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A Year in Photos

A little experiment in trying to become a better photographer... A picture every day for a year, fingers crossed :)

Brian Jones

A difficult nights sleep last night fueled by temeratures over 25 celcius and a plethora of mozzie bites on my ankles, having said that I am really pleased with todays picture... Very much a healthy dose of lady luck but I noticed a wasp spider building a new web in the garden so I came up to grab my camera as I could see her other side this time and thought it would be a quick and easy shot...

When I returned some prey had just flown into the web and she was on it, unfortunately I missed the stun bit where she bit the prey whilst setting up my camera but was exceptionally happy to get her wrapping her dinner to save for later :)

We have a friend coming to stay for a couple of days from Barcelona so will hopefully be heading out tomorrow and may get som different shots, depending on the storms that seem to be devastating the countryside at the moment!

Taken: August 16, 2010
Uploaded: August 16, 2010
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Captured with:
Canon EOS Kiss X2

  • Bine United States (Private)
    5 years 2 months ago
    Oh wow ! How did you do that ? This is just perfect.............even if it's somewhat creepy.
    • Llareggub Hungary (Private)
      5 years 2 months ago
      Thnak you, was more a case of luck than judgement, I noticed the spider against our polytunnel and wanted to get a picture with my macro lens on so ran to the house and when I came back she was doing this. It lasted all but 3 or 4 seconds so definately right place, right time, with the right kit, makes up for all the times I have missed deer eating our saplings all summer!