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A Year in Photos

A little experiment in trying to become a better photographer... A picture every day for a year, fingers crossed :)

  • Clive (Private)
    4 years 5 months ago
    Nov 18th
    This looks nice and tranquil Brain. You looking forward to the snow? I really hope we get some here before the year is out. Looks like you're getting those lights just in time for the winter season :-)
    • Llareggub Hungary (Private)
      4 years 5 months ago
      Thanks, was etremely quiet, they have reduced the levels of the lake and you cannot get out on a boat now so there is no one there. Definately looking forward to snow, we have not had an incredible fall since we got here, just a foot or two but hopefully this year we can get properly snowed in now we have finally managed to crop enough food to see us through winter :)

      Looking forward to getting my flash gear, Julie does not realise that she is going to have to model for me outside in the snow though... And she does not do cold ;)
  • Splendidjim United Kingdom (Private)
    4 years 5 months ago
    Nov 16th
    Great shot Brian, i like it a lot - the detail in the dew drops is brilliant.
    I think i've heard you mention before about your love of cars,
    i think a photo of the offending beast should be included in the project somewhere, just for nostalgia.
    • Llareggub Hungary (Private)
      4 years 5 months ago
      Cheers Jim, I went out to try and do some macrosof droplets but got this little still life intead!

      I only passed my test 4 weeks before moving out here and never really had need for a car and our "beast" has proved nowt but bloody trouble, it may make an appearance just before we get rid of the thing!