Tuesday November 24, 2009

Jason wonders if Franco and the apparently homeless vagrant who witnessed the shootout are one in the same. Jason faces a dilemma knowing he can't kill an innocent person even if that person could name him as the one who shot Joey and his men.

Lucky questions Sonny about the shootout, who ironically admits that it would be hard on him to have a son who was on the other side of the law. Olivia pleads her case to Johnny as she assures him that her love for him is real. Johnny agrees to keep Dominic's secret as he wants to see him send Sonny to prison for Claudia's murder.

Sonny inadvertently incriminates himself while Dominic secretly records their conversation. Sonny, when speaking of the Lucky and Luke experience, mentions to Dominic that he'd rather die than have a son that's a cop.

Franco and Maxie sleep together. She feels guilty for betraying Spinelli.


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Uploaded: November 24, 2009