Wednesday September 7, 2011

Lulu is packing up her stuff when Dante calls to leave a long anguished message on the answering machine. By the time Lulu decides to pick up the phone, Dante has already hung up. Maxie arrives to talk Jason/Sam wedding stuff. She advises Lulu to stay with Dante and surreptitiously unpacks Lulu's stuff. When Lulu realizes what Maxie is doing, they get into a tug of war with a dress -- and tear it! Lulu turns the tables on Maxie; she hasn't heard Maxie mention Matt's name. Maybe Maxie should concentrate on her own relationship instead of sticking her nose in Lulu's business.

At the hospital Alexis asks Dante for a favor. Can he locate Sonny for her? Something is wrong with Kristina and Alexis would like Sonny to know. Against his better judgment, Dante places a call.

Dante returns home with flowers as Maxie accuses Lulu of throwing Dante away because he isn't damaged enough for her. Maxie excuses herself, leaving Lulu and Dante to rehash their issues. Dante swears he loves Lulu, who asks if Dante would do anything differently (RE: Lucky and his drug case). Dante says he would, which Lulu interprets to mean that he would lie to her again. Dante tries to explain why he couldn't tell Lulu, but she can't get past the fact that he kept the truth from her. Dante kisses Lulu, who pulls away. She can't do this anymore. Lulu grabs her bags and leaves.

Sam arrives to talk wedding stuff with Kristina, who is awaiting her test results. Kristina knows Sam is trying to distract her because they both fear that something is very wrong with Kristina. Alexis returns and joins the wedding chat. Patrick enters with the bad news: a bone fragment has broken off and lodged itself against an artery, slowing blood flow to the brain, hence the dizzy spells. Kristina needs surgery to remove the bone fragment, but worst case scenario; there could be nerve damage that may result in paralysis. Kristina asks that Alexis call Ethan, so Alexis and Sam move into the hallway where Alexis fears that Kristina's latest medical scare is a leftover injury from Kiefer's beatings.

Michael sits with Jason, who is eager to leave the hospital. Michael announces that he quit ELQ, which prompts a lecture about responsibility and taking others' feelings into consideration (RE: Abby and Edward) from Jason. Michael insists that Sonny needs him right now, even when Jason says that he thinks Sonny is wrong. When Jason sees that Michael refuses to change his mind, he reluctantly offers him a legitimate position as a manager in one of their coffee warehouses. To Jason's surprise Michael accepts.

Skye is about to leave her hotel suite when Anthony arrives. Anthony is "hurt" that she would try to leave without saying good-bye. Skye tries to play off her nervousness. Didn't Anthony get what he wanted? Skye already gave him all the dirt on Tracy. Anthony glares at Skye; what about the dirt she has on him? He refuses to let her leave until she reveals what she knows! Luckily Ethan arrives and chases Anthony away. Alone Ethan asks Skye what is going on, but Skye insists that all she needs Ethan to do is watch Edward while she goes spend time with her daughter. Ethan tries to get Skye to open up, but Skye correctly guesses that Johnny asked Ethan to talk to Skye. When Ethan gets the call that Kristina is in the hospital, he grabs Skye's arm. She is coming with him!

Ethan arrives at the hospital and immediately goes to talk to Kristina. Kristina asks for Ethan's advice and he suggests that she get the operation. Kristina agrees, only if Ethan will dance with her at Sam and Jason's reception, wheelchair or not.

Skye sees Anthony lurking and makes a quick getaway. She passes Michael, who sees Anthony following her. Michael stops Anthony to remind him that he shouldn't be near his family, thus allowing Skye to escape. Skye returns to her hotel suite to find it trashed, courtesy of Anthony.

Maxie enters Jason's hospital room to tell Sam and Jason that something happened; she lost the engagement ring again!


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