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Tuesday September 7, 2010

Sonny and Brenda's eyes meet (!) just as she is thrust into danger by the Balkan's thugs. Sonny manages to rescue Brenda from the kidnapping attempt, and they run away and hide together. Murphy, managing to escape the kidnapping as well, immediately tells Suzanne of the dangerous incident and asks her for the identity of the "dark-haired man" Brenda ran off with (i.e. Sonny). Together alone, Brenda and Sonny look as if they are about to kiss.

Dante drafts Spinelli and Jason into his quest to find the truth behind Sonny's shooting of Johnny. Meanwhile, Jason wants Spinelli to find out information on Brenda's whereabouts, because he suspects that Sonny is with Brenda in Rome..

Michael opens up to Kristina and Carly about how it will be impossible for him to return to his old life – too much happened since he left for prison. Michael tells Carly he really wants to drop out of school (but promises to get his GED). Carly's not thrilled with the idea.

Robin freaks out when she discovers Emma's favorite toy – tubby puppy – boiling in her lab beaker, and she confronts Lisa angrily in front of everyone at the hub (she even punches her!). Lisa plays innocent. With her violent outburst, Steve has no option but to suspend Robin. Steven overhears Lisa painting Robin as unstable to Maya, and realizes that Lisa may be dangerous – but Lisa hasn't given him any just cause for firing her. Patrick is crushed when Robin tells him that she's taking Emma and moving in with Mac to keep their daughter safe from Lisa. Lucky realizes there's little evidence against Lisa to implicate her.

Maxie and Spinelli have an awkward encounter. Matt calls Maxie out on her remorse over Spinelli and emphasizes again his desire to have a relationship.

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