Monday October 11, 2010

Jax agrees to never see Brenda again if Carly makes a similar sacrifice with Sonny. Bristling, Carly reminds Jax about what they have together ... plus, they have good sex. Which they do, in Jax's office. Carly still wants Brenda gone, and she goes to Jason for support. And Robin tries to convince Jax not to meddle with a potential reunion between Brenda and Sonny, but Jax remains firm he must protect Brenda from harm.

Brenda and Dante quickly cover their shock as Sonny introduces Dante as his long lost son. They clearly know each other, but pretend they don't as Sonny explains how he learned Dante was his son. Dante explains he is investigating Sonny for a car bomb crime.

Maxie wants Brenda GONE, for the sake of Spinelli. She tells Lulu about how lovesick he is, and Lulu sees it for herself. Later, Lulu returns home to find Dante brooding and looking at a photo of Brenda in a magazine. Lulu jokes that Dante seems to have fallen under Brenda's spell and we see that she may be not that far from the truth as he flashbacks to meeting Brenda for the first time. It was in New York; Brenda was being stalked, and Dante was one of the men in blue assigned to guarding her.

Siobhan responds to Lucky's kiss with a knee to the groin. Lucky apologizes, but says that Siobhan knows too much about him. Siobhan promises not to tell anyone about Lucky -- at least for today. Luke advises Lucky to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Lucky then gets a call from the Balkan's men. The Balkan wants to meet with "Ronan" and passes on an assignment: find Brenda Barrett and bring her to the Balkan.


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