Thursday 15, 2009

Dominic's stunned when Ronnie tells him he's officially back on Sonny's case, thanks to the influence of a state Senator. Olivia accuses Jax of being behind Dominic's reinstatement.

Anthony unleashes dangerous mobster Joey Limbo on all his enemies, including Sonny. Jason and Sam get mistaken for a prostitute and her client by an undercover cop when they rent Ian's old motel room searching for any tape recordings he might have stashed there that could incriminate Claudia.

Lucky and Elizabeth are shocked when Nikolas has an ailing Helena admitted to the hospital. Alexis realizes that Helena is genuinely scared of the threat Valentin Cassadine poses. Elizabeth is privately conflicted when Nikolas says he'll make things work with Rebecca in order to help him keep his distance from Elizabeth. Helena, after observing Nikolas and Liz together, lets Liz know she's aware that Liz and Nikolas are having an affair.

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