Wednesday September 21, 2011*Lila/Alan Wedding rings To Jasam*

Dante finds Olivia to ask her help. He wants to propose to Lulu. Olivia squeals and urges Dante to practice the proposal on her. So awkward, but Dante can't bear to squelch his mom's excitement. He mumbles out a sweet proposal about how much he loves Lulu, how she inspires him and how she is the best time he ever had. Olivia is touched, but reminds Dante that he needs to get a ring. Before Dante leaves, she makes him promise to give her a lot of grandbabies. (Again, awkward!)

Meanwhile Lulu tracks Ethan to the Haunted Star where she asks him to help her disappear for a little while. She just needs some time away and wants to go someplace where she can't be found easily. Ethan agrees to help, but asks why Lulu wants to leave. Lulu explains that if she stays, things will get worse between her and Dante. Later Dante finds Lulu at the Haunted Star where he begs Lulu to reconsider leaving after she hears what he has to say. He takes her to the Metro Court where Olivia has set up a romantic table setting. Olivia shamelessly spies on her son as Dante blurts out a proposal to Lulu. Marry him!

Shawn finds Carly cleaning out Jax's office where Carly looks at Jax's photo. She regrets taking so much from Jax and thinks the least she can do is maintain the ruse that Jax is dead. Sonny arrives to apologize for his recent behavior, but Carly doesn't want to hear it. When Sonny says he has hit rock bottom (so will Carly cut him some slack), Carly busts him. She has seen his rock bottom and this isn't it! Later Shawn asks Carly if she really wants to cut Sonny out of her life since Jax is gone and Jason is getting married. Carly smiles; well, Shawn is here! Shawn admits he is being paid to be here, which is totally the wrong thing to say. Carly orders him to take a break and Shawn leaves.

Maxie heads to Sam's apartment where she assures the bride that everything wedding related is under control, despite the fact that the invitations were never sent out and the jewelers have the wrong inscriptions on the wedding bands. Oopsy! Monica arrives with a solution. She gives Alan's ring to Sam. Touched Sam thanks Monica and hugs her. Meanwhile Maxie calls Spinelli and orders him to send a mass email out to all the invited guests. Unfortunately this is something that Spinelli doesn't remember how to do.

At Jason's penthouse Spinelli urges Jason to eat while he holds up different colored cummerbunds for his review. Edward arrives to ask Jason to use Lila's ring at the wedding. That is perfect since Sam's engagement ring is still missing. Touched Jason looks at Lila's ring; he can't take this. Edward urges Jason to give it to Sam. Lila would want him to! Later Jason asks Spinelli to look for Sonny's missing twenty million dollars, but Spinelli clearly doesn't remember where he put it. While Spinelli works, Elizabeth arrives to talk to Jason. She needs to apologize for causing his car accident. Jason says there is nothing to apologize for; he is sorry she got caught up in the drug mess. Elizabeth smiles; Jason can only be a hero to one woman at a time. She touches his knee and leaves. Later Shawn arrives at Jason's place to update him on security detail at the church. Jason frets that Franco has been too quiet for too long.

Sonny arrives at the hospital to talk to Robin, but Robin tells him she can't have him in her life right now. He's too volatile. Robin asks him to stop inflicting his pain on other people; she misses the old Sonny, especially the one who helped her through Stone's death. Sonny then visits Kristina's room where Molly is regaling Alexis, Kristina and Sonny with fairytale versions of Jason and Sam's romance. Ethan knocks and Sonny tries to kick him out, but Alexis pulls Sonny into the hallway admonish him. Sonny then heads to the Metro Court where he tries to make amends with Olivia, but she tells him to shut it because Dante is proposing to Lulu as they speak! She doesn't have time to deal with Sonny's shenanigans.

At Crimson Kate gets horrible flashbacks from her wedding to Sonny as she looks at wedding gowns. She tries to work, but can't stop thinking of Sonny's proposal. Later Maxie calls to see if Sam's dress is still there, but Kate repeatedly hangs up on her. Exasperated Kate finally tells Maxie that she needs to be working and yes, the dress is still here.

Sam is surprised to see Carly at her front door. Carly says she won't stand in Sam's way, even though she tends to cross boundaries. She wishes Sam and Jason much happiness. However, you know what they say. The minute you get happiness, you open yourself up to losing it. Cynical, much? Later Alexis and Molly join Maxie and Sam at Sam's place where Sam asks Maxie to be her maid of honor and her sisters to be bridesmaids. Maxie happily accepts and reveals that she ordered blue shoes for Sam's something blue (Molly gives Shawn's rock to Sam for her something borrowed and new), but is horrified when she sees they are leopard print.

The next stop on Sonny's apology tour is Crimson. He tells Kate that it was her talk with Kristina that triggered something in him. Sonny wants to make amends with Kate, but Kate acts disinterested, despite the look of hope in her eyes. When Sonny thanks Kate for saving him, Kate insists she can't be his safe haven and throws Sonny out. Then she thinks better of it and gives him five minutes to talk.

Ethan visits with Kristina and accidentally brushes against her leg. Kristina stops. She felt that! Ethan helps her pull back her blanket as Kristina struggles to wiggle her toes. Yay, her mobility is back!


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