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Rainy Day Photography!

A compilation of experiments and concepts that have kept me amused whilst the weather is bad.

Brian Jones

Tomato splash0015.jpg

Taken: September 03, 2010
Uploaded: September 04, 2010
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Captured with:
Canon EOS Kiss X2

  • Clive (Private)
    5 years 1 month ago
    I like this one Brian, looks like a hard thing to capture. Were you doing a burst of shots or just tying release the shutter when the time was right?
    • Llareggub Hungary (Private)
      5 years 1 month ago
      Cheers clive, was just one shot at a time because the flash would not recharge quickly enough, I was dropping from maybe a meter so after a while was not to bad time was hitting maybe 50% success rate :)