Monday November 9, 2009

Jason grows more concerned for Michael, who shows no guilt or remorse for his actions. Jason admits to Sam he feels as though he failed Michael.

Jax and Carly have a knock-down, drag-out fight over the fact he didn't reveal the truth about Claudia as soon as he learned it. After accusing Jax of not loving Michael as much as Morgan or Josslyn, Carly asks Jax to leave.

Dominic remains intent on bringing Sonny down regardless of the impact it might have on others. Olivia shares a warm moment with Sonny. Michael proves he's a chip off the old block when he sends Max and Milo to teach Kiefer a lesson.

Nikolas and Elizabeth give in to their passion and make love in a closet at the hospital. Elizabeth is torn up with guilt when she overhears Rebecca telling Lucky that Elizabeth is a lucky woman to have him love her as much as he does. At episode's end, Liz tells Lucky the truth of her affair, and an enraged Lucky shoots Nikolas!


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