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Thursday September 29, 2011 *Jasam On There HoneyMoon*

Jason brings Sam to a secluded cabin in the woods. Surprise! He has been building this cabin and wants to spend their second wedding night here because it is the only place that has ever felt like home to him. In fact he lived here after his life-changing car accident (the one with AJ). Touched Sam reaches for Jason and they make love.

At the hospital Lulu goes in to see Dante. She tells him she has the answer to his proposal, but before she can tell him, his monitors start beeping. Steve rushes in and whisks Dante to the OR leaving Lulu scared and alone.

Johnny arrives at the hospital where Sonny gets in his face. If Sonny learns if Johnny had anything to do with Dante's shooting, Johnny is a dead man. Lulu emerges from Dante's cubicle and begins to scream at Sonny. If Dante dies, it will be his fault! Olivia interrupts and pulls Lulu away to calm her. She assures the girl that Dante will live; he wants a life with Lulu too much to die. Later Olivia pulls Johnny aside to quietly ask him if he was involved with Dante's shooting or knows something as Sonny eavesdrops.

At Elizabeth's house Lucky plays with Aidan. Elizabeth suggests they take a trip to see Laura, but Lucky remains hesitant. When Elizabeth praises him for his strength during the drug case, Lucky tells her he started using again, both accidentally and intentionally. When Elizabeth asks why, Lucky is about to explain, but is interrupted by Mac. Mac tells them that Dante has been shot and wants Lucky back on the drug case, but Lucky hands over his badge. He can't because he slipped up once before and will most likely do it again. Naturally Mac is upset to hear that, but accepts Lucky's badge. Later Lucky heads to the hospital where Lulu demands he find Dante's shooter. Lucky shakes his head; he is sorry, but he can't do that.

At Sonny's coffee warehouse Shawn suggests to the cops that they begin their search elsewhere, but the woman cop (Dolores) insists they do this by the book. Uneasy Shawn gathers some items and moves off to put them together. He later shows it to Dolores; it's a homemade bomb! He swears he just found it. Hmm, is this Shawn's way of distracting the cops so he can learn what really happened at the warehouse?

At the PI Office of Jackal and McCall, Ronnie asks Spinelli to give him the surveillance footage of the warehouse. Dante has been shot! Spinelli says he can't. When Ronnie blasts him, Maxie leaps to his defense. Ronnie sighs; he is giving Spinelli five minutes to pull up the footage! He grabs the laptop, but Maxie insists that unless Ronnie has a warrant, he can't stay. After Ronnie leaves, Maxie turns to Spinelli; he really doesn't remember how to use a computer, huh? Spinelli nods, touched that Maxie defended him. Before they can attempt to solve Spinelli's problem, Max enters. The boss needs surveillance footage of the warehouse ASAP. Uh-oh!

Ethan wakes up at Wyndemere to find Helena standing over him. Apparently she knocked him out when she caught him snooping. Ethan explains he came to find some information on Laura. Helena says Laura is as self-destructive as they come and orders Ethan to leave. Ethan looks at Helena curiously; why is she back? Helena vaguely says she came to get something but can't find it. After she leaves, Ethan notices the entrance to the secret tunnel is open. Was someone watching them?

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