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I was headed home from the dentist and just casually looked at a field of corn that had been cut and thought I saw a deer laying in the field so I turned around. It was a deer and I thought that was strange so I got out of my truck and started walking slowly towards the deer. That is when he tried to run and couldn't because he had been hit on the highway. His hips and both back legs were broke. I called 911 so someone could come put this poor thing out of his misery. While I was waiting...this deer let me love on him that is how I know that he is a he. Actually he was a button buck. I felt the baby nubs when he let me rub his head. I know this seems hard to believe but I have pictures on my phone to prove I was loving on him. He was a little scared of my big camera. Now he is not in pain anymore and he is running free in deer heaven. It was so cool and so sad at the same time. But for 45 minutes...we were friends.

Copyright belongs to Lori D Myers

20120309 29 -1

So sad to have such beautiful eyes full of pain. My heart is full of pain too. The sheriff waited until I left but I was still in hearing distance when he put my friend out of his misery which made me cry even harder.

Uploaded: March 10, 2012
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  • 4 years 8 months ago
    Well girlfriend  you did it you brought tears to my eyes.. Love you!!!