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Tuesday September 27, 2011

Spinelli finds Maxie moping after Jason and Sam's wedding reception. Maxie frets that despite her stellar organizational skills, everything went wrong. She can't even get a good fortune cookie! And Matt disappeared. What the hell happened? Can Spinelli get on his computer and find out?

Kate enters the church where she almost married Sonny, but got shot instead. She hears a gunshot in her head and clutches her chest. Sonny enters asking if being here helps Kate's pain. Kate admits she had her moments, but knows Sonny brought her here to get past it. Sonny reminds Kate that he did love her. Kate chuckles ruefully; his life is like one grand gesture that only one special person can share like Brenda or Carly. Kate and Sonny turn to leave, but Alexis stops them. She criticizes Kate for encouraging Kristina to go into fashion, saying that Kate isn't a mother and doesn't understand. Hurt Kate leaves, followed by Maxie, who fears she will lose her job based on her poor wedding planning. Later Maxie returns to Spinelli who admits it was his fault that Maxie's plans went awry.

Alexis proposes a deal with Sonny, but we never hear what it is. We only see Alexis complaining about the humidity and Sonny agreeing to use a modicum of patience with Kristina. Sonny says if he says yes, then Alexis owes him. Alexis makes a sign of the cross; have mercy on her soul! After Alexis leaves, Kate rejoins Sonny, who gets a call from Olivia. They need to rush to the hospital!

Ethan enters Lucky's apartment to find his brother lying on the floor, staring at two pills under a table. Ethan goes to retrieve them, but Lucky stops him. He needs to deal with this in his own way. Neither man sees an envelope on the floor address to Lucky, "If I Should Leave You." Presumably this is a letter from Siobhan. As Lucky lays on the floor, he tells Ethan that they are more like Luke while Lulu is like Laura. After Ethan leaves, Lucky stands and gets ready to meet with Dante, but gets a call instead.

At Johnny's penthouse Anthony tells Johnny not to worry about the guy he shot. He's sure it's some foot solider that no one will miss. Johnny gets upset; thanks to Anthony, his plan is now ruined. He didn't want any attention, but shooting a guy is sure to blow their plan. Not only that, but Anthony shot Dante, who is a cop!

At the warehouse Michael rushes to help Dante as Abby and Carly enter. They immediately want to call 9-1-1, but Michael wants to call Sonny first, in case one of the other mob families did this. Abby yells that Dante could be dying. Michael disagrees, but Carly overrides him. She orders Abby to dial 9-1-1 and soon paramedics arrive. As they wait, Michael notices something has been moved in the warehouse. He calls Max to tell them that they have a problem! Later Shawn arrives. He tells Michael that he will take it from here, but Michael demands some answers. He insists that something is wrong because otherwise Dante wouldn't have been here. As Dante is rushed to the hospital, Ronnie questions Abby and Carly. He asks if Michael was here and the women lie. Unfortunately Michael walks in with blood all over his shirt.

On the roof of the hospital Olivia continues to pepper Steve with questions about his life in Memphis. Steve distracts Olivia by wiping some food from her mouth and kissing her. Unfortunately they are interrupted with the news that Dante has been shot!

Meanwhile Lulu sits glumly in Dante's loft, alternately looking at the clock and her engagement ring. She slowly stands, convinced that Dante has stood her up when Olivia calls.

At Wyndemere a mysterious person continues to rummage around, breaking a vase. The person takes a chard of glass and begins to shred Laura's portrait.

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