Wednesday October 26, 2011

At the mob restaurant Sonny is leaving a message for Spinelli, requesting footage of the coffee warehouse from the night Dante was shot. Kate arrives and kisses Sonny. Sonny pulls back surprised and amused. What is the reason for Kate's kiss? She refuses to be Sonny's rebound girl or a way for Sonny to punish Brenda for leaving with Jax. Sonny asks if Kate really believes Jax is dead. Kate stares at Sonny. Doesn't he? Because Jax could have easily contacted Kate secretly. Kate denies it, but calls Sonny on his crap when he says he doesn't care if Jax is alive or not. She knows it would eat Sonny up inside if Jax was with Brenda right now. Sonny maintains that it wouldn't bother him and wants to focus on Kate. He suggests that it wouldn't hurt to spend time together again, as long as Coleman or whomever else Kate visits doesn't object. Kate doesn't take Sonny's bait and agrees to have lunch with him. Later she returns home to stare sadly at her ruined wedding dress while Sonny stares at the key to his childhood home.

Alexis arrives at Kelly's to pick up a pie, but finds Luke there instead. She tells him that it's his fault that his family left him. He essentially drove them away. Luke retorts that Alexis got really boring since she became a mother, which tells us that Luke hasn't changed much. He still believes that family life is inferior to the open road of adventure.

In Hawaii Jason reels as Carly tells him that Jax is alive -- and Jason can't tell anyone, not even Sam. The only reason Carly told Jason this is to prove that she was serious when she said Franco is a threat right now. Jason doesn't like keeping secrets, especially this one. He hates the idea of Jax's loved ones thinking he is dead, but Carly says they have to keep this a secret -- for Jax's sake. If Sonny ever finds out that Jax is alive, he will kill him for sure! Jason sighs, which is his way of agreeing with Carly. Carly explains she is trying to give Jason space and will try to handle her problems on her own from now on. Jason is glad to hear it, but he doesn't want Carly to do anything stupid or crazy, so it's okay to come to him if she really needs him. As Jason returns inside to join Sam, Shawn returns from his walk on the beach. He says that he took a swim and it helped clear his head. Now how can he help Carly?

Back in Port Charles Spinelli finds Elizabeth unconscious on the beach of Spoon Island. He tries to revive her, but to no avail. When Spinelli sees a glowing light, he starts towards it to get help, but turns back when Elizabeth wakes up. Elizabeth weakly says that someone saved her, but doesn't know who it was. Spinelli wants to take her to the hospital, so he gently helps her into his motorboat as someone watches them.

On the party boat Patrick finds Robin, who is dizzy from hitting her head. She also has a nasty cut on her arm. Robin struggles to stand, determined to find Lisa, but Patrick urges her to stay still. He wants to inspect her cut, but Robin pulls away. It's not safe to touch her right now! Patrick doesn't care. He tries to calm Robin down by saying Lisa is no longer on board. Steve stumbles by with scratches on his face. When Patrick asks what happened, Steve explains he must've gotten them when he went swimming with Olivia. Speaking of which, has anyone seen her? When Patrick and Robin shake their heads, Steve continues his search. Robin tries to stand again, determined to outsmart Lisa, but Patrick says Robin is in no condition to do anything right now. As Mac and the cops arrive, Robin realizes that she was moved from the place where she hit her head. Hmm ...

Maxie enters Steve and Olivia's room and opens the closet. A dead body falls on her, scaring the living daylights out of her. OMG, it's the captain. Maxie looks at her hands, which are covered in blood.

Steve finally finds a much shaken Olivia as the cops arrive. He tells Mac who was on board (Olivia, himself, Robin, Patrick, Matt, Elizabeth, the captain and first mate Briggs), but no one has seen Elizabeth for hours. Mac sends his cops to search the boat as he questions Robin and Patrick. They tell Mac about Lisa and how she tried to infect Patrick with Robin's blood, etc. As they find Matt passed out in the main room, Delores brings a blood-covered Maxie in. Maxie explains how she got on board and says that this is red nail polish, not blood. It exploded in her purse. Mac looks around. Did anyone see Lisa leave the boat?

A wet Johnny returns to the pier where he gets word that everything has been taken care of. Anthony arrives, also drenched. Johnny brings his dad to his garage where he asks him what he saw, but Anthony passes out.


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