? Matt covers. If he said that, it was wishful thinking! Just like Elizabeth's handsome stranger with the washboard abs saving her life. Later Lulu visits Elizabeth and confides her fears over marrying Dante.

Meanwhile a mysterious woman cuts Lisa's photo out of the newspaper. We see a clown mask sitting on a chair near the door. She dons a doctor's coat and puts the newspaper clippings into her purse. Later she arrives at the hospital and we see her face; it's Maggie, Steve's "friend."

At Elizabeth's house Aidan throws white mush at Steve's face while Cameron rides his scooter in circles around the couch. Cameron flops on the couch and then begins to jump on it. He's bored! Steve wearily puts Aidan in his play pen as he asks Cameron to find a video game they can play together. Steve sighs; he is a disaster at this parenting thing! And Olivia could be pregnant! Later Olivia arrives and smiles when she sees the mess. It looks like Steve could use some help! Olivia folds clothes and holds Aidan and wonders if it would be easier to raise a baby now that she already raised Dante. Later Olivia helps Cameron with his homework when Steve gets called by the hospital. After Steve leaves, Olivia notices a bruise on Aidan's bum. Cameron says that Aidan gets those. Later Lulu arrives and makes excuses as to why she is not wearing her engagement ring. Olivia sits Lulu down and gives her some advice: quit pretending you're going to marry Dante.


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