Wednesday September 14, 2011 *Luke's back*

At the Haunted Star Skye is leaving a note for Ethan when Luke walks in. Luke greets her (Hi, Blaze!) and wants to know why Skye is in town. Skye avoids the question. Where has Luke been? Luke is very vague about his whereabouts and instead tries to get information about his family from Skye. Skye knows what Luke is doing and tells him that if he will have to go see his family if he wants to know about them. But he may not like what he sees.

Lucky returns to his apartment to dig up more information about Joey, who works at Luzetta's. He has a hunch that Joey is involved with the drug ring and may know where Elizabeth is. Lulu emerges from the bathroom holding the empty pill bottle. Lucky sees her and explains that he threw most of the drugs away. Lulu can't believe that Dante would put Lucky's life in jeopardy by staying quiet! Lucky defends Dante; he would have found a way to take the drugs regardless. Lucky reminds Lulu that Dante is a good man -- probably the best she will ever find. When Lucky asks Lulu to leave (he is expecting a business call), Lulu sits down. She is not going anywhere.

At Johnny's penthouse Johnny confronts Anthony about a boat carrying drugs trying to dock in the harbor. Dante arrives to question the men about Luzetta's but Johnny interrupts with the news that Sonny tried to kill him. If Olivia hadn't shown up…Dante sees the bandage on Anthony's hand. Was he at the hospital on the night Siobhan died? Angry Johnny throws Dante out, which impresses Anthony. Johnny replies that he would like Anthony to stop dealing drugs and stop bringing trouble to his door. Later Johnny is intrigued when he overhears Anthony on the phone discussing getting rid of some ladies. Hmm ...

Dante arrives at Lucky's where Lulu informs him that she knows what is going on. Lucky leaves when he gets a lead on Joey, leaving Dante to explain to Lulu that he will never stop trying to prove to her that he loves her. Lulu gets there is some secrecy involved with Dante's job, but she still hates that he lied to her. Lulu asks Dante to look after Lucky and leaves.

Lucky heads to the docks. Luke is in the shadows watching him. Lucky senses someone behind him and turns, but no one there.

At the hospital Michael arrives to check on Kristina. Molly reveals that she believes it was Sonny's car bomb that caused the bone in Kristina's vertebrae to dislodge itself, not Kiefer's beatings. Naturally Michael can't bear to hear anything negative about Sonny. Alexis quickly sends Molly to the gift shop so she can tell Michael that Sonny will never change. She learned that the hard way when she was his attorney. Sonny's self-destructive ways made her quit. As Sonny hovers nearby, Michael angrily says he will never quit being Sonny's son.

Sonny runs into Shawn and warns him to stay out of his family's business. Shawn remains unruffled as Sonny threatens that Shawn won't want to get on his bad side. Later Shawn finds Molly crying in the hallway. He sits beside her as she worries about Kristina. Shawn tells her a story of a time when he was scared. He found a stone and held onto it to remind himself of the good things in life. Molly is touched when Shawn gives her the stone. She thanks Shawn, calling him her guardian angel.

Sam enters Jason's room just in time to stop a male nurse from giving him a sponge bath. She takes over much to Jason's relief. Sonny enters and is surprised to learn that Jason and Sam are getting married. He stammers out a disingenuous congratulation and wants to talk business with Jason. Jason, however, firmly directs Sonny to his temporary replacement seeing as Jason is busy with his recovery and his wedding/honeymoon with Sam. Sonny demands to know who could ever take Jason's place. Shawn enters. He can! Naturally Sonny hates this idea and storms off to throw a tantrum. Jason tells Shawn that the men are at his disposable. He warns Shawn that not only will he have to keep an eye on Johnny/Anthony, but Carly as well. (That shouldn't be a problem for Shawn since he is already doing that in a very unofficial capacity.) Shawn is grateful for this opportunity, but is honest with Jason. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Jason is confident Shawn can do the job.

Sonny returns to Kristina's room where Michael asks him where he went earlier -- did he go after Johnny? Sonny firmly refuses to talk mob business with Michael, which Sam applauds. Alexis returns with news about Kristina -- and it's not good.


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