Friday September 30, 2011 *luke Returns*

Jason and Sam continue their honeymoon as they make promises to love each other forever. Jason sweetly tells Sam that she is his home. Later the happy couple leaves, ready for their trip to Hawaii.

At the hospital Sonny listens as Johnny professes his innocence to Olivia. He swears he did not shoot Dante! When Olivia wonders if Anthony did, Johnny reminds her that he is not responsible for his father's actions, just like Dante is not responsible for anything Sonny does. Olivia remains unconvinced; she leaves Johnny with this warning: She knows where he keeps his gun, so if he had anything to do with Dante's shooting, God help him. Later Sonny finds Johnny brooding on the rooftop. He suggests they maintain their truce to keep the peace, but we all know Sonny has other plans.

Lulu begs Lucky to catch Dante's shooter, but Lucky informs her that he is no longer on the force. He just told Mac that he started using again. Lulu loses her temper when she learns that Lucky was supposed to accompany Dante to the warehouse tonight, but couldn't because he was suffering from drug withdrawal. She screams that Lucky should've been the one who was shot, slaps him and heads to the roof to cry. Lucky returns home, intending to swallow the last two pills under the side table, but finds Siobhan's letter to him instead.

Abby finds Michael moping in a conference room. He confesses that he blames himself for Dante's shooting. Abby assures Michael that it's not his fault and Sonny seconds that. However, later, Sonny tells Michael he intends to find proof that Johnny is behind everything and will pay. Abby returns just in time to overhear Michael vow to help Sonny take Johnny out.

At the coffee warehouse Shawn convinces the cops to leave so he can diffuse the "bomb." Little do they know that he is the one who created it! Alone Shawn tries to move the sacks with the drugs, but unfortunately Carly arrives. She vows to help Shawn so Shawn reluctantly lets her. Carly reveals there is a hidden panic room that would make a great place to hide the drugs. Together they move the bags and hide them until Shawn can talk to Jason or Sonny about them. Unfortunately, the door of the panic room closes! Shawn turns to Carly; she knows how to get out, right?

At Wyndemere Ethan finds the entrance to the secret tunnels. He places some gloves at the entrance to mark his way back and ventures inside towards some suspicious sounds. Eventually Ethan finds that he has come full circle, returning to the living room. However, his gloves are now gone and a freshly painted teardrop has been added to Laura's portrait. Creepy! Meanwhile Luke returns to the Haunted Star.


9-30-11 069

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