Wednesday November 2, 2011

In Hawaii Sam and Jason decide to make the best of their last day. They still don't realize that Franco is watching their every move. Sam wants to take a walk along the beach and later Jason surprises Sam with a necklace made from a shell that she found on the beach. Touched Sam immediately puts it on as she reminds Jason the significance of this shell. (It had something to do with children.) To make the most of their last day, Sam challenges Jason to a "romance-off." They get $20 to create or purchase something romantic for each other. Sam giggles and runs out as Jason looks around the room. Clearly he feels like he is being watched.

Back in Port Charles Alexis is a sobbing mess as Kristina packs for college. Molly helps her, but ends up sneezing and succumbing to her cold. Kristina realizes there will be an empty seat at her goodbye dinner and calls Ethan to invite him. Alexis overhears and reminds her daughters that there are 600 eligible young men at Yale. She gives Kristina a present: a stuffed animal and a framed photo of their family. The girls go into a group hug as Alexis says that Kristina is a force to reckon with and she will be a super successful woman on her own. Kristina thanks Alexis for her (and Sonny's) support. As Alexis and Kristina zip up her suitcase, Molly gives Stephen's book of Russian poetry to Kristina as a reminder of home. Alexis goes to start the car as Kristina shares a tender moment with Molly. She picks up her suitcase, not realizing she dropped Stephen's poetry book.

Michael and Abby arrive at Sonny's where Sonny has prepared chicken cacciatore. As Abby goes to make a call, Michael confides in Sonny that Dante refuses to drop his investigation into what happened at the warehouse that night. Sonny assures Michael that Dante won't find anything because he didn't do anything! Michael warns Sonny that Dante blames him for his shooting. Sonny and Michael begin to talk business when Abby returns. Sonny assures Abby that the drugs are gone and no one has to worry about anything.

Lulu arrives with fresh clothes for Dante, but stops when she sees his scar on his chest. She thinks they should wait to announce their engagement tonight. Dante disagrees as Olivia enters to take a picture. Say, "In-laws!" She is super excited that Dante and Lulu will announce their engagement tonight. Lulu changes her mind when she sees Olivia's excitement, much to Dante's surprise.

Lulu, Dante and Olivia arrive at Sonny's where Lulu is cool with Sonny when he asks her if she is okay with marrying a cop. Dante thanks Abby for calling 9-1-1 when she and Michael found him bleeding to death in the warehouse. Lulu goes to help Olivia bring her macaroni and gravy dish in, but Olivia stumbles when she gets hit with a dizzy spell. Meanwhile Sonny tries to bond with his two older sons, but Dante refuses to play along. Later Alexis arrives and continues to fret to Sonny. She still believes that Kristina may learn what Sonny did to get her into Yale! Alexis says she hopes Kristina will never find out -- as Kristina enters.

At Wyndemere Ethan emerges from the tunnels, yelling. It turns out Luke ambushed him. Luke warns Ethan to stay away from this mansion and from Helena. Anything that is attracted to this house gets hurt! Ethan thinks he sees something outside and runs out to investigate, but finds nothing. When he returns inside, Luke begs Ethan not to repeat his mistakes, especially when it comes to love. He reveals that he divorced Tracy, which upsets Ethan. Ethan informs Luke that because of his gloom and doom, Lulu thinks happiness won't last. Look at Luke and Laura; they were the greatest love story of all time and in the end, they didn't last. Ethan says that at least Luke had proof of his love -- Lucky and Lulu. He was the mistake. Luke says that Ethan wasn't a mistake; he slept with Holly to keep himself from drowning. Ethan wipes the tears from his eyes. That doesn't make him feel any better. Luke says that Laura forgave him for his affair with Holly and hopes that Ethan will someday find someone as loving as Laura. Ethan snarls that was a horrible thing to say! Luke spends all this time saying how horrible love is and now he wishes it upon Ethan! Luke reminds Ethan that love will find him no matter what and to prepare for the consequences. Upset Ethan leaves Luke alone in the dark as someone watches them from the tunnels.

In Ireland Lucky enters the courtyard at St. Margaret's, ready to follow Siobhan's instructions. He recites Siobhan's letter to himself and touches the well, which causes him to shiver. He then dips her rosary into the water and waits ... Later Lucky is shocked to see the pebbles by his feet have formed the word, "Go."